Plugging In

It's rainy and cloudy and I'm still sitting in the jam jams, reading and contemplating my Faceboook page. I know I shouldn't be, but I am absolutely stunned at the reality of life as I know it.

I have two fantastic sons who are highly intelligent, and highly articulate. One  is an intellectual like me, always reading, studying, thinking, planning, logicizing as I like to call it.  The other is a doer, a leader.  He doesn't let the grass grow under his feet. By some miraculous stroke both have received the absolute best of the gene pool from their rather humbled parents.  Then again, perhaps it's just the shirt-busting proud mom talking here.

Then there is my better half.  He literally works his ass off so I can drive around in my cushy car, and not want for anything. He is a staunch supporter and cheerleader for me and always has been, though he is not always thrilled with the pursuits I choose.  He has been less than happy about this blog through the years, but he understands there is something I must accomplish here, so he tolerates it.

I have spent years blogging now, taking time away from my family at times, taking my attention away from the desire for career, money, and some faux sense of power it gives people. I would rather be in my jammies blogging all day wielding the keyboard.

Today I studied my Facebook page.  Really studied. I have a lot of friends but am not one of those collectors.  You know the sort; the ones who have thousands of people they don't even know because it makes them feel important.  True there are a few that I have not met, but they were carefully selected from the political activist crowd.  There is an unspoken agreement that we support each other's endeavors because we are all cut from the same conservative cloth.  Some post about the US Constitution, some post about CSCOPE.  Some post about Obama.  Some post Tea Party rhetoric.  I identify pretty strongly with these people and our kinship was nearly instantaneous.

Then I have the friends from my younger years.  My oldest is from 2nd grade when I moved from Detroit to a little country town.  I'm not going to lie, it was because my parents were damned if their kiddos were going to be bussed back in the day.  My mom was like, hells to the no my lily white kids aren't going to be bussed to inner city Detroit and go to school with those black students.  So much for desegregation.

I understand these people, however, because I grew up with them and spent my formative years with them. I learned to cuss, learned about sex, learned how to kiss, learned how to tie my shoes, learned how to drive, and frankly learned how to learn with these people.  Many hold the same conservative values I hold, no surprises there.  Many share the same raw sense of humor I have, again we were cut from the same rearing cloth.  Our friends' parents had no trouble admonishing us if we did something wrong, just as our parents had no problem admonishing their kids.

Some of my friends just want to post funny pictures, some so raunchy and wrong I can't help but laugh because I totally get it, and others I have to share because they say something about me.  Some friends just post photos of their kids and families.  Some of their trips.  Some brag about their monthly trips overseas to far flung places.  Some post photos of their tats.  I find these the most interesting because they dare share a part of themselves with the rest of us.

Then there are those who don't agree with my political stance.  Some I've had to terminate because they posted terribly hate-filled things like stating publicly that anyone who believes in their right to bear arms should be shot to death.  That's just too violent and rude, even for me. 

There are those that lurk, reading but never participating.  You can always tell they are lurkers because every now and then they give themselves away.

Finally there are those who live in a pop culture waste land.  They live for Honey Boo Boo and thrive on Duck Dynasty and could care less about the state of their country.  They would just as soon allow people like me to do all the work so they can laze around filling their minds with the smut and nonsense from Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler movies.  Yes I'm judging.  These friends annoy me the most because they neither contribute anything intellectually stimulating nor participate in the running of or ruining of this country.  At least take a freaking stance on something.

Indeed as I contemplate all the people that touch my lives, I am most touched by those that openly share their lives with me in some way.  I am most touched by those that are not afraid the NSA might be recording. Those whose quality of character shine through with every keystroke. They make plugging in worthwhile.