The Bill to Nowhere

I just love to hear people say the economy is coming back. Sure it is. I went to Napolis Restaurant today and it was out of business.  It's not that it was any good or anything, as an Italian restaurant it was so-so.  However I didn't feel like driving 25 minutes to my favorite one but we did anyway.  On the way back we drove by an abandoned Albertsons, and the old empty Blockbuster and it reminded me of how much the economy is really not back. Even Best-Buy is in the news and we had just come from there after our dining experience was through.  Best-Buy was eerily empty for a Saturday afternoon. I am amazed at how many businesses and restaurants have closed because people simply are not spending the money. Home tax assessment values and sales prices may have gone up, but that's because it is a sellers market at the moment.  It is a simple mathematical equation called supply and demand, not really a sign the economy is improving.

Obama continually lauds his employment numbers each month but those numbers are artificial.  They don't account for people such as myself who are woefully underemployed, they don't account for all the part time folks, and they don't account for all of those who simply gave up.

Like it's manna from heaven, Obama has increased the food stamp entitlement role call with an impact we are only now beginning to understand. A sickening 50 million people are on food stamps. People are picketing McDonalds because they can't make ends meet. If businesses such as the locally owned McDonalds franchise could afford to pay more, they would.  No McDonalds owner likes the steep employee turnover rate. Not one. However franchise fees come at a pretty cost and additionally, the liability insurance alone must cause these owners a serious case of gastritis.  Fast food restaurants are not known for their low overhead. Historically they have been known as the place where the high school and college students work their way through school. This low wage situation is not because of the big, bad, rich Republican.  It is because of the piss poor economic policies that make up Obama's dismal record. The people of McDonalds were not picketing 5 years ago.

Today we have adults working fast food because they can't find jobs elsewhere, leaving the student unemployment rate at cataclysmic levels.  Fast food joints were never a place where financially self-sufficient grown adults sought employment back in the day, not unless they wanted to be the manager or assistant manager.  Of course you can't make a decent wage working at one, nobody ever has, so I am amazed that people would be picketing now.  Honestly, I can't believe I need to point out the obvious here.    

Obama keeps claiming everyone is so much better off.  Is he living in the same country I am? The cost of not just insurance, but food, and gas and everything have gone up under his fiscally oppressive regime. Now he wants to further stifle the small employer and individuals with the required Obamacare mandate. He put off the large employer mandate, This is illegal in my opinion because the President, or any branch of the government may not cherry pick bits and pieces of a law to apply or not apply at their whim.  Rather he further sinks the little guy, you know, the one who will have to make all their employees work 29 hours a week or close their doors like that Albertsons. 

To add insult to injury, Obama claims it is those selfish, rich folk who are at fault. Clearly, Obama has never run a business. He appears to not be responsible for anything because he seems to blame his dismal presidential record on the one that came before him.  In fact five years later, he has not been responsible for anything other than being a fundraiser; now that he's good at.

Next year we get to look forward to the joys of Obamacare. I'll be the first person to agree that we need healthcare reform.  I'm sick to death of the crappy insurance policies where our deductible is $4K annually, I'm sick to death of going to buy an acne ointment and paying $60 for a tube the size of travel toothpaste.  Drug companies spend big bucks trying to sucker you in to self-diagnosing so you run to your doctor and ask for their prescription. These commercials run 25+ commercials a day, costing a fortune.  Obviously there is big money in drugs, and drug companies seem to have an abundance of cash.  And I'm sick of these people fleecing us every time we go to the doctor.  The total cost to get both of my son's wisdom teeth out was $4K and I had to pay $2400 of that.

We need low cost health insurance that everyone can afford. What we didn't need was a convoluted bill where Nancy Pelosi screeched, "We need to pass it to find out what's in it." If the US constitution and amendments can fit on less than 20 pages of printed paper, so could this bill.  The Obamacare  bill has been rumored to be between 5K-20K pages in length.  Any bill that is longer than our own Constitution should be struck down. This is just plain horse sense.

Even if Obamacare begins implementation next year, it will wreak economic havoc on our economy, and Obama knows it, which is why he decided unilaterally to delay the most catastrophic portion of it while ignoring yet another catastrophic bit; the bit where small business owners and individuals get slapped hard with insurance costs much higher than they would have, had Obamacare not been passed.  I wonder how many stores and restaurants will close when Obamacare is in full swing?  I am scared to find out and hope we won't have to.   It is time to defund Obamacare because it is the bill to nowhere.