Kiss the Cow

So it's done.  The government is shut down.  And the liberals gnash their teeth and tear their sackcloth as great swarms of locusts fly overhead ready to unleash a can o' whoopass of biblical proportions.  Hells, a little pestilence never hurt anyone, unless you were one of those golden cow idolizers.

Ah yes, and Harry Reid pounds his shriveled fists on the podium as he vows death over giving up the last vestiges of Obamacaredom.  The liberals claim passing piecemeal legislation is 'retarded' as one uber-genius posted on my friend's Facebook page.  Really?  Sounds like a brilliant plan to me considering all the POS pork barrel nonsense that gets passed. 

This is how legislation should be done, in my opinion: no bill should more than 6 paragraphs long and it should be for only one thing. Period.  This nonsense of passing bills and finding out that the one bit of legislation that made quasi-sense or was even remotely logical was sandwiched between funds for studies on the menses of the pygmy goat or what color gay men prefer.  Now that's 'retarded'.

Meanwhile, the libnutz mimic the hyperbole and garbage being spread on MSNBC and CNN as well as other libtard news sources.  I read an article on Yahoo News today claiming that there were no air traffic controllers, and the control towers were being manned by unpaid volunteers and it was a free-for-all for the airlines to do what they pleased.  Really?  Because that is not what Obama promised.  And the no-information ass-clown replies were hysterical!  "OMG I am flying tomorrow!" "The sky will fall apart!!!!!" "It's going to be like 9/11 all over again!" "I wish Republicans were dead." These people are flipping insane, not to mention they are not only the dreaded low-information voter I warned everyone about in my last post, but they take low-information all the way to dumb as dirt.

My liberal friends are whining that people have been furloughed.  Well too damn bad!  What about us?  What about all my friends who have been furloughed or those who lost their jobs?  Even I was furloughed.  What the hell about us?  I don't give a fig in a fart bag anymore because it has been the American people paying the price these last 5 years, being abused by their low- to mid-size employers who have watched their profit margins shrink while the fat cats in Washington DC have been sucking and slurping up every dime of our tax dollars. 

You mean to tell me that the federal government is employing 800,000 people who are totally expendable that they can be furloughed and gee, life goes on anyway?  WTF?  Wake the hell up people!  Your government is employing nearly a million Americans, making them pretty much the largest employer in the land and you think that it's A-OK to grow the government even larger? 

Obama has a spending problem.  Obama did it, not George W. Bush though he set precedence.  Obama decided he could continue to rape and pillage with his million dollar online marketing campaign targeting the low-information voter, with Obama-ads that followed them from one page to another.  He set about on email campaigns and slammed people's inboxes unmercifully.  Even the errant MObama email came and begged for people to send money to her husband's campaign.  I worked with this dumb blonde woman who said, "Obama really cares about us because he sends me emails."  Again, 'retarded'.

I'm sick to death of this demagogue who has the nerve to hold a press meeting and call the shutdown, "The Republican shutdown."  That is not the speech of the great unifier he claimed to be back in 2008.  That is hate speech pure and simple. And he has liberals and conservatives hating on each other.  People are bashing each other in social media, on blogs, in the news and in general conversation and I'm convinced the racist in office is secretly pining for a civil war.

If people truly think things are better now than they were in 2007 before that thing took office, they are not living in the same country I am.  People are angry, hurt, and let-down and no Obamaphone in the world is going to make it better.  Not only are we hurting, but we are now hating as well.  What that man has done to our civic and national pride is despicable and disgraceful. Oh but the libs keep propping him up because he is oh so great, though not one of them can state a tangible fact with any certainty what exactly it is that he has done for them.

Nope, I don't see this shut down ending anytime soon.  Sadly these people who are furloughed will have to join the rest of us looking for low-paying part time jobs because there aren't any since they began dissolving in great numbers since 2008.  I only hope they kiss their golden cow in the White House on the cheek before they go.