And The Cradle Will Fall

I am still dumfounded by those who fall prey to the liberal smear campaign. I've written about low-information voters before, but try as I might I simply cannot get into their brains and make sense of why they believe utter nonsense.  Are people really so dumb or lazy that they cannot rationalize through what is presented to them?  For example, CNN recently published some rubbish passing as poll findings, and rather than apply logic, these people will grab hold of the teat presented to them and suckle it voraciously. This is what I received from CNN this morning in a News Alert:

"Fifty-four percent say it's a bad thing that the GOP controls the House of Representatives, up 11 points from last December, according to a new CNN/ORC International poll conducted after the end of the 16-day partial government shutdown -- the first time since the Republicans won back control of the House in the 2010 elections that a majority say their control of the chamber is bad for the country.

The poll also found that 63% of Americans think that Speaker of the House John Boehner should be replaced, a view shared by roughly half of all Republicans.

By a 44%-31% margin, people say they have more confidence in President Barack Obama rather than the GOP in Congress"

I had a Government professor back in college that told us all statistics are lies.  At the time I was surprised a scholar of politics would feel this way because polls are what push the herds toward one pasture or another.  However, as I have read these polls through the years I must agree with him.  It's not the numbers themselves, but how they are presented, and who they actually sample that defines the validity of any given poll.

The CNN poll can be dissected in numerous ways. For example, CNN's poll above sampled the  international community which found that 54% think the GOP control over the House is a bad thing.  The nimrods don't realize it is a poll of international people.  I defy you to find anyone in the international community that has a freaking clue what a Constitutional Republic is, let alone an understanding of what the letters GOP actually stand for. 

Truth is, CNN couldn't find 54% of Americans that believe such a thing so they had to poll elsewhere and pimp the findings to their US followers.  CNN goes on to report more than half  believe Boehner is doing a poor job.  Now that I can buy both internationally and here at home.  Conservatives and Tea Partiers wholeheartedly agree that Boehner needs to be replaced and I imagine that statement has been replayed to utter annoyance in other countries as the Tea Party is unfavorably highlighted by their state-controlled media. It's not too difficult to fathom an international community drawing that conclusion.

Again the CNN poll states more people have confidence in Barack Hussein Obama than in the GOP in Congress, but unless you are an utter doofus, the 44% quoted sucks the big one for Obama.  It means that the majority of people actually hold a no confidence view of Obama, particularly because this is just a sampling of those internationally who are against the GOP, and to report something like this to the US people as being somehow beneficial to Obama is a bit ridiculous.  Yet roaming among us are those out there who don't have a clue how to move beyond being spoon-fed absolute bile. I suppose if you want to suckle on something, it may as well be fed to you by some real boobs.

Later today, Obama held a little press conference on Obamacare, AKA catch the fainting, blinky-eye on cue and speak sweet 'I'll take care of you' nothings to her.  What a show.  Does anyone else see how well played that was? Obama speaks to the nanny 'I'll care for you cuz you ain't fit do do it yourself' state?   At this same conference, Obama blames us, the American people, for causing so many problems with his Obamacare website.  Really? With thousands of geniuses in Silicon Valley, he couldn't find someone smart enough to create a website that wouldn't crash when a whopping 5% of the American population attempt to sign up?  What genius did he hire?   Seriously.  Just another reason why the federal government is completely useless at running anything, let alone our lives or our healthcare.  Yet there are people who slurp at every Obamaword and nod their heads in unison like we are all at fault for the website debacle. This is merely soothsaying of what is yet to come for the Obamanauts but sadly they aren't astute enough to see what is coming.

Somehow I still feel as though I need to point out that Obamacare represents 1/6th of our economy and the gas bags in Washington DC spent $400M of our tax dollars on this website which has turned out to be a dismal failure.  I shudder to think how claims will actually be paid.  Good night nurse.  Yet the Obamamanics who shuddered with delight in 2009 at the thought of free healthcare are beginning to feel the vice grip on their wallets as one after the other they discover that they will be the ones to pay for it all with higher premiums as well as deductibles.  Have you heard anyone giggling over their premiums and deductibles yet?  I bet the crying only gets louder as we near the end of November when the bulk of companies renegotiate their healthcare contracts. Even the Democrats are turning away from enforcing Obamacare now.  Unless you are dead, it is fairly intuitively obvious Obamacare is not working.

On the other side of this Obamacare rainbow is the $3 Trillion total annual expected cost of Obamacare.  As a nation of 97 Million taxpayers, did anyone ask us if we want to spend this much oney for only 5% of the population?  Especially when 101 Million are on food stamps.  This whole entitlement thing is a really crappy plan unless you intend to do nothing but print money.  Hells, I could have come up with a better plan with my eyes blindfolded, and my hands tied behind my back, one-legged, after a lobotomy.

Other polls and news reports being lapped up by low-information voters state that the Republican Party is going to split in half.  Technically that is not entirely accurate.  True, Tea Partiers exist within the Republican Party but we are voting and running as Republicans, not as any alleged 3rd party.  We may end up as a third party if the nonsense continues in Washington DC, but for now we are very much one party and the only people saying we aren't are the liberals and their playmate RINOs whose seats are about to be kicked out from under them in 2014. 

Think about it, what has Obama not gotten that he has demanded in the last 5 years?  Not one thing.  Honestly Democrats should be thanking the Republican led House because they have gone along with Obama's every whim.  This is why the American people no longer hold any faith in the House GOP, not because people don't want Republicans running anything anymore, as the CNN poll would have you erroneously thinking from their international sampling.  Hey, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried, but CNN sure did.

With the original CNN poll I listed above, it seems clear to me that conservatives are going to take over the vestiges that is currently the Republican Party when 2014 rolls around.  I would even venture to guess that any and all incumbents will be removed. I would further that statement by saying that those blaming Senator Ted Cruz for all the shenanigans are only doing so because they are looking for ways to keep their help mate low-information voters on their side. Ted Cruz is wildly popular among We the People.  And We the People truly love an underdog lest anyone forget.

Much ado has been made about the Obama re-election but upon further investigation, it appears that it wasn't little old black ladies, nor college students, nor Latinos that came out in droves.  Turns out, their numbers were pretty consistent with other elections.  The actual numbers of voters in 2012 was considerably lower than in 2008.  Why Obama won reelection was because conservatives stayed home in record numbers.  Conservatives simply could not tolerate holding their nose and voting, and I'll admit, I thought of staying home as well.  Yet I know a no vote is still a vote. So I selected the lesser of two weasels. 

I suspect after the dust settles in 2014, it will pave the way for a 2016 run by either Senator Ted Cruz or Senator Rand Paul, both of whom are quite palatable among conservative voters.  I would look for a massive conservative voter turnout in 2016 and I believe the cradle that is liberalism and which also carriess the little old grey-hair GOP will fall.