Swimming to Chevelle

Now that summer is beginning to wind down, I'm full force in pool mode.  It wasn't as if I didn't want to hop in during the height of summer.  It's that I was so darned busy.  Sure I made it in quite a bit, but not daily as I would prefer.  I have good intentions every spring when I open the pool, but vacations and summer activities always get in the way. Generally I don't get to start hitting it again until the kids make it back to school.   Just in time for the weather to turn too cool to swim.  Go figure.

I can spend hours in there as well.  I'm all Pisces to be sure. You know there's nothing quite like performing some synchronized swimming to Chevelle. Let me tell you, it's not easy. Especially at my age. True, you can find me doing my little kicks and spins but in all actuality, I spend most of my time swimming laps, yes in my ghetto above ground pool. 

I don't care what anyone thinks. It's quite large and plenty deep for laps.  Besides, I'm not about to spend that kind of money putting in an in-ground when I'm not sure we will stay too much longer in this house. There would not be enough return on investment and there is no sense putting in a pool for someone else to enjoy.

More particularly I won't spend the money because we have Bubba, Betty Sue, son Buford, daughter Curly Lou, and their two babies each living in a house behind us with visiting baby momma's and  baby daddy's and their roaring engines at all hours of the day and night.

In the house next to them we have the Brady Bunch times two.  She happen to homeschool, and she takes every opportunity to live with their windows open in order to cut down on the electricity bill.  We once heard her smoke detector blipping for a period of 3 months.  I'm guessing money is tight with 9 kids because the blip was not exactly a sound you would use to sooth kids to sleep.  Yup, there's also  nothing like listening to the mother screaming at her kids all the time.  To her credit, if  you were homeschooling 9 completely unsocialized brats, wouldn't you scream too?  A Lot? All one need do is drive down my alley and see what I mean about return on investment.

The cold water in the pool reminds me that fall is close at hand.  Nights are longer and the sun isn't quite as near.  Though the days are still hot as hades, the pool water doesn't have enough time to grab all that energy.  Soon I'll be closing the pool for another winter and I'll go back to dreaming about my hours floating in the water again....and conceptualizing some new routines.