No Stinkin' Healthcare

This Obamacare nonsense gets more and more fantastical with every passing day. Last weekend an article in the Washington Post indicated that the Obamcare website contractors CGI Federal overstated the ability of the website to go live without failure. Ya think?

Department of Health and Human services started to get an inkling this website would not be ready in time for the October 1st rollout as recent as July, 2013.  In fact, taxpayers have paid CGI $197M. What a phenomenal waste of tax dollars.  To add insult to injury, a senior executive with CGI is Michelle Obama's classmate. Nice.

Sad thing is, last night a new website launched called where you can go online and shop insurance and obtain the tax credits.  They do everything does through an integration with the Federal Government. This company has been doing in the Healthcare marketplace for 10 years and built their own website. Oh and it works too. And we contracted with CGI cuz why? Guess we can tell how MObama's school pal got that job then, eh?

One must ask then, where was President Obama during the last three years CGI has been working on the Obamacare website? Golfing, I'm sure.  I have a difficult time believing that nobody told him this website would not be ready in time. Now they have promised it will allow at least 80% of the enrollments by November 1st.  That means it will reject 20% of those who try to enroll which is absolutely unacceptable. What's more unacceptable is that the website no sooner seems ready for a November 1st date than I seem ready to become the Queen of England.

But let's do give Obama the benefit of the doubt and say nobody told him anything about the website's issues early on, kind of like he claimed nobody told him about Fast and Furious and nobody told him about the NSA or IRS issues. Again, it merely adds to the fact this president holds the national record for not knowing what on God's green earth his own administration is doing.

If this is the case and Obama is truly not told a damn thing, then it means he is just handed speeches to read on his beloved teleprompters and he doesn't have an original thought in his bobbling head. This should scare the hell out of people because this translates into a president who is merely a paid actor. So who exactly is working the marionette strings then?

I would venture to guess Obama is being controlled by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and their deep pocketed pals. Imagine how lucrative this Obamacare thingy is for the insurance companies. They stand to make a killing, and they are not worrying themselves with these glitches either. The insurance companies will raise their rates in order to cover all those people not signing up. Make no mistake, the insurance companies will skate through this thing fat and happy.

So does the buck stop with Obama or not? Because I gotta tell you, this guy is about to lose control of the Senate in my opinion. His own party is leaving him daily as  they attempt to salvage what is left of their 2014 campaigns. I wonder, pray tell, will people still vote for these morons? Honestly. There is not a Democrat in DC that did not vote to continue on with Obamacare even when a vote came up in 2010 to allow people to keep their healthcare plans or not. Every Democrat voted no and every Republican voted yes. And the Democrats kept on touting the message of their leader that people could keep their healthcare plans. Imagine those people voting for a Dem when they did not get to keep their healthcare plans even though Obama promised they could, and to quote Obama, "Period."

Obama's presidency is spiraling out of control of his own accord but the stooge now has started blaming Republicans for the debacle that is his legacy. He claims Republican naysaying is causing the fixes to happen more slowly.  What an ass-clown. Applying that logic, I suppose my blog posts are causing the Obamacare website to crash.

We didn't want no stinkin' socialist healthcare plan back in 2009 and we still don't. It's too bad the Democrats rammed this down everyone's throats because I do believe it is going to haunt the pants off them.

My only Christmas wish is that Democrats get voted out in big numbers in 2014 and we get a Republican president in 2016 so we can remove this frigging albatross from the American people's necks. And I have an idea that the people will because they are losing the healthcare they had, losing their doctors, and having to pay more for it all. This president has become the poster child for everything that is wrong with socialism.

What a better recipe to deliver the presidency into the laps of Republicans, that is if they idiots in DC don't ram another RINO at people.