Placebo Effect

We stand at the precipice of a very dangerous time.  Shoulder to shoulder we rise as conservatives, demanding our Government listen to us. And we know they will not, but if we yell louder will they then?

I am concerned for our country because we have been headed down the wrong path for quite some time.  It has become particularly evident since the current demagoguery-laden President was elected. His witchery and smoke rituals have mesmerized millions of followers and they now remind me of the cartoon characters we watched as children, standing in trances with swirling eyes, saying, "Yes master." 

For those that did not grasp the Kool-Aid Dixie Cup of socialism, we merely toss one medicinal tincture after the other at the problem.  Sure, we make a lot of noise, and we make a lot of sense; for us anyway.  We continue to irritate like a verruca, and the zombies continue to call us contemptuous, and nothing ever changes.

For all our combined intelligence, we still have been unable to fix the problem.  Perhaps we are attempting to treat the wrong disease.

We argue, we network, we have eloquent speakers on Fox News and at the White House, we elect brilliant leaders, we filibuster, and we demand, yet nothing has really changed.

Nothing has changed because we are merely placating ourselves by the placebo effect. We toss some remedy at each problem, hoping we will get our fix, and it makes us feel better for a moment anyway because at least we are doing something rather than nothing.

However I am convinced that, though our remedies would equal a miraculous recovery for this country should we be allowed to dispense them, currently they will not work.

We must identify the threatening illness first. 

In this country we have the most beautiful book ever written outside of the bible.  It is called the United States Constitution.

Our Government will continue rape our Constitutional rights from us and all the speeches, and meetings, and bickering will not stop it.  Why? Because the illness is low-information voters. The illness is comprised of complete derelicts who don't have a clue what our constitution says and because of that, they are not demanding anyone follow it. So they don't.

Our politicians in DC have been raping us of our Constitutional rights and the morons stand there with swirling eyes saying, "Yes thank you, and I'll have another." No amount of Amendments or Bills is going to make our politicians follow the Constitution.  So what can?

We The People. We must set out on an epic course of re-education of the derelicts about their Constitutional Rights, what they have given up, and what they are about to lose if they continue on the same zombic pattern.

It is a beautifully simple fix.  One that calls upon our biblical heritage. We should look to the idea of parables, just as Jesus did. In short, with well-designed stories we can make the uneducated bright again. Even the lowly beggars and prostitutes understood parables.

We must seriously reconsider the route we are currently on, because if we continue talking at a level higher than low information voters are able to understand, we further perpetuate negative outcome.  The fact is, they don't get it.  It makes them angry. It makes them think we are elitist. It makes them despise us all the more. And ultimately it makes them want to go against us.  But stories that actually relate to their lives; that they will get.

It has been said probably too many times now that is it a bit pretentious, but it warrants saying again.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. Placebos never work when someone is truly ill, and though they make us feel better temporarily because they trick us, they don't fix the problem when one truly exists. Placebos can be dangerous.

Positive Message

What is with all these grumpy people today complaining about Senator Ted Cruz's 21 hour speech?  The naysayers came out in full force, but the sad fact is, they just don't get it.

Someone I spoke with today accused Cruz of being obstructive.  How?  He was not blocking any vote, he was giving an impassioned speech and he yielded the floor at the time designated.  He wasn't grandstanding, he was busy taking our message to DC.  Someone complained that his filibuster would do nothing.  Wrong again.  It did do something.  It got millions of people's attention and they signed electronic petitions and thank you cards and the database of conservatives just grew exponentially larger.  How can that be a bad thing?  It's absolutely brilliant.  People need to stop being checkers players in a chess world.

Cruz's message was of possibilities.  His message showed the American people that a son of a poor Cuban immigrant can hold the Senate floor for 21 hours and compel a nation to talk about it, good bad or indifferent.  Even if their opinion was sour about the event, they still took something away from it: we hate those bastards in DC and we want real change, not the faux change we were promised in 2008 and again in 2012.

I was sent this link today Ten Republicans Working to Fund Obamacare and this particular excerpt was pretty telling:
Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX)
House Rules Committee Chair Pete Sessions has repeatedly refused to oppose Obamacare. When 127 members of the House signed a letter in July 2012 asking that Speaker Boehner not support appropriations bills funding Obamacare, Sessions declined to sign. When 80 members recently signed another letter calling on Boehner to defund Obamacare, Sessions again declined to sign.
Ironically, Sessions’ desperation to retain power may cause him to lose it. Katrina Pierson recently signed up to run against him in the Republican primary

This burns me up to no end.  Why has Pete Sessions sold out?  This man who ran on the conservative idea of term limits among other things has been sitting up there in DC for 17 years and with his covert support of Obamacare, he seems to have forgotten why he was sent there in the first place.  He is falling in line with the likes John McCain, Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, and the other establishment Republicans who are no longer in it for the people.  Plain and simple, if the men and women we sent to DC do not listen to us, we will remove them.  I have already started contacting those Senators and Representatives whose seats are up in 2014 and politely suggesting they get with the program or we'll remove them.  I predict 2014 will be a major year of change.

This is why I am working on Katrina Pierson's campaign.  I wanted Hope and Change in 2008 but I knew that what Obama represented would leave Americans without any hope and in dire need of change.  Enough of the excuses! Which is exactly Katrina Pierson's campaign slogan: Americans first. No more excuses!

The message we received from Senator Ted Cruz yesterday and today was a positive one.  Help is on the way.  We are working tirelessly to make sure that your Representative Pete Sessions doesn't think he can just toss money at the problem and make it go away.  We proved that already with the well entrenched David Dewhurst and his deep pocketed friends when we got Ted Cruz elected and we can do this again, and again, and again.  We got this, folks. We got this.

Senator Ted Cruz Filibusters Obamacare

I am watching the great Senator Ted Cruz speak today.  Technically it's' not a filibuster because he is not stopping any vote, rather it is a passionate speech.  You ask why bother then, if he isn't changing any votes or stopping one. 

It is important to understand the power such a filibuster wields, we'll call this impassioned speech a filibuster anyway for the courage and fortitude it takes to remain standing for hours.  Coupled with social media, great numbers of people are reached and inspired toward action.  All it takes is reaching out to that one person and prompt them to call their Senator and demand they don't support a vote for cloture or a vote to fund Obamacare.  That one call might switch a vote.  That one call might make a Senator realize that their constituents don't want it.  That one call might scare them into following the will of We the People.

We should not discount the power of a filibuster.  These long speeches have a way of solidifying our views and further educating our people about the debated topic. It is important to educate and then launch an educated voter willing to dial their phone or tap those texts in.  Personally I have sent more messages to Senators and called them telling them what I expect more than I can count on several hands. It's time to stop looking at our politicians like rock stars and look at them like they are our employees. Elected officials should revere us, not the other way around.

What stymies me most is how many people are against Obamacare and yet the liberal politicians in DC are still not listening to us.  We brought the hash tag #MakeDCListen to the top of the trending lists.  How dare they think they know more about what we want or need than we do.  Who the hell do they think they are?

I used the calculator to see how much Affordable Care Act would cost us personally.  It would cost us over $13K/year.  So much for affordable.  It is more money than we are spending currently to insure our family of 4.  Should my husband's company no longer offer healthcare, their fine would be minimal and our insurance costs would go up as we enter the exchange.  So much for not losing our insurance should we want to keep it.  I am astounded at these ass-clowns We the People collectively voted into office.  Was there not anyone better than this the last two elections?

Our healthcare system is broke.  We need it fixed, but not with a law that is full of pork barrel projects and will bankrupt our country.  We only need to look to Social Security to see how poorly our US Government runs programs.  Nearing running out of money, does anything think Obamacare will not be run in the same fashion?  Hells, our government can't even run the postal service, leaving it on the brink of disaster.

It is sad that Obamacare has come to this.  Even the uber-liberal Teamsters don't want it. Senator Cruz just read aloud the letter I signed along with many other Conservative leaders from Texas.  So many people do not want Obamacare.  They didn't want it in 2009 and they don't want it even more now.  Phone lines are busy.  Social media is abuzz. Answering machines are full.  Even I left a message yesterday for Senator John Cornyn to ask him not to vote for cloture. 

Eight hours into his filibuster, liberal Democrats try to debate Senator Cruz and, exhausted, he still can make a lucid argument against funding Obamacare.  People voted Obama in again, hoping he would keep his promises to fix the ACA's problems but he has failed to follow through and a year after that re-election, people are changing their minds.  More people than ever don't want Obamacare.

My guess is that nothing will change.  The self-proclaimed demi-Gods in DC will vote for cloture and ultimately will fund Obamacare.  I would even go so far as to say Senator John Cornyn will vote for cloture, or at least he claimed he would yesterday.  Cloture means Harry Reid will only need 50 votes to pass funding and I predict this procedural hocus pocus will fund Obamacare despite our pleas to not go this route. 

Make no mistake, if the Senate disregards our warnings we will turn our attention working on removing them from their jobs and I can guarantee 2014 will be another 2010.  Mark my words.

Loss of Dominion

I was highly entertained by this week's Letter to the Editor in the Wylie News.  Joe Chumbley came out with both barrels blasting and I couldn't help chuckle.  Truth be told, I love to see someone else give it to Council because it gets kind of lonely at the top of that dog pile.

During the last couple of months I've been contacted by some citizens in Wylie over the Dominion of Pleasant Valley development.  I was asked to help fight but unfortunately, I saw it as a futile effort.  I mean, what about this Wylie City Council do you people not get?  Like most councils, they are full of pride, full of ego, full of id, full of themselves and just plain full of shit.  I know of no council that truly gives a shit about the people of the City.  Rather, they run for one of 4 reasons: to put it on their resume, to gain business and pad their pockets, to help a special little pet project, or to use it as a stepping stone to something larger, or so they think.

Usually they start with some uber-altruistic plans then they get too big for their britches and, well, refer back to the People Get Stupid blog post I made previously. Pretty soon they are running red lights, pushing people around, bitchin about citizens not doing their homework, paying lip service to the local issues, and playing their little fricking head games. 

This is one reason I will not run for council.  I'm smart-ass enough, can you imagine what I would be like after 2 years on council, thank you very much? Um, Mr. Citizen, you are here to complain about Wal-Mart coming in on a piece of property zoned retail many moons ago.  Are you an ass-clown or do you just like looking like one? Shut the hell up and go sit the feck down before you hurt your brain. I would probably follow it up with a prayer, Jeezus, Lord, what kind of freaking morons do we have living here?

Nope, running for council is not for me. You can thank me later. Really.

Sitting on the 'other' side of the railroad tracks quite literally, I can see both sides of the Dominion argument.  First, I hate the jackhole developers who come in here and tell us that everyone wants zero lot line homes crammed all together cuz they are just oh so family and kid friendly. Freaktards. No.  People don't want homes so damned close together where their neighbors can hear them fart next door in the privacy of their bedroom.  What kind of idiots think having a backyard the size of a postage stamp is 'kid friendly' when the damned brats are playing kickball in the middle of the street and they just turn and stare at you as you try to drive around their dumb asses.  Um, no.  Nice sprawling homes would be more in order on some beautiful sprawling, tree-lined property.  Sadly the name of the game in Texas development is cram 'em jam 'em.  So we have cookie cutter homes all bunched together like a cluster of grapes and we buy this crap because they don't build anything else and because we are too stupid to know any better.

I can also see merit in the comment about putting larger homes on lots because we really do want homes with a valuation above the break-even amount.  Every home under roughly $230K costs the City money for services in relation to the paltry amount of tax dollars they receive on it.  Thus your property tax rate is going to continue to be one of the highest in all of North Texas so long as these dickhead developers keep cramming cheap-ass homes on tiny lots.  In Councilwoman Culver's defense, if you know you are going to lose a no vote, at least try to get the developer to put some higher dollar homes on the lots and help people with the ridiculous tax burden we have in Wylie, don't you think?

I can also see the home-owner's argument; probably best of all.  I'm so sick of these ugly as sin homes being crammed in on every parcel of open land after the land has been completely scraped clean of any vegetation.  Oh sure, they will keep a few trees up so they can jack the home prices up, but on this particular parcel of land, it is a damned crying shame.  Such a beautiful piece of land that will now be scrubbed, raped, and mutilated just like the rest of Wylie was.  Oh, and the dumbasses put it in a 100 year flood zone.  Nothing like forever changing the runoff and causing even further damage to the surrounding homes when we get some of those rains we are known to get every so many years. Smart.

Sadly, your Council has never represented your interests.  They only care about their own. I see all sides, and as far as I was concerned the Dominion was a lose-lose situation all the way around.

2nd People's Town Hall for Rep Pete Sessions

I fired off my RSVP, will you?

Begins: Thursday, September 26 2013 at 7:00 PM
Location: The Plaza Theater
Address: 521 W. STATE STREET
Garland, TX 75040

(*-Rep. Sessions has been invited, but has not confirmed)

Rep Pete Sessions has refused to hold Town Hall meetings recently.  When the conservatives held one in his stead, he was too busy to attend because he was away on a little $20K trip to Ireland paid for by the wealthy lobbyists Franklin Center for Global Policy Exchange well of course it is always in the best interest for our Reps to have discussions on Trans-Atlantic trade between US and Ireland which has always been a known priority.

Key issues to be addressed:
  1. Whether Rep. Sessions plans to continue using his position as House Rules Chair to stymie efforts by Sen. Ted Cruz and other conservatives to defund Obamacare--and if so, why?
  2. Whether Rep. Sessions plans to continue to prevent a floor debate or floor vote on Rep. Frank Wolf's proposal to investigate the murders of four Americans at Benghazi via a Select Committee--and if so, why?
  3. Whether Rep. Sessions plans to  continue to oppose efforts by Rep. Justin Amash (Preview)  and others to restrict the Obama Administration's blanket warrantless surveillance of ordinary Americans--and if so, why?
  4. Whether Rep. Sessions continues to support the idea of legalizing illegal aliens and what, if anything, he plans to do to stop the Gang of Eight Amnesty Plan or any similar amnesty / legalization plan.
  5. Why Rep. Sessions has found it so difficult to clear his schedule or find a venue for a public town hall meeting with his constituents.
During the August 2013 recess, Rep. Pete Sessions did not hold any town hall meetings open to the general public.  Many constituents attempted to encourage Rep. Sessions to hold a public town hall, but he refused to do so.  On August 29th, a group of constituents organized their own People's Town Hall Meeting and invited Rep. Pete Sessions to participate.  The event was a success, with approximately 200 constituents showing up.  Unfortunately, Rep. Sessions elected not to participate.
In the wake of that meeting, constituents have continued to attempt to get real answers to their questions, but have not been successful.  Accordingly, this town hall meeting is a further attempt to get real answers.

A Story From the Archive

OK, OK, so I've been told my blog posts are a little intense lately. To be honest, I can't help the girl crush I have on Katrina Pierson.  She epitomizes everything I want to be when I grow up.

Since I have been so serious and foreboding, I thought it might be time to lighten things up a bit.  The excerpt below comes from my personal blog where I share observations and stories about my home life.

This is one of those stories the hubs would rather like to die than have me repeat. These stories are very real and are all part of those little things that make a young couple even stronger......or make a young couple wind up in a murder suicide investigation.

Pharmaceuticals and Shaving Don't Mix

My husband was so happy the day he came home with his new razor many moons ago.  He was happy too because it lent itself to our cheaper side.  I may be thrifty, but the hubs just downright makes Fred Mertz look like Michael Jackson in his later gluttonous years.  We stared at it in awe; this contraption that would ultimately save us a ton of money by cutting down on the three week buzz.  Well one would like to think that, anyway.

It was a thing of beauty, that razor.  After admiring it, he handed me the razor and asked me to shave his head. You would like to think it was such a simple thing, pretty much a straight shot right on over the head.   I had watched the barber do it a hundred times; just how hard could it be?  Well let me tell you about hard.  The last thing you want someone to hear when you are placing a vibrating metal slicer and dicer next  to their temple is the word ‘oops’.   It seems I forgot to put the clip on; the one that makes it so you don’t shave yourself absolutely senseless.  Holy bat crap, he now had a bald spot the size of a pencil eraser on his head.  His eyes grew round.  Was that a look of terror or was it a pondering of murder by 13 awful methods, each more painful than the last?  I didn’t wait to find out.

“Don’t worry about that.” I muttered.  I just knew we could mask it with a little makeup. After all, his stubbles were pretty short to begin with.

Perhaps I was a little overzealous in my judgment of repairing such a thing, because my husband came home from work the next day only to repeat his boss’ words as he was about to leave for home at the end of the day, “Oh by the way, the eye-liner really doesn’t cover it up.”  TXun 1/ Spouse 0
My husband, the orally tidy one, insists on rinsing with peroxide after every brush and floss session.  I can only make assumptions as to how this came about, but I'll be nice and suggest his dentist thought it was a good idea. I suppose he got the brilliant idea watching a Plax commercial one day but he decided to add a Plax step to this nightly ritual. In my best New York accent possible, "Yea, yea, sure, sure, what’s the big deal?"  Big?  Let me tell you about, big.  Ginormous would have been a gross understatement. 

My husband started his new plan one evening and was impressed with that oh so tingly feeling he got chasing a gargle of peroxide with a rinse of Plax.  I don’t know what chemical combination this compound produced, but the end result was nearly catastrophic. What happened next left me with night terrors for weeks. 

The 6 AM alarm sounded and after I turned it off, I looked over at my other half and told him it was time to wake up.  I mildly stifled a scream as he stirred and peered over the covers.  There on his face was the largest set of lips known to man-kind.  I mean I could have submitted photos to the Guinness Book of World Records and I’m certain he would have held the record to this very day.  Whatever that peroxide/Plax tincture ended as, it caused one of the harshest allergic reactions I’ve ever seen. 

I asked him if he really planned to take those things out into public with him.  OK, so it was a rhetorical question.  My husband just looked at me and continued to get ready to go to work.  Damn, what a trooper.

On his way in to the office, he stopped at the local Doc-in-a-Box.  When he entered, the woman behind the desk couldn’t resist pointing out, “Let me guess why you are here.”  Ah, a girl after my own heart. 

Two shots of Benadryl later, he headed into work and faced the stares and whispering.  His lips shrank back to normal about mid-morning.  Poor guy, I don’t know why these things happen to him.  I think some people are simply preordained for life’s trauma.  TXun 2/ Spouse 0


The Pink Slips

I think back to what the catalyst was that made me feel a strong kinship with the ideology that is political conservatism.  I'm not so sure it was merely one event.

The furthest back I can recall was the first election I ever voted in.  I knew absolutely nothing about politics; I just knew that I liked President Ronald Reagan and I felt he was doing a good job.  He was the first president I ever voted for. 

My next recollection was voting in California for the presidential election in 1988.  I remember the woman asking me if I was a Democrat or a Republican and in that very instant, I made the decision which I felt would forever define my political views.  She stamped my card Republican thus I have forever been labeled.

There was a lot of living between then and the next defining moment.  That was the moment I saw this video.

On tax day 2009 I saw a woman tell her story and it was so compelling and profound that I knew this was the right path for my life.  This was the group of people I felt most at home with. This was the group of people whose stories and passion defined who I was. I was tired of my government intruding into my personal life and telling me what I can and cannot do. I was tired of my government trying to take what I earned by blood, sweat, and tears away and hand it to people who have not earned it.  I was tired of politicians and their self interest endeavors. So I joined. 
At first I didn't want to be a leader in Wylie.  I didn't want to take any glory or step on any toes. I would rather work hard in the background and remain out of the spotlight.  Our fearless leader moved away and I saw nobody attempting to take up the torch.  Nearly a year went by and I sent an email to the members here in Wylie and asked them if we were through or if we were ready to fight. I sent that email July 4th 2010 and the outpouring of support was surreal.  So it began. 
Little did I know that I would come up against the typical ignorance and obstinacy of who we are.  We're nut jobs, we're white supremacists, we're racists, we're wacko-birds. As with any new group, there are those fringe people who don't belong to anything in particular and they try to make it their own.  They were quickly pushed aside, though we were defined by their lunacy at times. We're none of those things yet we have been targeted vehemently.
The fact that liberals are so overwhelmingly hateful of our views tells me we are on the right path and there is much scripture to do with Satan that confirms this. 
I have been shunned by our Mayor.  I have been shunned by our City Council. I have been shunned by business owners. I have even been shunned at times by people who are supposed to be friends.  I have been shunned by family members.  I have been shunned by other conservatives because they think I'm not politically correct enough. I am shunned not because of my conservative views, but because it is easier to stick one's head in the sand and pretend the problems are not real than to believe that our government is as corrupt as we are saying they are. It is a much scarier proposition to allow oneself to believe that our government is so corrupt and bad to the bone than it is to put off and make fun of a group of people decreeing such. 
We have been active for years now and the finger pointing and sooth saying and voodoo accusations against conservatives have continued for the most part.  But people are slightly more accepting now and conservatism is here to stay. People are seeing that what we have been saying all along is correct.  They now have scandals and a point of reference to refer back to. They  have Benghazi where the president went to sleep so he could fly to Las Vegas and campaign the next day.  They have the IRS scandals which the IRS has acknowledged targeting certain groups, including conservative and religious.  They have the NSA where our government has admitted to spying on millions of Americans.  They have concrete examples to reflect upon and I believe they are seeing that the only answer presented that is truly plausible and will deliver the USA back into the people's arms, is to hand the politicians those pink slips Katrina Pierson described in her speech. 
We tried this in 2010. We handed the House back to people who described themselves as conservatives. Yet they went right back to their old ways. We took a couple more in the Senate in 2012 but still did not overturn it.  Again, they are up to their old tricks. They applaud Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney and now newbie Marco Rubio to the RINO brotherhood. Others have joined them like John Cornyn and Pete Sessions as these people support Obamacare and Amnesty and as they all group hug. They still have not learned their lesson.They are going along with liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and they have completely lost sight of why we put them in office.  They are not listening to us.
The question is this: Are Americans ready to take back their country? If we are, this is the to-do list we must follow:
We must overwhelmingly remove the old dogs from office, both Democrat and Republican.
We must rid ourselves of career politicians who stopped representing us eons ago. 
We must vote in new blood in 2014
We must rid ourselves of the scourge that is the Obama socialist administration and their cronies.
We must toss our full and collective weight behind a Presidential candidate such as Ted Cruz. 

We must not wimp out on any of these tasks.  We must remain hella resolute!

We must take these steps or we may as well roll over and become France.  Are you with me?  Because if you are not, then prepare to get out of the way.

Why I support Katrina Pierson for Congress

Why I support Katrina Pierson. I support Katrina Pierson because like me, she was a private citizen attempting to live a life of quiet enjoyment before the perfect storm aligned.  Like me, she decided to do something about it. Like me, she joined thousands of people gathering to take back their country from the throngs out of control narcissistic rogues inhabiting Washington DC.

We were already growing weary of the nonsense in Washington.  People like us were tired of the good old boy GOP and their go along to get along practices supporting their pork barrel projects and wealthy donors. We were disgusted by that old Maverick John McCain and scratched our heads wondering if that was the best Republicans had to offer.

Though I did not know Ms. Pierson back then, I soon met her and have stood in awe of her deep insight and strong leadership. Spend 5 minutes with her and you know she is something truly special. Though petite in stature, she is no pushover. She carries herself well and makes no apologies for her strong faith in God and family. 

Those days of the Tax Day Tea Party in 2009 followed by America's Tea Party at Southfork Ranch July 4th, 2009 are a testament to her ability to gather supporters and pull off successful events at the drop of a hat.

I like her ability to cross all those lines that divide us: gender, race, political affiliation, and reach out to people.  Her credibility and humility enable her to grasp and hold the attention of others.  She spreads a compelling message.

What you see is what you get, a confident, intelligent, and kind woman lacking airs that set her apart from many politicians.  So many times I've met politicians who are rude, insensitive, and disingenuous merely paying lip service with canned statements. It is clear when you talk to them that they only care about spreading their message and not about your concerns.  Ms. Pierson speaks from the heart and shares the same goals and aspirations the rest of us do.  She is tired of the career politicians who no longer represent the will of those who elected them and Representative Pete Sessions is proof positive. 

Sessions started his political career spreading the conservative Texas will but somewhere along the way, he lost sight of the people and became starry-eyed over his own enigma. This egocentric stance is the reason Sessions is losing support, having lost Pierson's and having even lost mine. I believe in 2014 we will be putting Katrina Pierson in office and sending him home, and it's about time.

From the beginning, Katrina Pierson has been a staunch supporter of Tea Party conservative values. What she represents flies in the face of usual Tea Party detractor accusations.  She most certainly cannot be accused of being racist, considering she is a black woman. She knows what it is like to be a single mother as well.  She understands the sacrifices parents have to make in order to put their kids in good schools, put a roof over their head, and clothe and feed them.  She has not lived some semi-charmed  kind of life as an elitist.

That is not to say a campaign against Sessions will be easy, because it won't.  The old dog Republicans with their old-time bankers ways will toss some hefty sums at Sessions.  After all, he represents the elite band of brothers very well.  To me, Sessions is living fat and happy off our backs, just like the Mitt Romneys, and the John McCains of the world, and frankly I'm tired of it. If you like Senator Ted Cruz, you will like a Representative Katrina Pierson just as much.

Through it all, I will stand behind Katrina Pierson because I view her as our last ditch effort to stop the freak show that has become Washington DC.  If we cannot get our family values and Christian beliefs upheld in an increasingly elitist and out of touch DC, then we may as well toss in the towel because life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness as we know it, will forever change. I am unwilling to stand by and let this happen.  I hope you will join me in supporting Katrina Pierson

Meet the New Hurricane Katrina

She's gone and done it.  My friend Katrina Pierson is running for Congress against Pete Sessions.

I mean, it had to happen some time.  That stale establishment Republican good ole' boy Sessions needed to have a formidable opponent step up and show him that his constituents don't appreciate him selling out.  And if anyone can send him packing I believe it would be Katrina Pierson.

Congratulations to Ms. Pierson, and may the best wo-man win!

Swimming to Chevelle

Now that summer is beginning to wind down, I'm full force in pool mode.  It wasn't as if I didn't want to hop in during the height of summer.  It's that I was so darned busy.  Sure I made it in quite a bit, but not daily as I would prefer.  I have good intentions every spring when I open the pool, but vacations and summer activities always get in the way. Generally I don't get to start hitting it again until the kids make it back to school.   Just in time for the weather to turn too cool to swim.  Go figure.

I can spend hours in there as well.  I'm all Pisces to be sure. You know there's nothing quite like performing some synchronized swimming to Chevelle. Let me tell you, it's not easy. Especially at my age. True, you can find me doing my little kicks and spins but in all actuality, I spend most of my time swimming laps, yes in my ghetto above ground pool. 

I don't care what anyone thinks. It's quite large and plenty deep for laps.  Besides, I'm not about to spend that kind of money putting in an in-ground when I'm not sure we will stay too much longer in this house. There would not be enough return on investment and there is no sense putting in a pool for someone else to enjoy.

More particularly I won't spend the money because we have Bubba, Betty Sue, son Buford, daughter Curly Lou, and their two babies each living in a house behind us with visiting baby momma's and  baby daddy's and their roaring engines at all hours of the day and night.

In the house next to them we have the Brady Bunch times two.  She happen to homeschool, and she takes every opportunity to live with their windows open in order to cut down on the electricity bill.  We once heard her smoke detector blipping for a period of 3 months.  I'm guessing money is tight with 9 kids because the blip was not exactly a sound you would use to sooth kids to sleep.  Yup, there's also  nothing like listening to the mother screaming at her kids all the time.  To her credit, if  you were homeschooling 9 completely unsocialized brats, wouldn't you scream too?  A Lot? All one need do is drive down my alley and see what I mean about return on investment.

The cold water in the pool reminds me that fall is close at hand.  Nights are longer and the sun isn't quite as near.  Though the days are still hot as hades, the pool water doesn't have enough time to grab all that energy.  Soon I'll be closing the pool for another winter and I'll go back to dreaming about my hours floating in the water again....and conceptualizing some new routines.

AHMO Greatness

There is something to this Friday Night Lights thing.  There is just something about the community gathering that is Texas high school varsity football. 

I've never been much of a football fan. As a high school senior, I recall standing under the rather smallish bleachers at my small town high school, lighting up a Merit Menthol.  In fact, we even had a smoking lounge in my high school.  Students and teachers met out there between classes to light up.  It didn't matter that the legal age to buy cigarettes was 18.  None of that was important back in the day.

My group met under the bleachers at each game and made fun of the cheerleaders.  Hells, our football team consisted of a bunch of popular pretty boy types intent on not harming their boyish good looks  The girls were only interested in joining that elite 'in' crowd made up of cheerleaders.  These girls stuck their noses so high in the air, I'm surprised they didn't trip more.  The roles held such a level of importance to the student body.  Football players and cheerleaders expected to be revered as you passed them in the hallway.  However the roles did not hold such an importance for the community, as the bleachers were filled pretty much with students.  There was very little parent involvement as there is here in Texas. 

What I like about Texas high school football is that there is so much opportunity out there on that field for so many students.  At any given game, hundreds are out there or in the stands performing some sort of job.  I see so many community members in the stands as well: teachers, mayor, superintendent, councilmembers, business owners all join with parents and students to cheer for their team.  It is clear that we support our students in their endeavors.

I also enjoy people watching.  I get to creep on my son who is a Pirate Guard.  I get to giggle as he escorts a bevvy of pink lipsticked Pacesetters and their high kicking white bedazzled cowgirl boots to and from their seats.  For a dude, it's a dream gig if you can get it.  I marvel at the superintendent who occasionally takes the opportunity to grab the leading flag in AHMO and run with the ROTC out on the field after a score.  I love seeing all the friends I've made through the years in Wylie flit about the place.  Some sit near us, some sit with their band students, some sit with the Pacesetters.

Nobody can get it straight what our AHMO chant stands for either.  They say it means I'm going to kick your ass with a southern bent ahmo kick your ass. Others say it means Annihilate, Humiliate, Mutilate, Obliterate.  The literal meaning doesn't really matter to us, we all know what it really means to us.  To win the Wylie way.

I love how everyone stands and holds up one finger and keeps beat with the school song in unison.  I love how we all clap to the band in unison.  We have the routines down pat. We love our school mascot Pirate and feel bad for whomever is wearing that huge head in the dead of summer because it must be absolutely miserable hot in there.

Last week I laughed as a group of little girls stood in front of the Pacesetters and tried to follow their dances to That Wylie Band from the stands.  A few Pacesetters came out to greet them and congratulate them on their splits. I am amazed at the sheer talent as well.  Our Pacesetters and That Wylie Band are multi award winners.  They aren't that marching band from my high school days where they were sometimes screechy or out of sync.  This band practices nonstop and they are never out of sync or out of line in their formations.  Their footwork is amazing and I wonder how they do it while trying to play their instruments at the same time. 

Later in the season there is Homecoming where the girls walk the grandstand with ginormous mums and dozens of flowing ribbons hanging from them.  It is truly a sight to behold. There is Senior Parent night where they honor the parents of all those hardworking kids on the field who have put in thousands of dollars and untold hours of dedication toward their child's craft. 

There is nothing like a football game either.  Whether it be 105 degrees out cooling to a balmy 92 by end of game, or a high of 59 cooling to a chilly 46 by end of game, those stands are filled. The people in the stands are also very active participants.  We shout, chant, whistle, ring our cowbells, stomp our feet, and feel instantaneous joy and pride fill our chests with each touchdown. For a few short hours we get to forget our troubles and join together in one common goal. To watch our kids achieve greatness!

Faux Pas Tois

Now that a little time has passed since the newspaper article faux pas tois of Wylie Councilmen Bennie Jones and Nathan Scott, it made this week's article in the Wylie News even more comical. In it, Wylie's Mayor Eric Hogue gets to go off just a little more on the pair of boobs. Oh geez, there I go saying boob again and losing half the men here.

Stay with  me.  Force yourself.  The article was about the proposed Wal-Mart at McCreary and McMillen, and though it might have been an informational article  it took on an air of Mayor Hogue taking the opportunity to slap the newsprint around on Jones and Scott just a little more. 

Hogue pointed out that at the Planning and Zoning meeting where Wal-Mart had approached the City asking for approval of a site plan, Yogi and BooBoo showed up and tossed around their council titles, and 'confused' the P&Z board to the point that they actually said no on something they legally couldn't say no to. 

P&Z had no legal leg to stand on with regard to Wal-Mart's plans because they met or even exceeded every requirement and the vote was merely a formality.

At that same meeting, BooBoo, AKA Nathan Scott, accused a P&Z member of being on the take with Wal-Mart.  Holy shizballs talk about opening up the City to possible litigation!  P&Z proceeded to deny Wal-Mart their plans prompting the Council to take the matter up and carry out a super majority vote.  This actionh required 6 out of 7 votes to undo what the dunces had done so that Wal-Mart would not sue the pants off the City of Wylie.

Though everything Mayor Hogue said was right, I can't help but feel there isn't some sort of well played campaign message in this, as he further hacks Councilman Jones off at the knees in any possible bid for the mayoral seat which will be up for grabs next year.

As yet another controversy in Wylie was put to rest, the council ultimately voted 7/0 in favor, including Jones and Scott who decided it was better to save face and vote yes than to continue on with their cartoon antics.

Here's my take on the situation.  I'm sorry the homeowners in the area were so clueless as to not find out what the property was zoned for when they purchased their homes.  It is what it is.  I'm also sorry that Wal-Mart is forcing their way into the community yet again.  Personally I don't shop at Wal-Mart unless I'm forced to.  I don't care for the way they come into communities and kill small businesses. I don't care for the way they perpetuate the human rights travesties in China by beating down manufacturers in pricing.  My suggestion for the residents in the area is to simply not shop there.  If they have no business they will not be able to keep their doors open.  Pretty simple economics. 


You just have to wonder about this urgency to strike Syria that is so foremost from Obama's lips to the media's ears.  When Obama spoke from the Rose Garden last weekend, he suggested we might strike in days, weeks, or even months.  Wow, how's that for preparing them in advance? Nothing like a little warning in order to move those weapons of mass destruction under cover and bury the Sarin gas reserves.

I think we should also wonder about the urgency because Obama seems so incensed that Bashar al-Assad should gas the people of Syria.  Why? Because Saddam Hussein gassed far more people in Iraq, but that didn't seem to matter to Obama back in the campaign haze days.  The only thing Obama could focus on was his obsession with the lack of Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Since no WMD were found in Iraq, the war waged by former President George Bush was certified as unnecessary, unneeded, and just plain wrong. 

According to Obama and his minions, the Iraq war was so unneeded even though Hussein killed Iraqis in the same manner as that insane and bizarre little man Assad.  So this leads me to one conclusion about those alleged WMD that Bush was told existed, and which hastened a war.  I believe they were moved from Iraq into Syria's willing and waiting arms.  I believe in all of Obama's naiveté, he bought the story that Iraq didn't have WMD only to discover that upon becoming president and having access to all the privileged information that comes with it, the ill-fated WMD are now held by Syria.  In this knowledge, he became only too willing to lead the, "let's bomb Syria" marching band the second an opportunity arose. The gassing.

When Obama gets approval to bomb Syria, oh and he will because of the old dog Republicans on board with this idea, he will take out those WMD so that nobody will ever know that Bush was right and vilified unfairly. 

With the technology we have to read a newspaper over a person's shoulder, do not tell me we were mistaken about WMD and their existence. Not possible. 

Sessions Session

At the last Wylie Tea Party meeting, not only did I invite Katrina Pierson to visit with us and provide an update on the Washington DC controversies, and also Wade Miller to speak on Heritage Action, but we had an additional surprise guest grace our presence.  Kim Locus, Pete Sessions Campaign Manager decided to show up.

I found this particularly noteworthy because she had only joined the Facebook Wylie Tea Party group two days prior to the meeting.  It was apparent to me that she was clued in to our meeting for some reason or another.  Though I'm not sure of the specific circumstances of her sudden appearance, it would appear that she has been sent on some sort of assignment.  Neither Pete Sessions nor Kim Locus have taken a keen interest in any of the local tea party groups so why the WTP then?  It will be interesting to find out exactly what the keen interest is she has in the WTP.

I say this because as far back as February she has read, or more to the point, stalked the WTP Facebook posts.  She probably creeped back further than that but I didn't have the patience to find out just how far.  I can tell because I am provided a list of names of who viewed each post.

I found her seating arrangement tactic quite interesting too.  She came and sat in the back and befriended someone.  Perhaps to make it look as if she was not alone.  I can only speculate on her positioning but her, "Me, me, look at me!" stance where she was happy to jump on something Ms. Pierson said while eagerly announcing that she was Pete Sessions campaign manager was comical.  I have to tell you, her announcement caused all manner of ruckus after that.

One woman turned around in her seat and started giving Ms. Locus the what-for.  She was furious that Sessions had not scheduled any town hall meetings during this break.  Another gentleman let her have it, spinning out of his chair so fast the inertia nearly kept the chair stuck to his backside.  He rode her up one side and down the other.  I even took a crack at her.

When the evening was over, she skulked away, but not before writing a scathing review on Facebook about the presenters' 'facts' to which she was duly vilified on Facebook. One can only hope that she carried the message of disgust in Sessions back to him, because the Wylie folk are not happy with him.  I suggested to her that perhaps she let him know exactly what the WTP members think of his record so that he can reflect upon it.  In this instance, "I hope she got what she came for," couldn't be more fitting.

Plugging In

It's rainy and cloudy and I'm still sitting in the jam jams, reading and contemplating my Faceboook page. I know I shouldn't be, but I am absolutely stunned at the reality of life as I know it.

I have two fantastic sons who are highly intelligent, and highly articulate. One  is an intellectual like me, always reading, studying, thinking, planning, logicizing as I like to call it.  The other is a doer, a leader.  He doesn't let the grass grow under his feet. By some miraculous stroke both have received the absolute best of the gene pool from their rather humbled parents.  Then again, perhaps it's just the shirt-busting proud mom talking here.

Then there is my better half.  He literally works his ass off so I can drive around in my cushy car, and not want for anything. He is a staunch supporter and cheerleader for me and always has been, though he is not always thrilled with the pursuits I choose.  He has been less than happy about this blog through the years, but he understands there is something I must accomplish here, so he tolerates it.

I have spent years blogging now, taking time away from my family at times, taking my attention away from the desire for career, money, and some faux sense of power it gives people. I would rather be in my jammies blogging all day wielding the keyboard.

Today I studied my Facebook page.  Really studied. I have a lot of friends but am not one of those collectors.  You know the sort; the ones who have thousands of people they don't even know because it makes them feel important.  True there are a few that I have not met, but they were carefully selected from the political activist crowd.  There is an unspoken agreement that we support each other's endeavors because we are all cut from the same conservative cloth.  Some post about the US Constitution, some post about CSCOPE.  Some post about Obama.  Some post Tea Party rhetoric.  I identify pretty strongly with these people and our kinship was nearly instantaneous.

Then I have the friends from my younger years.  My oldest is from 2nd grade when I moved from Detroit to a little country town.  I'm not going to lie, it was because my parents were damned if their kiddos were going to be bussed back in the day.  My mom was like, hells to the no my lily white kids aren't going to be bussed to inner city Detroit and go to school with those black students.  So much for desegregation.

I understand these people, however, because I grew up with them and spent my formative years with them. I learned to cuss, learned about sex, learned how to kiss, learned how to tie my shoes, learned how to drive, and frankly learned how to learn with these people.  Many hold the same conservative values I hold, no surprises there.  Many share the same raw sense of humor I have, again we were cut from the same rearing cloth.  Our friends' parents had no trouble admonishing us if we did something wrong, just as our parents had no problem admonishing their kids.

Some of my friends just want to post funny pictures, some so raunchy and wrong I can't help but laugh because I totally get it, and others I have to share because they say something about me.  Some friends just post photos of their kids and families.  Some of their trips.  Some brag about their monthly trips overseas to far flung places.  Some post photos of their tats.  I find these the most interesting because they dare share a part of themselves with the rest of us.

Then there are those who don't agree with my political stance.  Some I've had to terminate because they posted terribly hate-filled things like stating publicly that anyone who believes in their right to bear arms should be shot to death.  That's just too violent and rude, even for me. 

There are those that lurk, reading but never participating.  You can always tell they are lurkers because every now and then they give themselves away.

Finally there are those who live in a pop culture waste land.  They live for Honey Boo Boo and thrive on Duck Dynasty and could care less about the state of their country.  They would just as soon allow people like me to do all the work so they can laze around filling their minds with the smut and nonsense from Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler movies.  Yes I'm judging.  These friends annoy me the most because they neither contribute anything intellectually stimulating nor participate in the running of or ruining of this country.  At least take a freaking stance on something.

Indeed as I contemplate all the people that touch my lives, I am most touched by those that openly share their lives with me in some way.  I am most touched by those that are not afraid the NSA might be recording. Those whose quality of character shine through with every keystroke. They make plugging in worthwhile.