The Pink Slips

I think back to what the catalyst was that made me feel a strong kinship with the ideology that is political conservatism.  I'm not so sure it was merely one event.

The furthest back I can recall was the first election I ever voted in.  I knew absolutely nothing about politics; I just knew that I liked President Ronald Reagan and I felt he was doing a good job.  He was the first president I ever voted for. 

My next recollection was voting in California for the presidential election in 1988.  I remember the woman asking me if I was a Democrat or a Republican and in that very instant, I made the decision which I felt would forever define my political views.  She stamped my card Republican thus I have forever been labeled.

There was a lot of living between then and the next defining moment.  That was the moment I saw this video.

On tax day 2009 I saw a woman tell her story and it was so compelling and profound that I knew this was the right path for my life.  This was the group of people I felt most at home with. This was the group of people whose stories and passion defined who I was. I was tired of my government intruding into my personal life and telling me what I can and cannot do. I was tired of my government trying to take what I earned by blood, sweat, and tears away and hand it to people who have not earned it.  I was tired of politicians and their self interest endeavors. So I joined. 
At first I didn't want to be a leader in Wylie.  I didn't want to take any glory or step on any toes. I would rather work hard in the background and remain out of the spotlight.  Our fearless leader moved away and I saw nobody attempting to take up the torch.  Nearly a year went by and I sent an email to the members here in Wylie and asked them if we were through or if we were ready to fight. I sent that email July 4th 2010 and the outpouring of support was surreal.  So it began. 
Little did I know that I would come up against the typical ignorance and obstinacy of who we are.  We're nut jobs, we're white supremacists, we're racists, we're wacko-birds. As with any new group, there are those fringe people who don't belong to anything in particular and they try to make it their own.  They were quickly pushed aside, though we were defined by their lunacy at times. We're none of those things yet we have been targeted vehemently.
The fact that liberals are so overwhelmingly hateful of our views tells me we are on the right path and there is much scripture to do with Satan that confirms this. 
I have been shunned by our Mayor.  I have been shunned by our City Council. I have been shunned by business owners. I have even been shunned at times by people who are supposed to be friends.  I have been shunned by family members.  I have been shunned by other conservatives because they think I'm not politically correct enough. I am shunned not because of my conservative views, but because it is easier to stick one's head in the sand and pretend the problems are not real than to believe that our government is as corrupt as we are saying they are. It is a much scarier proposition to allow oneself to believe that our government is so corrupt and bad to the bone than it is to put off and make fun of a group of people decreeing such. 
We have been active for years now and the finger pointing and sooth saying and voodoo accusations against conservatives have continued for the most part.  But people are slightly more accepting now and conservatism is here to stay. People are seeing that what we have been saying all along is correct.  They now have scandals and a point of reference to refer back to. They  have Benghazi where the president went to sleep so he could fly to Las Vegas and campaign the next day.  They have the IRS scandals which the IRS has acknowledged targeting certain groups, including conservative and religious.  They have the NSA where our government has admitted to spying on millions of Americans.  They have concrete examples to reflect upon and I believe they are seeing that the only answer presented that is truly plausible and will deliver the USA back into the people's arms, is to hand the politicians those pink slips Katrina Pierson described in her speech. 
We tried this in 2010. We handed the House back to people who described themselves as conservatives. Yet they went right back to their old ways. We took a couple more in the Senate in 2012 but still did not overturn it.  Again, they are up to their old tricks. They applaud Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney and now newbie Marco Rubio to the RINO brotherhood. Others have joined them like John Cornyn and Pete Sessions as these people support Obamacare and Amnesty and as they all group hug. They still have not learned their lesson.They are going along with liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and they have completely lost sight of why we put them in office.  They are not listening to us.
The question is this: Are Americans ready to take back their country? If we are, this is the to-do list we must follow:
We must overwhelmingly remove the old dogs from office, both Democrat and Republican.
We must rid ourselves of career politicians who stopped representing us eons ago. 
We must vote in new blood in 2014
We must rid ourselves of the scourge that is the Obama socialist administration and their cronies.
We must toss our full and collective weight behind a Presidential candidate such as Ted Cruz. 

We must not wimp out on any of these tasks.  We must remain hella resolute!

We must take these steps or we may as well roll over and become France.  Are you with me?  Because if you are not, then prepare to get out of the way.