No Stinkin' Healthcare

This Obamacare nonsense gets more and more fantastical with every passing day. Last weekend an article in the Washington Post indicated that the Obamcare website contractors CGI Federal overstated the ability of the website to go live without failure. Ya think?

Department of Health and Human services started to get an inkling this website would not be ready in time for the October 1st rollout as recent as July, 2013.  In fact, taxpayers have paid CGI $197M. What a phenomenal waste of tax dollars.  To add insult to injury, a senior executive with CGI is Michelle Obama's classmate. Nice.

Sad thing is, last night a new website launched called where you can go online and shop insurance and obtain the tax credits.  They do everything does through an integration with the Federal Government. This company has been doing in the Healthcare marketplace for 10 years and built their own website. Oh and it works too. And we contracted with CGI cuz why? Guess we can tell how MObama's school pal got that job then, eh?

One must ask then, where was President Obama during the last three years CGI has been working on the Obamacare website? Golfing, I'm sure.  I have a difficult time believing that nobody told him this website would not be ready in time. Now they have promised it will allow at least 80% of the enrollments by November 1st.  That means it will reject 20% of those who try to enroll which is absolutely unacceptable. What's more unacceptable is that the website no sooner seems ready for a November 1st date than I seem ready to become the Queen of England.

But let's do give Obama the benefit of the doubt and say nobody told him anything about the website's issues early on, kind of like he claimed nobody told him about Fast and Furious and nobody told him about the NSA or IRS issues. Again, it merely adds to the fact this president holds the national record for not knowing what on God's green earth his own administration is doing.

If this is the case and Obama is truly not told a damn thing, then it means he is just handed speeches to read on his beloved teleprompters and he doesn't have an original thought in his bobbling head. This should scare the hell out of people because this translates into a president who is merely a paid actor. So who exactly is working the marionette strings then?

I would venture to guess Obama is being controlled by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and their deep pocketed pals. Imagine how lucrative this Obamacare thingy is for the insurance companies. They stand to make a killing, and they are not worrying themselves with these glitches either. The insurance companies will raise their rates in order to cover all those people not signing up. Make no mistake, the insurance companies will skate through this thing fat and happy.

So does the buck stop with Obama or not? Because I gotta tell you, this guy is about to lose control of the Senate in my opinion. His own party is leaving him daily as  they attempt to salvage what is left of their 2014 campaigns. I wonder, pray tell, will people still vote for these morons? Honestly. There is not a Democrat in DC that did not vote to continue on with Obamacare even when a vote came up in 2010 to allow people to keep their healthcare plans or not. Every Democrat voted no and every Republican voted yes. And the Democrats kept on touting the message of their leader that people could keep their healthcare plans. Imagine those people voting for a Dem when they did not get to keep their healthcare plans even though Obama promised they could, and to quote Obama, "Period."

Obama's presidency is spiraling out of control of his own accord but the stooge now has started blaming Republicans for the debacle that is his legacy. He claims Republican naysaying is causing the fixes to happen more slowly.  What an ass-clown. Applying that logic, I suppose my blog posts are causing the Obamacare website to crash.

We didn't want no stinkin' socialist healthcare plan back in 2009 and we still don't. It's too bad the Democrats rammed this down everyone's throats because I do believe it is going to haunt the pants off them.

My only Christmas wish is that Democrats get voted out in big numbers in 2014 and we get a Republican president in 2016 so we can remove this frigging albatross from the American people's necks. And I have an idea that the people will because they are losing the healthcare they had, losing their doctors, and having to pay more for it all. This president has become the poster child for everything that is wrong with socialism.

What a better recipe to deliver the presidency into the laps of Republicans, that is if they idiots in DC don't ram another RINO at people.

No Jazzing It Up

If you were seeking a sultry night in the park, sipping a nice cabernet and listening to some cool jazz in Wylie, you are out of luck.

The First Baptist Church extended their long prickly reach across town and cajoled the Wylie City Council into nixing the wine in the park idea.  I can just see the deflated look on Councilwoman Diane Culver's face.  Imagine the coups, she didn't get the code of conduct done that she ran her platform on, but hell to the yes she was hoping to get a little spirit during the Jazz festival.

It annoys me that these teetotalers hold so much power over a city from their high and mighty perch. OK, OK, so I do see their side, however it irks me that one church can hold the whole damned city hostage, while 90% of their congregation has a little sip or two of the demon rum behind the leader's backs.

Despite that, I get it; it's not the best option for the City of Wylie to be lending their property to anything that sells a controlled substance.  But damn, wouldn't it be nice to have something that is actually classy, rather than the torn jeans and t-shirt crowd that comes out to Boot Scoot Boogie every summer?

Imagine: a real  restaurant, with a real honest to goodness chef, that serves CIA-style food with some shishi wine pairings, meanwhile a little silky jazz and blues plays in the background?  What I wouldn't give for a nice restaurant in Wylie.  But I am resigned to the fact that such a class place is never to be and I will have to drive to Addison or West Plano if I want that. There are not enough people in the area with that sort of taste.

I see Wylie as sort of the Nascar meets Bubba the feral hog hunter sort of place, and the Wylie Economic Development Board seems to like it that way because they have yet to woo anything of real elegance and style here.

If you want to listen to Jazz, like the other 25 of us citizens of Wylie, you'll have to partake of your glass of wine with dinner before you make your way out to the festival this spring.

Lavon Rules from Bully Pulpit

After my last blog post, I see my Lavon readership has increased tenfold.  This is a good thing because it means people are finding out how the City is being run.  Now they get to see first hand how the City deals with conflict using the bully pulpit through a series of incredulous resolutions designed to shut the employees up, and keep citizens from obtaining information.

Not only are the executive sessions on the agenda as I wrote about in my last blog post, but they also have added resolutions to the agenda designed to put an end to the 5 complaints filed against their City Secretary.  When 4 seemingly credible people make complaints, whether formal or informal, they are still complaints and they should be taken serious. Sadly, the only consequence seems to be that of shutting down the complaint process altogether.

Mayor Chuck Teske has requested 3 resolutions dealing with the current complaints to be placed on the agenda.  They can be found on the agenda here.  Scroll down to page 62, where they have conveniently buried them hoping you wouldn't see them. 

Truth is, the City of Lavon can pretty much do whatever they please, as they are not home rule.  They can make up rules and regulations as they go along, damn the citizens and damn the employees.  So it is fairly intuitively obvious their stance on the 5 complaints made against the City Secretary.  It seems they wish to wave the magic wand and create resolutions designed to shut the employees up and hope the complaints just magically disappear. 

Resolution on Formal Complaints - uses terminology about 'frivolous complaints 'used to 'harass' City personnel.  Oh but yes I guess a complaint made by the former employee about the City Secretary making sexually harassing comments about man bits was frivolous.  So too, I guess complaints about a hostile workplace are frivolous as well.  In my opinion completely subjective terminology was used in the resolution and sides with the City.

There is also text about 'retaliatory' complaints and whether they are grievous enough to be considered formal or informal or even to be addressed.  Well I guess if you were the one being sniped at by the City Secretary it could be considered retaliatory to complain about it.  This resolution makes those complaints null and void.  Obviously someone down at Lavon City Hall doesn't believe that the complaints made against Chris Wess were grievous enough.  Hmmmm......I wonder which almighty administrator in the City of Lavon gets to make the determination on whether a complaint is grievous enough to be dealt with?  Ugh! It's all so dizzying, this merry-go-round of complaint hide and seek.

All I read in these resolutions is what I believe to be an a-moral response to complaints made about the City Secretary whether formal or informal; it is pretty clear the City doesn't want to deal with these complaints.  A complaint is a complaint and it should be taken seriously, but evidently the City of Lavon doesn't want to do that with any complaints. They want a subjective process in place so they can legally sweep complaints under the carpet.  Oh, and that is indeed what they have accomplished thus far where there have been 5 complaints against Chris Wess from July through the end of October and each being addressed in one of three executive sessions and each with relatively no action taken other than blaming all employees and requiring all employees take training.  Sounds smart doesn't it? The agendas and minutes don't lie.

Ultimately, the goal here appears to be avoidance of letting the City Council know what is going on so an end can be put to the series of executive sessions.  So when a City lacks a City Manager, and the 'acting' City Manager is the next in line for complaints, and he has been established to pose a conflict of interest because of his friendship with the person complained about, then the employees have nowhere to turn because they must rely on him to take the complaint to Council thanks to the next resolution, because they are not allowed to bow and scrape before them. Nice dead end resolution, huh? 

Resolution on Chain of Command - notice that the Mayor is in control of each of these scenarios, again causing a dead end option for any employee complaint.  As a Council member of a City that does not employee a City Administrator or a City Manager, I would have a problem with the reasoning behind not wanting City Council contacted in any way.  I mean, why bother publishing their names and email addresses on the website then if Council is so 'untouchable'?  Oh I see, so they sit on their thrones and toss breadcrumbs to the lowly masses, eh? Right then, so it appears the Mayor gets to keep on keeping on with the same modus operandi of sweeping complaints under the carpet.  Citizen caveat emptor: don't bother reaching out to your council directly, they will likely put into place a chain of command for you as well if just one more citizen complains. It sure looks like that's what they are attempting to do with the employees so why would this rationale not be a natural extension?

Resolution on Confidentiality - Buried at the bottom is a little ditty about not 'investigating' another employee when a complaint has been made.  Better not ask others if they are having the same problems with that employee or else you may be fired. This particular resolution is also designed to make sure that anyone who has a complaint with the City doesn't have to be granted information requests. But I would bet that violates the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Unless litigation has actually been filed, I doubt the City of Lavon can uphold not turning over information to anyone that puts in a FOIA request, whether litigation was threatened or even hinted at. This resolution is the most insidious of them all as it has the potential to stop you, the citizen, from obtaining information. If these people will go through this much trouble to stop the flow of information within the organization and between complainants, what is to stop them from claiming a 'threat' of litigation from a citizen and withholding any and all FOIA requests? Scary.

You know, had they put these resolutions into place years ago I personally wouldn't have a problem with it, but the sheer fact they are doing it now after there have been so many complaints against the same person made by credible individuals should be a flashing red light with screaming sirens. Caution ahead!

These small town folk are absolutely astounding.  And I might add, homeowner be ware because if they will treat the employees so poorly, imagine how little they think of the citizens?  Especially when one who lives in Lavon and was spending endless hours volunteering for the City, even sewing quilts for the PD and FD to hand out on calls, made a complaint and nothing was done, and especially when another citizen complaint is made by someone who lives in Lavon and works for Grand Heritage?  Talk about biting the hands that feed them.

From the resolutions, it is clear these people have spent their time over the last several weeks finding ways to further punish the employees rather than find ways to fix the hostility problem: one hostile employee appears to be causing a laundry list of complaints and vacated positions. In fact, it appears the City administrators are doing exactly that which they are accusing the employees and volunteers of doing with these resolutions.  The resolutions appear to be completely retaliatory. I mean, lets call a spade a spade shall we?

Who would want to work for a place that sweeps problems under the carpet rather than admit they made a mistake and attempt to fix it? Who would want to work for a place where the City Council clearly could care less about the employees? Who would want to work for a place that attempts to further tighten the controls on the employees and make it virtually impossible for them to complain?  The City of Lavon's disdain for their employees is becoming crystal clear.

So Teske's finger from the Almighty Himself scraped the words out on the tablet of Lavon wisdom and not only do the employees lose, so do the citizens.  I'm betting on the resolutions being passed by a complacent City Council who has been pretty reticent to govern thus far. I also predict nothing will come of the executive sessions yet again since precedence has been set in previous executive sessions.

Gee, and I thought the City of Wylie was bad. They look golden by comparison. If you are an employee or citizen of the City of Lavon, heaven help you.

City of Lavon: A City of Shame

What happens when you continue to toss the flotation device to a bunch of people who are insistent upon drowning? You get the City of Lavon.

Not only are they drowning themselves, they are dragging the City down with them. One must wonder to who's benefit council serve? Themselves or to the citizens of Lavon?

Below is a copy of a formal complaint made to the City of Lavon. It was sent to the Mayor Pro Tem Chris Kane, Councilwoman Deborah Nabors, Councilwoman Melissa Stroop, Councilman David Hawkins, and Councilwoman Jenny Bodwell.

It is clear from the complaint that 4 others were filed against the same employee and that nothing has been done about that employee.

I abbreviated where possible as it is lengthy and I redacted some information that may infringe upon the privacy of the employees. It is clear from this letter that they do not deserve any more trauma or drama than they have already been forced to live with:

... This letter will serve as yet another formal complaint from me regarding the ill treatment of employees by City Secretary Chris Wess as well as a formal complaint against Mayor Chuck Teske's ability to serve effectively as acting City Manager.

I have had the displeasure of being subjected to routine hostile comments from my direct supervisor City Secretary Chris Wess for the duration of my short stay here. This behavior has been ignored by Mayor Chuck Teske and even treated as acceptable.... Where is an employee to go when their direct supervisor is causing a hostile work environment and the Mayor chooses to ignore it? We should feel comfortable going to council but unfortunately, council has been complicit in the ignoring of complaints as well. Council activities directly resulting from the four complaints against Chris Wess that have occurred during my short time here have shown they would rather blame all employees rather than deal with the problem. Council's only response thus far has been to demand training for all employees rather than dealing with the one.... they have been led astray by their Mayor who should never have been presiding over these complaints to begin with. He represents a conflict of interest since it is well known within the community that Mayor Teske and Chris Wess are friends....

Sadly, after my first complaint to you, I have continued to be subjected to hostile comments such as those I reported in a formal complaint during your Executive Session concerning the employment of Chris Wess on July 16th. My written complaint was hand delivered to City Lawyer Andy Messer. Sadly, as a council Member you chose to demand the employees take communications training and insist all the employees move into the one large room together. I fail to understand how punishing all employees for the one was just.

That decision in itself was a fiasco because Mayor Chuck Teske giggled with glee ... moving things to make them look worse and insisting we needed a window A/C unit in order to make the office appearance totally unappealing.... during the move of furniture, everything was placed where Chuck suggested it be placed. Some of his handiwork was removed such as a roll of duct tape on the back of [Employee]'s monitor that held an electric cord... It was completely unprofessional and being executed by someone in which you placed City management duties.

I have also been subjected to comments in front of [PD Employee] when he came to City Hall and joked about National Night Out and not having any volunteers any longer after [Community Center Volunteer] resigned as Volunteer Coordinator because of a conflict with Chris Wess and Mayor Teske. True, it was probably a sore topic with Chris but as [PD Employee] joked about the loss of volunteers, Chris Wess snapped, "Well that happened to me before when there
were two people causing trouble in the City and I was told to get rid of them." She was referring to [City Employee] and myself......

I have had to mitigate childish behavior with the name tags outside our door being moved around, turned upside down, and swapping the 'hierarchy'. I witnessed Chris Wess remove her name tag altogether and put [City Employee] at the top of the hierarchy after [Same 1st City Employee]'s formal complaint against her. It was clear she was being vindictive. ...

In another instance, I asked if Chris had hired someone as her assistant and when she told me who, I stated I guessed that is who she would choose. The woman she chose was on her Facebook friends list so it certainly made sense that she knew the woman. Wess snapped back, "Yeah, just like I knew Chuck would pick you." I was really surprised at this tone because there was nothing in my question or tone to warrant such a response. Again I complained to Mayor Chuck Teske and asked that he remove me from under Chris Wess because it was clear she had no respect for me nor wanted me as her employee. He could have moved me to report to [Chief of Police] or even council but again, he did nothing.

....the next step was to 'promote' me and put [1st City Employee who filed formal complaint against Chris] to report directly under me. How smart is that when [1st City Employee] had filed a formal complaint against Chris and she was now indirectly reporting to her. Great move which puts a liability against the City should Chris cause more hostility toward [1st City Employee who filed formal complaint] and she report it to her lawyer. She told me she has already sought legal counsel on the matter.

In fact, Mayor Chuck Teske has done everything in his power to protect Chris Wess. Interestingly, when [Community Center Volunteer] filed an information request for Chris' employment records, none of the 4 formal complaints ([City Employee], [Grand Heritage Employee], Mine, or [Community Center Volunteer]'s) filed against her were placed in her employee file. Her previous employment file could not be located either. This all seems just a little too convenient. And since I have established that Chuck is protecting Chris and friends with her both inside and outside of the office, why he even presided over the two executive sessions held on her employment is also a mystery....

When I submitted my resignation I sat Chuck down and suggested to him that he had a problem on his hands and he was a large contributing factor. For instance, he went to the City of Lavon Water Supply and complained to the employees there about City of Lavon employee[2nd City Employee], suggesting that he was out sick all the time and he would be fired if he didn't obtain a doctor's note. Again, I fail to understand why a City employee's employment was discussed with anyone outside of City management. In fact, Mayor Teske even called [2nd City Employee]'s mother [Former Employee] who no longer works here to complain that he had no time left this year. This is completely inappropriate.

He justified it to me saying he is 'friends' with [Former Employee] yet [Former Employee] told me before she left that the team of Chris and Chuck is the sole reason she was leaving. Sadly when I asked Chuck why he would speak to someone outside the City about [2nd City Employee]'s employment, he looked me in the eyes and lied outright saying he only went there to pay his water bill. He acted [confused] as to why [2nd City Employee] presented a doctor's note to Chris Wess and not his supervisor [Third City Employee]. Mayor Teske claims he knew nothing about [2nd City Employee] being made to feel he would lose his job. Clearly Mayor Chuck Teske cannot be trusted, so I'm not sure why council would trust him to act as City Manager.

I am also highly concerned at the sexually harassing comments I have witnessed Chris Wess make about [2nd City Employee]'s 'package' and to [3rd City Employee] about 'coming'. Sadly these two men feel they have no recourse for complaint because there have been many sexually explicit texts and voicemails sent by Mayor Teske to [3rd City Employee] over the past couple months. Clearly Mayor finds this lewd behavior acceptable....

....Even so, should a complaint actually make it before council, they punish the whole rather than the part causing problems. The last complaint from [Community Center Volunteer] resulted in all of the employees being required to take Customer Service training. It is clear there are some members sitting on council who also serve to protect Chuck's interest and ultimately Chris Wess, or at least go along to get along with Mayor Chuck Teske's suggestions for

How can council be trusted? When a citizen, [an Employee] from Grand Heritage complains about the bullying of her by Chris Wess, acting as an officer of the City of Lavon, council ignored that complaint and focused rather on who old [Grand Heritage Employee] to file a complaint. This resulted in issues with [3rd City Employee] as he was targeted for sending a text to [Grand Heritage Employee]. Really? ... all you got out of the three complaints that were heard during that July 16th executive session? You only cared about who suggested to [Grand Heritage Employee] that she file a complaint?...

 ...The City of Lavon has a 125 Cafeteria Plan which means all healthcare premiums are taken out pre-tax. When I discovered that every employee who had dependent healthcare or AFLAC
last year had their insurance premiums taken out of their pay after taxes, I brought it to Chris and Chuck's attention. Unfortunately this affected [PD Employee], [PD Employee], [PD Employee], [Employee], and [Former Employee] and I was told not to let them know about it and to just fix it and move on. Yet it will be obvious on their coming W2s when the insurance totals are reported in two different places. Mayor's response was to just make the changes now and not notify any of these employees and if anyone asks to tell them we had a change in insurance plans. In essence, this means that these employees overpaid on their 2012 federal taxes. The City owes them money from the over-payments and they should all re-file their 2012 tax returns. ...opens the City up for even more liability with the IRS among other entities....

It was 3 pages type written single spaced. Honestly, I don't think anything was left to the imagination.

Their response? They held an Executive Session on November 5th where the employees corroborated the claims, yet council took no action.

Now council is holding yet another Executive Session this Tuesday, November 19th. However this time the agenda includes every employee along with Chris Wess in the possible termination or punishment. The agenda plays this all out for you here.

In fact, not only is it on the agenda once for Tuesday, but a second time. Why? Because the current council of derelicts has proven themselves completely incapable of governing and is going to pass the buck to the two new council members about to be sworn in. 

What a disgusting legacy this council is leaving behind them as they refuse to make the only rational decision and that is to terminate the employee who seems incapable of getting along with any of the other employees.

I would sure like to know what these employees did to warrant an executive session which will reconsider their employment situation with the City. Some employees have been there over five years.

It seems to me their only crime is in staying employed with that City as long as they have. Yet they remain, because they like the community, they like the citizens they come into contact with daily, and they like each other. So why can't one person get along with all of them? Why is one person holding the whole city hostage?

Citizens have established long-time friendships with these employees, like the man who makes homemade chocolates and brings them in, and the woman who showed them her snakebite, and the little old man who walks bent at the waist and needs help sometimes. The citizens know and love these employees, but I imagine they would be upset to find out the employees have been the target of abuse and are now being targeted for dismissal. 

There have been 5 formal complaints made against the City Secretary and do you mean to tell me this current sitting council cannot figure this out? They make ethics look like it is merely a suggestion. And they handle all of these things in executive session in hopes that citizens won't know what is really taking place.

If you are a citizen of Lavon, I would highly suggest you show up for the meeting Tuesday, November 19th at 7:00pm and let your voice be heard. The employees that serve you well day in and day out do not deserve to be treated in this manner.

Sessions, Not Winning

There is nothing quite like opening mouth and putting foot in it. Just ask House Representative Pete Sessions about that one.

Recently Session has caused Democrats to rejoice over some of the stupidest comments I've heard from him yet. Sessions admitted his sole mission is winning the Senate, not governing.  

Seriously. Uncle Pete stated, "Everything we do in this body should be about messaging to win back the Senate."  Um ruh roh!

As you can imagine, Democrats are having an absolute field day with that one.  Hells, that makes sack racing seem boring in comparison. Yes, thanks to Representative Pete Sessions, Democrats have even more ammunition in the coming elections.  Methinks Sessions' Freudian slip is showing.

You know, it's not like Conservatives haven't been firing warning shots overhead.  We have been whacking him pretty hard over the last year or so, yet he continues on down the road, arm in arm with the likes of Boehner, McCain, and Graham.  Well, that is until he got himself a formidable running mate in Katrina Pierson.  Since then he has been riding Senator Ted Cruz all around DC piggyback.  Hell to the yes, he's even installed stirrups.  I guess nothing will make someone more conservative in DC than an opponent. 

Speaking of opponents, yesterday his Congressional District 32 opponent Katrina Pierson was on Fox Business News with Neil Cavuto and Tea Party Conservative Niger Innis discussing the Republican Party. It is worth watching so that you understand where Katrina stands on the issues.

Pierson states point blank, "Pete Sessions is the poster child for what's wrong with the Republican Party.  You have a guy that's been in office for almost two decades.  He's been a big supporter of all the big government opportunities: Tarp, Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind, and that's not conservative.  Recently we have the Farm bills and the debt ceiling. This is why Republicans are struggling..." From her lips to God's ears.

Nobody trusts a freaking Republican anymore. You never know if you will be getting a Mitt Romney or Chris Christie or a Ted Cruz or Dr. Ben Carson. They all claim to be the same, but who the hell knows anymore? Well Conservatives do, and Romney and Christie don't pass the smell test. Neither does Pete Sessions anymore and he is losing his old support base by the gobs.

In fact last week when I had a meeting in Wylie with my Katrina Pierson for Congress volunteers, some ran off to the Golden Corridor Republican Women's meeting and wrote to me completely incensed that Pete Sessions showed up at the meeting unannounced and sent a note to the front to speak.  I heard several Republicans from Dallas walked out and the resulting discussion on Sessions' scorecard was quite lively.  It seems Sessions and his minions elicit that response everywhere they go.  People are pissed off that they supported Sessions as he ran around town claiming allegiance to Conservatism yet he voted with the Republican establishment, and used his seat as Chair of the powerful House Rules Committee to play games such as keeping a full investigation of Benghazi at bay. This man isn't interested in bringing his base out to vote, he is interested in preserving his position. People can no longer pinch their noses closed and vote, which is why Katrina Pierson is quite formidable, indeed.

I am pretty certain Pete Sessions has had a looksee at my blog.  My Google Analytics tells me so since I doubt there are too many up there in DC tapping in from the House of Representatives servers to read little ole' me.  So Mr. Sessions seriously, you need to think long and hard about your constituents because you lost a huge percentage of your base thanks to gerrymandering of districts. If your main goal this election season is focusing on winning back the Senate with good old boys just like you, please do us all a favor and reflect upon your original platform of term limits, and limit yourself the hell out of DC.