No Jazzing It Up

If you were seeking a sultry night in the park, sipping a nice cabernet and listening to some cool jazz in Wylie, you are out of luck.

The First Baptist Church extended their long prickly reach across town and cajoled the Wylie City Council into nixing the wine in the park idea.  I can just see the deflated look on Councilwoman Diane Culver's face.  Imagine the coups, she didn't get the code of conduct done that she ran her platform on, but hell to the yes she was hoping to get a little spirit during the Jazz festival.

It annoys me that these teetotalers hold so much power over a city from their high and mighty perch. OK, OK, so I do see their side, however it irks me that one church can hold the whole damned city hostage, while 90% of their congregation has a little sip or two of the demon rum behind the leader's backs.

Despite that, I get it; it's not the best option for the City of Wylie to be lending their property to anything that sells a controlled substance.  But damn, wouldn't it be nice to have something that is actually classy, rather than the torn jeans and t-shirt crowd that comes out to Boot Scoot Boogie every summer?

Imagine: a real  restaurant, with a real honest to goodness chef, that serves CIA-style food with some shishi wine pairings, meanwhile a little silky jazz and blues plays in the background?  What I wouldn't give for a nice restaurant in Wylie.  But I am resigned to the fact that such a class place is never to be and I will have to drive to Addison or West Plano if I want that. There are not enough people in the area with that sort of taste.

I see Wylie as sort of the Nascar meets Bubba the feral hog hunter sort of place, and the Wylie Economic Development Board seems to like it that way because they have yet to woo anything of real elegance and style here.

If you want to listen to Jazz, like the other 25 of us citizens of Wylie, you'll have to partake of your glass of wine with dinner before you make your way out to the festival this spring.