Senator Ted Cruz Filibusters Obamacare

I am watching the great Senator Ted Cruz speak today.  Technically it's' not a filibuster because he is not stopping any vote, rather it is a passionate speech.  You ask why bother then, if he isn't changing any votes or stopping one. 

It is important to understand the power such a filibuster wields, we'll call this impassioned speech a filibuster anyway for the courage and fortitude it takes to remain standing for hours.  Coupled with social media, great numbers of people are reached and inspired toward action.  All it takes is reaching out to that one person and prompt them to call their Senator and demand they don't support a vote for cloture or a vote to fund Obamacare.  That one call might switch a vote.  That one call might make a Senator realize that their constituents don't want it.  That one call might scare them into following the will of We the People.

We should not discount the power of a filibuster.  These long speeches have a way of solidifying our views and further educating our people about the debated topic. It is important to educate and then launch an educated voter willing to dial their phone or tap those texts in.  Personally I have sent more messages to Senators and called them telling them what I expect more than I can count on several hands. It's time to stop looking at our politicians like rock stars and look at them like they are our employees. Elected officials should revere us, not the other way around.

What stymies me most is how many people are against Obamacare and yet the liberal politicians in DC are still not listening to us.  We brought the hash tag #MakeDCListen to the top of the trending lists.  How dare they think they know more about what we want or need than we do.  Who the hell do they think they are?

I used the calculator to see how much Affordable Care Act would cost us personally.  It would cost us over $13K/year.  So much for affordable.  It is more money than we are spending currently to insure our family of 4.  Should my husband's company no longer offer healthcare, their fine would be minimal and our insurance costs would go up as we enter the exchange.  So much for not losing our insurance should we want to keep it.  I am astounded at these ass-clowns We the People collectively voted into office.  Was there not anyone better than this the last two elections?

Our healthcare system is broke.  We need it fixed, but not with a law that is full of pork barrel projects and will bankrupt our country.  We only need to look to Social Security to see how poorly our US Government runs programs.  Nearing running out of money, does anything think Obamacare will not be run in the same fashion?  Hells, our government can't even run the postal service, leaving it on the brink of disaster.

It is sad that Obamacare has come to this.  Even the uber-liberal Teamsters don't want it. Senator Cruz just read aloud the letter I signed along with many other Conservative leaders from Texas.  So many people do not want Obamacare.  They didn't want it in 2009 and they don't want it even more now.  Phone lines are busy.  Social media is abuzz. Answering machines are full.  Even I left a message yesterday for Senator John Cornyn to ask him not to vote for cloture. 

Eight hours into his filibuster, liberal Democrats try to debate Senator Cruz and, exhausted, he still can make a lucid argument against funding Obamacare.  People voted Obama in again, hoping he would keep his promises to fix the ACA's problems but he has failed to follow through and a year after that re-election, people are changing their minds.  More people than ever don't want Obamacare.

My guess is that nothing will change.  The self-proclaimed demi-Gods in DC will vote for cloture and ultimately will fund Obamacare.  I would even go so far as to say Senator John Cornyn will vote for cloture, or at least he claimed he would yesterday.  Cloture means Harry Reid will only need 50 votes to pass funding and I predict this procedural hocus pocus will fund Obamacare despite our pleas to not go this route. 

Make no mistake, if the Senate disregards our warnings we will turn our attention working on removing them from their jobs and I can guarantee 2014 will be another 2010.  Mark my words.