Words Mean Something

Words mean something. So I went back to read the articles written on Wylie Mayor Pro Tem Nathan Scott and Councilman Bennie Jones.

I removed the fluff and hyperbole the articles are mired with because any good wordsmith knows how to embellish. I read only the words from these two as they were interviewed in each article. Sadly I found a shocking parallel between Bennie Jones’ words and Nathan Scott’s words.

I read ‘I didn’t know’, ‘I wasn’t sure’, ‘I couldn’t remember’, ‘They didn’t cut me any slack’, ‘She wasn’t paying attention’. You see, these words that mean something indicate an unwillingness of these two to own up to their mistakes. It’s everyone else’s fault, or nobody’s fault because one didn’t remember.

If I were speeding at a reckless 70 in a 45 and I was stopped and complained to the police that I didn’t know I was speeding and it was my son’s fault because he was talking to me, I would get a ticket anyway because ignorance is not an excuse.

Because these words mean something I have reflected upon them for days and have decided that the only way to combat these words is to remove them.

These councilmen need to understand that there is a much larger picture, and that is a duty to all  of the citizens of Wylie, not just the old folks and not just the young folks. Their actions and these words they spoke have bode so poorly for Wylie that we can no longer accept the totality of their being without it negatively affecting every facet of our City life, including those things we will be overlooked for because nobody wants to associate with our current image. So they need to leave.

I am asking for Councilman Bennie Jones and Councilman Nathan Scott to resign from Wylie City Council. Should they determine their position is more important than the larger picture and refuse, I will begin a recall.

You see, words mean something.