Sessions Running Scared

I came across this article published on Representative Pete Sessions campaign website: Conservatives Eat Their Own For Profit:

I can't help but wonder what planet Pete Sessions is currently residing on because it is not the same planet conservatives are on. Such feigned shock and horror at Heritage Action pushing for Conservative candidates is nothing different than the tactics of the Obama campaign train in 2008 and again in 2012.  I would venture to guess there are black helicopters circling overhead on Sessions special little planet. 

I say this because Sessions clearly accepts the precepts of the article, seeing as it's posted on his campaign website and all.  The article, written by the communications aid of another Texas RINO John Cornyn whose seat is up for grabs in 2014 proves the RINOS are running their campaigns scared.   In the article, the conservative organization Heritage Action and its President Jim DeMint are blamed for causing a rift in the Republican party and making money off it. Hey, viva la Capitalism. 

Heritage Action keeps a Scorecard on key voted activities of Congress and the Senate, AKA the zoo. These score cards aren't bought; they are representative of the voting habits of the elusive RINO along with the other members in DC.   Seeing as Rep. Pete Sessions current score resides at a dismal 76%, the publishing of this article on his campaign website looks like a bunch of sour grapes to me. Perhaps the pairing of two RINOs who hope to keep their seats in 2014.

The article was also highlighted in the blog Politix in which I had to laugh at the Politix big revelation that a deep rift exits within the Republican Party.  Ya think?  Nothing new there, the rift has existed since well before 2008 but has only come to light more recently because the blogosphere has finally figured out that Tea Party conservatives are not going away as the media mouths previously reported. 

To the contrary, our little Tea Party is adding new members daily.  I see this as testimony to the fact that people have had it up to their ears with the zoo politics in DC.  Perhaps too they are joining because of the Obama 'inflict maximum pain on Americans' attitude.  I mean, how can you not want to strike back when orange cones are placed on the roadways to block people from stopping along the roadside to gaze at both the Badlands and Mt. Rushmore?  Are they out of their flipping minds?

This pain is being inflicted upon Americans at the hands of a derelict President of the United States, and by a dysfunctional Republican Party because the RINOs refuse to get in line.  When the American people have voted over and over against RINOs for president, you have to wonder just how many times it will take before they see that the RINO route is not working.  It is high time Republican RINOs step back into line with conservatives or risk losing their seats in 2014. The likes of Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, John Cornyn, and Pete Sessions had better be afraid, very afraid. 

Politix also made a statement that Jim DeMint's arguments might be a tad overstated considering Sessions had a hand in the Tea Party wins during the 2010 elections. Well then there's that.  Unfortunately a lot has happened since 2010 and Session's score card proves it. At 76% he is no longer representing our views.

Sadly, Representative Pete Sessions has bought into the Big Shiny Black Sedan theory of politics.  He has been bought by lobbyists, taking nice expensive trips on their dime.  For a man who ran on term limits, I guess his 17 years in Congress doesn't count yet as a career politician by his definition.  Unfortunately that doesn't pass the smell test.  Sure sounds like a career politician to me.

Since I am a good judge of character and equally good at reading between the lines, it is my opinion that Pete Sessions is running scared out for fear he will loose his cushy $174K a year job in Washington DC.  The sad part is, he is biting the hands that previously fed him: We The Conservatives.

What Sessions is forgetting in all this hyperbole against conservatives is that people are really over the nonsense that is 2013 Washington DC, and I can almost guarantee that all incumbents will be voted out no matter how nasty and underhanded they run their campaigns as I posted about previously. 

The nastiness has started from the Sessions camp as was posted on the Wylie Tea Party Facebook Page:

Sadly, Kim Locus Campaign Manager for Representative Pete Sessions put out the following letter. With twisted facts like this, is it any wonder Sessions is taking so much heat for hiding from his constituents?

The fact is, Sessions was invited to attend these Town Halls. He was provided numerous dates for the first Town Hall but he was unable to attend any of those dates. Rather, on the date the first Town Hall was held on his behalf by North Texas Conservatives, Sessions was in Ireland on an all expenses paid visit with a large lobbyist group in support of Irish/American relations, ie/ supporting their illegal immigration. For some reason, this rather expensive trip for Sessions and his bride was more important than meeting with you or I.

Shame on the Sessions camp for bashing people who want answers and have given Sessions every opportunity to meet with us. Sadly, it appears they are hiding him because he is afraid to hear what his constituents think about his recent lackluster voting record and the poor job he is doing representing our will.

A hearty good luck to Rep. Pete Sessions and his campaign tactic of blaming conservatives for his own recent failings.