Sessions, Not Winning

There is nothing quite like opening mouth and putting foot in it. Just ask House Representative Pete Sessions about that one.

Recently Session has caused Democrats to rejoice over some of the stupidest comments I've heard from him yet. Sessions admitted his sole mission is winning the Senate, not governing.  

Seriously. Uncle Pete stated, "Everything we do in this body should be about messaging to win back the Senate."  Um ruh roh!

As you can imagine, Democrats are having an absolute field day with that one.  Hells, that makes sack racing seem boring in comparison. Yes, thanks to Representative Pete Sessions, Democrats have even more ammunition in the coming elections.  Methinks Sessions' Freudian slip is showing.

You know, it's not like Conservatives haven't been firing warning shots overhead.  We have been whacking him pretty hard over the last year or so, yet he continues on down the road, arm in arm with the likes of Boehner, McCain, and Graham.  Well, that is until he got himself a formidable running mate in Katrina Pierson.  Since then he has been riding Senator Ted Cruz all around DC piggyback.  Hell to the yes, he's even installed stirrups.  I guess nothing will make someone more conservative in DC than an opponent. 

Speaking of opponents, yesterday his Congressional District 32 opponent Katrina Pierson was on Fox Business News with Neil Cavuto and Tea Party Conservative Niger Innis discussing the Republican Party. It is worth watching so that you understand where Katrina stands on the issues.

Pierson states point blank, "Pete Sessions is the poster child for what's wrong with the Republican Party.  You have a guy that's been in office for almost two decades.  He's been a big supporter of all the big government opportunities: Tarp, Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind, and that's not conservative.  Recently we have the Farm bills and the debt ceiling. This is why Republicans are struggling..." From her lips to God's ears.

Nobody trusts a freaking Republican anymore. You never know if you will be getting a Mitt Romney or Chris Christie or a Ted Cruz or Dr. Ben Carson. They all claim to be the same, but who the hell knows anymore? Well Conservatives do, and Romney and Christie don't pass the smell test. Neither does Pete Sessions anymore and he is losing his old support base by the gobs.

In fact last week when I had a meeting in Wylie with my Katrina Pierson for Congress volunteers, some ran off to the Golden Corridor Republican Women's meeting and wrote to me completely incensed that Pete Sessions showed up at the meeting unannounced and sent a note to the front to speak.  I heard several Republicans from Dallas walked out and the resulting discussion on Sessions' scorecard was quite lively.  It seems Sessions and his minions elicit that response everywhere they go.  People are pissed off that they supported Sessions as he ran around town claiming allegiance to Conservatism yet he voted with the Republican establishment, and used his seat as Chair of the powerful House Rules Committee to play games such as keeping a full investigation of Benghazi at bay. This man isn't interested in bringing his base out to vote, he is interested in preserving his position. People can no longer pinch their noses closed and vote, which is why Katrina Pierson is quite formidable, indeed.

I am pretty certain Pete Sessions has had a looksee at my blog.  My Google Analytics tells me so since I doubt there are too many up there in DC tapping in from the House of Representatives servers to read little ole' me.  So Mr. Sessions seriously, you need to think long and hard about your constituents because you lost a huge percentage of your base thanks to gerrymandering of districts. If your main goal this election season is focusing on winning back the Senate with good old boys just like you, please do us all a favor and reflect upon your original platform of term limits, and limit yourself the hell out of DC.