Placebo Effect

We stand at the precipice of a very dangerous time.  Shoulder to shoulder we rise as conservatives, demanding our Government listen to us. And we know they will not, but if we yell louder will they then?

I am concerned for our country because we have been headed down the wrong path for quite some time.  It has become particularly evident since the current demagoguery-laden President was elected. His witchery and smoke rituals have mesmerized millions of followers and they now remind me of the cartoon characters we watched as children, standing in trances with swirling eyes, saying, "Yes master." 

For those that did not grasp the Kool-Aid Dixie Cup of socialism, we merely toss one medicinal tincture after the other at the problem.  Sure, we make a lot of noise, and we make a lot of sense; for us anyway.  We continue to irritate like a verruca, and the zombies continue to call us contemptuous, and nothing ever changes.

For all our combined intelligence, we still have been unable to fix the problem.  Perhaps we are attempting to treat the wrong disease.

We argue, we network, we have eloquent speakers on Fox News and at the White House, we elect brilliant leaders, we filibuster, and we demand, yet nothing has really changed.

Nothing has changed because we are merely placating ourselves by the placebo effect. We toss some remedy at each problem, hoping we will get our fix, and it makes us feel better for a moment anyway because at least we are doing something rather than nothing.

However I am convinced that, though our remedies would equal a miraculous recovery for this country should we be allowed to dispense them, currently they will not work.

We must identify the threatening illness first. 

In this country we have the most beautiful book ever written outside of the bible.  It is called the United States Constitution.

Our Government will continue rape our Constitutional rights from us and all the speeches, and meetings, and bickering will not stop it.  Why? Because the illness is low-information voters. The illness is comprised of complete derelicts who don't have a clue what our constitution says and because of that, they are not demanding anyone follow it. So they don't.

Our politicians in DC have been raping us of our Constitutional rights and the morons stand there with swirling eyes saying, "Yes thank you, and I'll have another." No amount of Amendments or Bills is going to make our politicians follow the Constitution.  So what can?

We The People. We must set out on an epic course of re-education of the derelicts about their Constitutional Rights, what they have given up, and what they are about to lose if they continue on the same zombic pattern.

It is a beautifully simple fix.  One that calls upon our biblical heritage. We should look to the idea of parables, just as Jesus did. In short, with well-designed stories we can make the uneducated bright again. Even the lowly beggars and prostitutes understood parables.

We must seriously reconsider the route we are currently on, because if we continue talking at a level higher than low information voters are able to understand, we further perpetuate negative outcome.  The fact is, they don't get it.  It makes them angry. It makes them think we are elitist. It makes them despise us all the more. And ultimately it makes them want to go against us.  But stories that actually relate to their lives; that they will get.

It has been said probably too many times now that is it a bit pretentious, but it warrants saying again.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. Placebos never work when someone is truly ill, and though they make us feel better temporarily because they trick us, they don't fix the problem when one truly exists. Placebos can be dangerous.