Writing Wrongs

Have you ever had a time when your moral compass was being torqued so hard that you simply had to speak up?  I may be fiscally and politically conservative, but I still have a strong sense of social justice. 

Liberals think that because we don't wish to allow a blank check for entitlements that we somehow don't care about the human race.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

When I see an injustice is done, I feel the need to speak about it.  God gave me a gift and, though I may have typos or errors from editing because I was writing too hurriedly so I could spend my time doing something else, I write.  For this gift I am incredibly thankful.

Though there are times when I must point out the error of someone's ways from a conservative perspective, and I accept that such writing may hurt their feelings, my sense of social justice forces me to write for benefit of the larger rather than the one.

Isn't that what social justice is really about?  Helping others in the larger scheme of things?  Is it helpful to keep one group of people down by push them toward food stamps, for example when we should be pumping them up instead?  When we push a selective group into submission the whole pays for it. It is the whole that conservatives focus on. 

When there are one or two bad employees that bring down the whole group, is it just to punish the whole?  One bad apple will sour the whole damn bunch.

Despite my added humor to topics, I dislike having to point out the wrongs done by one and how they affect everyone.  However there are times when I see an injustice which is harming a lot of good people and I must speak out. It's not easy having a strong moral compass, and I don't giggle about the conflicts my speaking out may cause others.  I am comforted in knowing that I did as my conscience led.