Why I support Katrina Pierson for Congress

Why I support Katrina Pierson. I support Katrina Pierson because like me, she was a private citizen attempting to live a life of quiet enjoyment before the perfect storm aligned.  Like me, she decided to do something about it. Like me, she joined thousands of people gathering to take back their country from the throngs out of control narcissistic rogues inhabiting Washington DC.

We were already growing weary of the nonsense in Washington.  People like us were tired of the good old boy GOP and their go along to get along practices supporting their pork barrel projects and wealthy donors. We were disgusted by that old Maverick John McCain and scratched our heads wondering if that was the best Republicans had to offer.

Though I did not know Ms. Pierson back then, I soon met her and have stood in awe of her deep insight and strong leadership. Spend 5 minutes with her and you know she is something truly special. Though petite in stature, she is no pushover. She carries herself well and makes no apologies for her strong faith in God and family. 

Those days of the Tax Day Tea Party in 2009 followed by America's Tea Party at Southfork Ranch July 4th, 2009 are a testament to her ability to gather supporters and pull off successful events at the drop of a hat.

I like her ability to cross all those lines that divide us: gender, race, political affiliation, and reach out to people.  Her credibility and humility enable her to grasp and hold the attention of others.  She spreads a compelling message.

What you see is what you get, a confident, intelligent, and kind woman lacking airs that set her apart from many politicians.  So many times I've met politicians who are rude, insensitive, and disingenuous merely paying lip service with canned statements. It is clear when you talk to them that they only care about spreading their message and not about your concerns.  Ms. Pierson speaks from the heart and shares the same goals and aspirations the rest of us do.  She is tired of the career politicians who no longer represent the will of those who elected them and Representative Pete Sessions is proof positive. 

Sessions started his political career spreading the conservative Texas will but somewhere along the way, he lost sight of the people and became starry-eyed over his own enigma. This egocentric stance is the reason Sessions is losing support, having lost Pierson's and having even lost mine. I believe in 2014 we will be putting Katrina Pierson in office and sending him home, and it's about time.

From the beginning, Katrina Pierson has been a staunch supporter of Tea Party conservative values. What she represents flies in the face of usual Tea Party detractor accusations.  She most certainly cannot be accused of being racist, considering she is a black woman. She knows what it is like to be a single mother as well.  She understands the sacrifices parents have to make in order to put their kids in good schools, put a roof over their head, and clothe and feed them.  She has not lived some semi-charmed  kind of life as an elitist.

That is not to say a campaign against Sessions will be easy, because it won't.  The old dog Republicans with their old-time bankers ways will toss some hefty sums at Sessions.  After all, he represents the elite band of brothers very well.  To me, Sessions is living fat and happy off our backs, just like the Mitt Romneys, and the John McCains of the world, and frankly I'm tired of it. If you like Senator Ted Cruz, you will like a Representative Katrina Pierson just as much.

Through it all, I will stand behind Katrina Pierson because I view her as our last ditch effort to stop the freak show that has become Washington DC.  If we cannot get our family values and Christian beliefs upheld in an increasingly elitist and out of touch DC, then we may as well toss in the towel because life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness as we know it, will forever change. I am unwilling to stand by and let this happen.  I hope you will join me in supporting Katrina Pierson