Devil's Advocate

Did Jesus not command Satan to get behind him? And we commanded the GOP to get behind us.  Yes, We the People who are sick and tired of having the deity that is the Obama administration along with their under the table footsies pals bend us over and stick it to us.  At least with the devil there might be a little enjoyment out of it before we burn in hell, but with the GOP nobody wins.

With Republican friends in the House and Senate like we have, who needs enemies?  They intend for us to not only take it but also to like it too, so when the clock strikes twelve tonight, you can almost guarantee the RINOs in Washington DC will have sold their souls to the devil yet again.  The House will have willingly allowed the executive branch to usurp their power over the purse strings and We the People are left holding that bag. 

The GOP Establishment such as John McCain, Kelley Ayotte, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, John Cornyn, and Pete Sessions are responsible for letting Obama's will be done, by ingratiating Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi's backsides.  On what planet do these people reside?  Because it sure isn't the one I'm on.  Everywhere I turn I hear people who are so discontent.  Nobody wants Obamacare and now we will never be rid of it, like a bad reputation it will follow us. 

The spectacle that has taken place this week is absolutely disgusting. So remind me again how is it that increasing the debt ceiling is helping us?  Our country is in no way going to default on our loans. Remind me why we want Obamacare when none of the people want it?  Last I heard only .05% of the US population has even signed up for the monstrosity.  The other 13.05% cannot afford to pay the premiums.  Hello?  The media and Obama's administration are feeding everyone manna from hell.

The representatives from DC, those we voted to take our opinions and beliefs to Washington DC on our behalf, have given Barack Hussein Obama everything he has ever wanted since he stepped foot in that White House.  And we the people have had his excrement smeared upon us while he gleefully shut down parks, open air monuments, and blocked roads so your eyes would not be allowed to even gaze upon great monuments that your tax dollars bought and paid for. 

So too he tossed it at your children as they attempted to write their research papers and were unable to access websites because they were ordered shut down even though they hadn't been updated in years.  Is the government really paying people to sit and stare at the errant servers all day? 

When we can essentially layoff 800K people who are considered by their employer as non-essential, it is clear our government has grown entirely too large.  In fact, if you use a little math, it makes them the largest employer in the nation.  Is that really how things should be? Honestly, I cannot fathom anyone answering yes.

Our president has purposely attempted to inflict as much pain as possible upon us in order to get his way.  Though the House GOP compromised over and over again, this president and his henchmen insisted like the huffy five year old that they would never compromise, and though bill after bill was passed by the House, this president insisted it was his way or no way and so our vets, our visitors, our taxpayers, and our children have suffered.

We have been spit upon by a president who has had every demand handed to him by a bowing and scraping GOP for 5 full years. Ask yourself why he got everything he wanted when a majority in the House has existed since 2010?   That should tell you a little something something about where the House GOP alliance lies.  Not with their conservative constituents who voted them in.

As Obamacare becomes excruciatingly entwined in our lives, 50% of We the People who voted this asswipe in office will now find out just how much pain our pocketbooks will feel in the wake of such a foolhardy choice in 2008 for hope and change. The other 50% of us can only shake our heads and say, "We told you so." Sadly there exists no joy in being right because we are all paying for the mistakes of half our brothers and sisters now.

Many of my staunch Democratic Party family members are now highly outraged by the news of their increased healthcare premiums.  Indeed, they too will be paying for their mistake.  The only thing left that Obama is demanding is amnesty and you can bet the GOP will hand that to him as well. It's only a matter of  time.

Meanwhile, the handful of patriots we sent to Washington DC such as Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz have been grotesquely vilified, but despite that they have never wavered from their promises to stand with us. The saddest part of all is how the GOP Establishment good old boy club has refused to get behind us, though we commanded them to many times.  The very people we voted in have become Satan's playmates and advocates for him as they vote to increase the debt ceiling and fund Obamacare.

I weep for a country whose leaders suppress the will of the people and I will predict now that incumbents in 2014 will have a very, very difficult time keeping their seats.