Sessions Session

At the last Wylie Tea Party meeting, not only did I invite Katrina Pierson to visit with us and provide an update on the Washington DC controversies, and also Wade Miller to speak on Heritage Action, but we had an additional surprise guest grace our presence.  Kim Locus, Pete Sessions Campaign Manager decided to show up.

I found this particularly noteworthy because she had only joined the Facebook Wylie Tea Party group two days prior to the meeting.  It was apparent to me that she was clued in to our meeting for some reason or another.  Though I'm not sure of the specific circumstances of her sudden appearance, it would appear that she has been sent on some sort of assignment.  Neither Pete Sessions nor Kim Locus have taken a keen interest in any of the local tea party groups so why the WTP then?  It will be interesting to find out exactly what the keen interest is she has in the WTP.

I say this because as far back as February she has read, or more to the point, stalked the WTP Facebook posts.  She probably creeped back further than that but I didn't have the patience to find out just how far.  I can tell because I am provided a list of names of who viewed each post.

I found her seating arrangement tactic quite interesting too.  She came and sat in the back and befriended someone.  Perhaps to make it look as if she was not alone.  I can only speculate on her positioning but her, "Me, me, look at me!" stance where she was happy to jump on something Ms. Pierson said while eagerly announcing that she was Pete Sessions campaign manager was comical.  I have to tell you, her announcement caused all manner of ruckus after that.

One woman turned around in her seat and started giving Ms. Locus the what-for.  She was furious that Sessions had not scheduled any town hall meetings during this break.  Another gentleman let her have it, spinning out of his chair so fast the inertia nearly kept the chair stuck to his backside.  He rode her up one side and down the other.  I even took a crack at her.

When the evening was over, she skulked away, but not before writing a scathing review on Facebook about the presenters' 'facts' to which she was duly vilified on Facebook. One can only hope that she carried the message of disgust in Sessions back to him, because the Wylie folk are not happy with him.  I suggested to her that perhaps she let him know exactly what the WTP members think of his record so that he can reflect upon it.  In this instance, "I hope she got what she came for," couldn't be more fitting.