You just have to wonder about this urgency to strike Syria that is so foremost from Obama's lips to the media's ears.  When Obama spoke from the Rose Garden last weekend, he suggested we might strike in days, weeks, or even months.  Wow, how's that for preparing them in advance? Nothing like a little warning in order to move those weapons of mass destruction under cover and bury the Sarin gas reserves.

I think we should also wonder about the urgency because Obama seems so incensed that Bashar al-Assad should gas the people of Syria.  Why? Because Saddam Hussein gassed far more people in Iraq, but that didn't seem to matter to Obama back in the campaign haze days.  The only thing Obama could focus on was his obsession with the lack of Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Since no WMD were found in Iraq, the war waged by former President George Bush was certified as unnecessary, unneeded, and just plain wrong. 

According to Obama and his minions, the Iraq war was so unneeded even though Hussein killed Iraqis in the same manner as that insane and bizarre little man Assad.  So this leads me to one conclusion about those alleged WMD that Bush was told existed, and which hastened a war.  I believe they were moved from Iraq into Syria's willing and waiting arms.  I believe in all of Obama's naiveté, he bought the story that Iraq didn't have WMD only to discover that upon becoming president and having access to all the privileged information that comes with it, the ill-fated WMD are now held by Syria.  In this knowledge, he became only too willing to lead the, "let's bomb Syria" marching band the second an opportunity arose. The gassing.

When Obama gets approval to bomb Syria, oh and he will because of the old dog Republicans on board with this idea, he will take out those WMD so that nobody will ever know that Bush was right and vilified unfairly. 

With the technology we have to read a newspaper over a person's shoulder, do not tell me we were mistaken about WMD and their existence. Not possible.