Waste of a Good Hair Day

Why waste a good hair day on the Wylie City Council when I can sit at home and share it with my Bichon Frise fur babies? They, after all, adore my every snarky word and the only staring down they provide is googly-eyed, unconditional love. Besides, it's fun to watch as the camera stays on for quite some time after the meeting and you get to see all the mutual back slapping that goes on afterwards.

That said, I can also enjoy an adult bevy or two with my dinner rather than sit in the confined space where the highlight of the meeting is pondering if the hard helmet-like, jet-black hair of Councilman Todd Wintters is real or actually a rug.

I turned on the Wylie City Council meeting tonight because I figured there would be a huge outpouring of love and admiration for Councilman Bennie Jones. It's nice to see people from not only Dallas and other surrounding areas, but also Wylieites come together and offer support to Jones after the diabolical injustice that was bestowed upon him these last couple of weeks. It left me wondering if we'll see a bunch of people come out next week providing a wife-beating, jailbird love-fest for Councilman Nathan Scott. Will people come beating their chests, gouging their eyes, and tearing their sackcloth for Scott?  Nothing would surprise me. Hey, they did vote him in and they are most definitely getting the proverbial black eye on Wylie that they asked for.

Many people came to speak in favor of Jones and the resounding message repeated over again was about 'owning up to it' and 'learning from mistakes' and 'not being perfect'. It appeared that Jones came with a contrite heart and should be forgiven for his imperfections, however I believe the repeated misdeeds of Nathan Scott are another thing altogether.  His mistakes are exceedingly beyond learning from them or even owning up to them.  He took imperfection to a whole new level this past weekend with his orange jumpsuit jail stint, so I hope he didn't feel any redemption directed his way as he sat so smugly on the Council pedestal tonight. Um, pretty sure they weren't talking about you Mayor Pro Tem. 

Also at the same meeting, the chicken witch was back.  Not only did she come and announce publicly that she is breaking the City ordinance that currently does not allow chickens, but she also brought along illegal eggs from the chickens in her backyard to bribe Council to pass a chicken ordinance. Nice. Evidently there is no accounting for intelligence either.

Interestingly enough, at the end of this meeting, the barnacle that is Nathan Scott grasped hold of Councilman Keith Stephens, who would have liked to die than be caught swapping cooties with Scott.  Once Stephens shook off the cling-on Scott stood in the back holding his papers and looking forlornly for someone, anyone to befriend him.  He hung around just long enough pushing in chairs and  hoping someone would stop ignoring him. Then it happened, light rays shone down upon the wood mayoral throne as Hogue entered and caught hold of Mayor Pro Tem Nathan Scott's hand. Guess the whispered words of encouragement from Mayor helped ease Scott's pain at being publicly shunned so he left.

And the saga continues, and you won't get reporting like this from the Wylie News either....