Loss of Dominion

I was highly entertained by this week's Letter to the Editor in the Wylie News.  Joe Chumbley came out with both barrels blasting and I couldn't help chuckle.  Truth be told, I love to see someone else give it to Council because it gets kind of lonely at the top of that dog pile.

During the last couple of months I've been contacted by some citizens in Wylie over the Dominion of Pleasant Valley development.  I was asked to help fight but unfortunately, I saw it as a futile effort.  I mean, what about this Wylie City Council do you people not get?  Like most councils, they are full of pride, full of ego, full of id, full of themselves and just plain full of shit.  I know of no council that truly gives a shit about the people of the City.  Rather, they run for one of 4 reasons: to put it on their resume, to gain business and pad their pockets, to help a special little pet project, or to use it as a stepping stone to something larger, or so they think.

Usually they start with some uber-altruistic plans then they get too big for their britches and, well, refer back to the People Get Stupid blog post I made previously. Pretty soon they are running red lights, pushing people around, bitchin about citizens not doing their homework, paying lip service to the local issues, and playing their little fricking head games. 

This is one reason I will not run for council.  I'm smart-ass enough, can you imagine what I would be like after 2 years on council, thank you very much? Um, Mr. Citizen, you are here to complain about Wal-Mart coming in on a piece of property zoned retail many moons ago.  Are you an ass-clown or do you just like looking like one? Shut the hell up and go sit the feck down before you hurt your brain. I would probably follow it up with a prayer, Jeezus, Lord, what kind of freaking morons do we have living here?

Nope, running for council is not for me. You can thank me later. Really.

Sitting on the 'other' side of the railroad tracks quite literally, I can see both sides of the Dominion argument.  First, I hate the jackhole developers who come in here and tell us that everyone wants zero lot line homes crammed all together cuz they are just oh so family and kid friendly. Freaktards. No.  People don't want homes so damned close together where their neighbors can hear them fart next door in the privacy of their bedroom.  What kind of idiots think having a backyard the size of a postage stamp is 'kid friendly' when the damned brats are playing kickball in the middle of the street and they just turn and stare at you as you try to drive around their dumb asses.  Um, no.  Nice sprawling homes would be more in order on some beautiful sprawling, tree-lined property.  Sadly the name of the game in Texas development is cram 'em jam 'em.  So we have cookie cutter homes all bunched together like a cluster of grapes and we buy this crap because they don't build anything else and because we are too stupid to know any better.

I can also see merit in the comment about putting larger homes on lots because we really do want homes with a valuation above the break-even amount.  Every home under roughly $230K costs the City money for services in relation to the paltry amount of tax dollars they receive on it.  Thus your property tax rate is going to continue to be one of the highest in all of North Texas so long as these dickhead developers keep cramming cheap-ass homes on tiny lots.  In Councilwoman Culver's defense, if you know you are going to lose a no vote, at least try to get the developer to put some higher dollar homes on the lots and help people with the ridiculous tax burden we have in Wylie, don't you think?

I can also see the home-owner's argument; probably best of all.  I'm so sick of these ugly as sin homes being crammed in on every parcel of open land after the land has been completely scraped clean of any vegetation.  Oh sure, they will keep a few trees up so they can jack the home prices up, but on this particular parcel of land, it is a damned crying shame.  Such a beautiful piece of land that will now be scrubbed, raped, and mutilated just like the rest of Wylie was.  Oh, and the dumbasses put it in a 100 year flood zone.  Nothing like forever changing the runoff and causing even further damage to the surrounding homes when we get some of those rains we are known to get every so many years. Smart.

Sadly, your Council has never represented your interests.  They only care about their own. I see all sides, and as far as I was concerned the Dominion was a lose-lose situation all the way around.