Pigs at the Trough

My oldest son came to me today asking why people hate Senator Ted Cruz.  Evidently his history professor really dislikes him and he wanted to understand why.  In true parable form, here is my analogy:

You see son, the politicians in Washington DC are like pigs feeding at the trough.  They snort and smack their lips as they hoard the slop.  They gather around shank to shank and though there is some bickering between them, such as each of them getting their own fair share, they are not altogether too far off from each other ideologically. They merely want to feed from the trough and roll around in the mud all day for it is great fun.  The trough feeds everyone and it is miraculously re-filled through the hard work of many others who never get to feed at the trough themselves.

Then a few come along and they can't believe the fat pink asses facing them.  The fatted pigs want even more slop and they don't want any to slosh over by the new  breed pushing them out.  They motion for them to join in the fun as there is plenty in the trough to share. However these few new ones see that the trough is no good for anyone, least of all those working hard to keep it filled.  The trough is breeding greed, and hatred, and bickering and some from one side of the trough run to the other hoping to get even more slop and visa versa. 

You see, there was more than enough in the trough, but those that gorged themselves and regurgitated it to their masses caused their masses to stop working to fill it and to sit down waiting to be fed.  Those left working hard and filling the trough were beat upon to work even harder.  The new breed found this so distasteful and disgusting, they wished to upend the tough and start over again as it was in the beginning.

As you can imagine, those being fed by their nanny pigs became unhappy because it meant they now had to start working and contributing to filling the trough.  Those feeding hungrily at the trough were upset because it meant they would be exposed for the gluttonous sows they were.  But those who were being beaten upon to fill the trough began rejoicing for they hoped to be delivered from these unfair practices. 

So son, you can see why so many people would be upset with Ted Cruz and his desire to topple the feeding trough, and why 1/2 the people are rejoicing and the other 1/2 are not.