Faux Pas Tois

Now that a little time has passed since the newspaper article faux pas tois of Wylie Councilmen Bennie Jones and Nathan Scott, it made this week's article in the Wylie News even more comical. In it, Wylie's Mayor Eric Hogue gets to go off just a little more on the pair of boobs. Oh geez, there I go saying boob again and losing half the men here.

Stay with  me.  Force yourself.  The article was about the proposed Wal-Mart at McCreary and McMillen, and though it might have been an informational article  it took on an air of Mayor Hogue taking the opportunity to slap the newsprint around on Jones and Scott just a little more. 

Hogue pointed out that at the Planning and Zoning meeting where Wal-Mart had approached the City asking for approval of a site plan, Yogi and BooBoo showed up and tossed around their council titles, and 'confused' the P&Z board to the point that they actually said no on something they legally couldn't say no to. 

P&Z had no legal leg to stand on with regard to Wal-Mart's plans because they met or even exceeded every requirement and the vote was merely a formality.

At that same meeting, BooBoo, AKA Nathan Scott, accused a P&Z member of being on the take with Wal-Mart.  Holy shizballs talk about opening up the City to possible litigation!  P&Z proceeded to deny Wal-Mart their plans prompting the Council to take the matter up and carry out a super majority vote.  This actionh required 6 out of 7 votes to undo what the dunces had done so that Wal-Mart would not sue the pants off the City of Wylie.

Though everything Mayor Hogue said was right, I can't help but feel there isn't some sort of well played campaign message in this, as he further hacks Councilman Jones off at the knees in any possible bid for the mayoral seat which will be up for grabs next year.

As yet another controversy in Wylie was put to rest, the council ultimately voted 7/0 in favor, including Jones and Scott who decided it was better to save face and vote yes than to continue on with their cartoon antics.

Here's my take on the situation.  I'm sorry the homeowners in the area were so clueless as to not find out what the property was zoned for when they purchased their homes.  It is what it is.  I'm also sorry that Wal-Mart is forcing their way into the community yet again.  Personally I don't shop at Wal-Mart unless I'm forced to.  I don't care for the way they come into communities and kill small businesses. I don't care for the way they perpetuate the human rights travesties in China by beating down manufacturers in pricing.  My suggestion for the residents in the area is to simply not shop there.  If they have no business they will not be able to keep their doors open.  Pretty simple economics.