God Save the Queen

The first thing I saw as I opened my tablet to Facebook this morning was this:

"Next week, student government leaders at The University of Houston Downtown are expected to vote on a bill to convert two restrooms into gender neutral facilities.

It's aimed at making transgender students feel more comfortable on campus, but some students are threatening to transfer if the change is implemented.

Should the school enforce the change if student leaders pass it?" - Fox 26 Houston

People, people, people, wake the hell up. 

I have always held the opinion that we should just live and let live. I love my lesbian best friend from high school just as much as I love my straight friends. I wish her well in every aspect that life has to offer.  But I see nothing good coming from all inclusive bathrooms, and walking this slippery slope in hopes that it will make a teeny sector of society feel better is going to prove to be the undoing of our society.  The sooner we learn this lesson, the better.

Oh, I get the liberal plight well enough.  Everyone should hold inclusive values. Everyone should be allowed to vote. Nobody should see color. Nobody should have separate drinking fountains. Nobody should be made to feel like they are less than anyone else, but will sharing bathrooms make that so? So how did we get here?  In my opinion, moral decay is the culprit. Or more to the point, the inability to differentiate between right and wrong is the culprit.

Imagine the Victorians shaking their heads at the flappers of the 20s with their short skirts, bare arms, and loose dance. Moral decay has gone on for decades and there is nothing about it that makes it inherently wrong.  Why should women have to wear stiff collars covering their necks and long, heavy skirts? Why should one race hold ownership over another? Why should one class be excluded from voting for representatives that set the laws for all? These are all good things that came with change.

Recall how shocking Madona was with her skimpy clothes, sexual songs and cone bra?  Now compare her to Miley Cyrus humping a foam finger on TV and spreading a video of herself masturbating between two sheets.  There is a certain segment of society that is horrified and yet another that thinks this is completely cool.  These are all bad things. As I see it, we now have people behaving no different than animals humping in the fields. So what makes us different from animals then? Reason. But apparently we have lost that.

As I look at this unisex multi-stalled bathroom, I wonder what good can come from this? Just how does this make transgenders feel better about themselves then?  It changes nothing and I will show you how in my conclusion.

Broken barriers have been around through all societies since dirt was created.  Older men married younger women out of necessity. On the frontier, a sister might marry her brother-in-law because his wife died and a woman was needed to rear the children.  Even cousins marry in the monarchy in order to keep their blood blue.

Society has allowed, perhaps grumbling along the way, these anomalies to take place without batting an eyelash. The young move up and bring with them their attitudes and the old grumble, wither and die and their attitudes become replaced. Nothing stays the same and we have a moral decay, or perhaps a better term in these instances is moral evolution. Yet we are on a path, thanks to the progressives, of complete moral obliteration and it begins with the notion of  total inclusivity.

So what is wrong with being inclusive? I agree we should not exclude anyone from quiet enjoyment of life. We should not keep one class of people from voting any more than we should force women to stay home and tend to children just because they are the ones to carry them in the womb. But for all this inclusivity, for all the oneness the progressives desire, it is an impossibility.

No matter how hard we try.  No matter what laws we enact or tear apart.  No matter how many multi-stalled unisex bathrooms we install. This world will always be divided because there is no possible way to change the fact that we are men and women. 

If we were to remove one of those halves, then we will cease to exist.  This is the slippery slope we walk as we demand inclusion, nay, accept nothing but inclusion.  Because we are fooling ourselves to even think it is possible.

A Fleecing

I have been working up at the school lately helping out on the set of Hairspray.  I had been posting on Facebook about the theater group needing some help catching up since they lost valuable time building the set due to the ice storm.  Since I am friends with the Superintendent, and he loves my son, he offered to help.  Dr. Vinson came with his kiddos and I was able to hear bits and pieces of some interesting conversation between two hunky men that I adore. 

The theater teacher and Dr. Vinson were discussing the need for replacement lights for the theater as well as how there is no heat and we were warming up using the stage lights. Then I heard one comment made that stirred me.  A comment was made about how people want their tax bill low but they don't realize how much the schools suffer. Suffice to say I bit my tongue because the theater was no place for me to school them.

First, Wylie ISD has the 2nd highest tax rate in Collin County. We are no longer a ruralish back country town with major growth needs.  We have shops and restaurants and our homes are nearing build out.  I understand that WISD is growing, but from what I gather, those numbers are mostly coming from the Sachse bit of land that dumps into Wylie schools and for every new household that moves in, they gain additional tax dollars. Oh and lets not forget to mention the increased property values and how much more money they will bring in this year. So I find it concerning when the prevailing attitude of teacher and administrator is that taxpayers should open their pocketbooks a little more.  I'm more of the mindset that the hole in the dam needs to be plugged.

I voted for every bond that came up in the first half of my residency here, but when bonds came up over and over again to replace fairly new astroturf with newer astroturf and move old astroturf to the Jr. High football stadium and then a year later ask for new astroturf, it got a little annoying. Granted, those foibled bonds were not the fault of Dr. Vinson, he can thank his predecessor for that, but he inherited a no-confidence vote from the citizens.

Dr. Vinson has gone a long way in improving public opinion, but still, I bristle at how high our tax rate is. I could move elsewhere and pay much less and get generally the same education for my sons.  So you can imagine that as I am faced with having no more students in school, I am pondering why I would continue to pour thousands of dollars into WISD?

To be honest, the district has been great for our sons.  The schools are the reason we moved to Wylie, but now that Wylie has stretched nearly about as far as it's going to, I'm tired of not getting any financial breaks. If our City tax dollars weren't out of control (one of the highest in all of North Texas), I would probably not give the WISD tax roll another thought.  So perhaps my teacher and Superintendent friends might consider leaning on the City to do something about their out of control spending problem. 

At the end of the day, people move to a community for the schools, but with the double trouble of two incredibly high taxing authorities, I feel as though I am being a little fleeced.

My Christmas in Pictures

OK, I lied.  One more fun post.

Ice storm damaged tree number 1:
Christmas Tree 1 of 4:

Barky le Bichons begging for their Christmas gift:

Breakfast, yum:

White Elephant gifts:
Some of my handiwork on the set of Hairspray:

Just what the doctor ordered:

Christmas Catch-Up

This Christmas season hasn't been much unlike other years where I was too busy to post, except that in years past I was able to sit down and post a little tidbit from my private blog, hopefully providing a chuckle at my knucklehead musings.

This year Christmas took me a bit unawares as I have been super preoccupied helping at the high school.  Since my son designed the set for the annual musical Hairspray, I felt compelled to help build it as the ice storm put them behind.  Not to mention the two weekends it took to cut down two beautiful trees we lost in the ice storm. Combine that with Christmas and also my son's college applications and the ever important scholarship deadlines looming and this cluster-whammy put me a tad behind. But I'm back.

Shameful I know, I haven't posted since the 19th of December. But I expect my readers to understand. From that day forward, my Christmas holiday turns into a hellish nightmare of get-to-gethers with the same faces over, and over, and over, and over again.  I'll explain.

On the 21st is my father-in-law's birthday, after which I am usually preoccupied with baking and shopping for Christmas over the next 3 days. Oh and don't let me forget the wrapping!  It took me an hour to wrap my White Elephant clock disguised as a vacuum.  The vase made to look like a doll took even longer.  But hey, it provided for a lot of laughs on my unsuspecting brother-in-law who thought he would be opening up a sweeper for his new house. 

After everything is cleaned, cooked, bought and wrapped, then the traveling show begins. Christmas Eve at the in-laws once more. Christmas morning breakfast at my sister-in-law's house, Christmas dinner back at my house hosting 20+ people. Two days later is my sister-in-law's birthday, then I get a short break before New Year's Eve is upon us and we get together once more.  Yup, I was stupid enough to open my mouth and suggest a New Year's Day brunch at my house.

With all this yuletide you can imagine that along about now I am sick to death of looking at the same freaking faces and I desperately need a respite from all of it, so tossing together another blog post or two becomes very appealing.

So here goes my contribution to the blogosphere jumble of words that float through e-space with the intent and hope of meaning something to someone somewhere.

As I sit here all cozy with my Bichon Frise girls on the Christmas sofa, yup we are practical gifters, I will give you a twofer.  First, a little poem I came up with while I was giddy from lack of sleep. The next post will be normal, well about as normal as I can muster anyway.  Here goes:

Twas a week before Christmas and all though my home, I cooked like a wild woman, baked cookies and scones. All the stockings were stuffed with goodies to spare, in hopes I would have time to shop for a few things with care.

Our sons were out spending on Chiloso and games, while visions of an endless money tree were screaming their names. Me in my jamjams while hubs was asleep in his chair,... was furiously working to clean the house and make it look like she cared.

When a realization came that I forgot to buy gifts, I donned my winter coat hoping it would hide my sweats with rips. Away to the store we flew like white trash, we forgot the damn ham for our 22 person Christmas bash.

The moon cast a glow on that black Volvo dash, as we circled the lot and I counted my cash. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the realization that we had no lights on the house front or the rear.

That tall grey-haired driver was so lively and quick, I knew in a moment this was no manual with stick. More rapid than rabid dogs did I hop out of the car, to make it into Target seeking lights near and far.

Where's GE or a helpful sales woman or man? Hells I'll even take that cheap-ass Targety brand. To the cashier to the checkout, to use my Red Card. We dashed away, with white Target bags in hand to the car.

As a madman, he floored it so we could get this crap home, to put up some lights and sit down to that scone. Up 1378 that Volvo did fly, so momma and papa could help light up the night sky.

With a twinkling the house was ready to suck kilowatt hours, like the other homes on the street but unfortunately this bill was ours. As I stepped in the house and was hit with that terrible smell, the cookies I left in the oven were burned to hell.

The cookies were tarnished with soot and ash, I knew in a moment that they must hit the trash. Oh the house was all decorated and lit like a mutha, but I forgot to buy the presents that we would give to each other.

The foot of the tree was all empty and bare, I realized I forgot to buy anything for my lair. I went straight to work using my artsy fartsy flair, I quickly pulled together some homemade gifts that Martha Stewart wouldn't dare.

The tree was barely filled, I felt so freaking lame, for Christmas was upon us and regifting would be the name of the game. With a White Elephant game I hoped I could make it through, as long as I didn't get stuck with something like fake dog poo.

By the end of the party, everyone left for their hood. Not a word was spoke about how we missed dusting the wood. Not a comment was made about the messy bathrooms too, for the family only cared about White Elephant and food.

Happy the mayhem was over, and I finished my family duty. I could now sit on the sofa and sip something fruity. Merry Christmas to all, the resounding Facebook status tonight. No sooner did I sit, I was out like a light.

I hope my readers had a truly fabulous Christmas and will enjoy a prosperous New Year!

People Quack Me Up

Watching the national brouhaha over Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson's biblical interpretations is really quacking me up. OK, so I get it, he expressed an opinion.  He didn't disparage people, he merely stated his understanding and interpretation of the bible passages dealing with the topic.  Remember the old childhood adage: sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me? It's all just words.

Edward Snowdon had words on the NSA spying on Americans, but those words were illegal.  Martin Bashir had words about defecating in Sarah Palin's mouth and, though disgusting, those words were not illegal. Phil Robertson uttered some words on gays and what the bible says about them, and those words were not illegal either. Though I don't particularly care for Bashir, he did not lose his job rather he resigned.  So why is what Robertson said worth being suspended? I'm guessing the next logical step is a firing or cancelation of the show. 

Don't tell me A&E didn't know the religious character of these Duck Dynasty people until now. It's not like they haven't expressed their opinions off air about other similar topics. If you are already someone watching Duck Dynasty, you've already listened to the ramblings of these people. Personally, I turned it on for 10 minutes and was bored, as it's just not my kind of show.

A very strong underlying theme of the show is these people's Christianity.  In fact, it is pretty likely all of the people on this show hold the same views, so is A&E going to just cancel the show?  Have they considered how much money Duck Dynasty has made for them?

Viewers can choose to watch or not. However if I were an advertiser or show producer I wouldn't discount that the show has a huge Christian following. The fact is, Phil Robertson has the right to express his beliefs outside of the show, even if others don't like it.

In my opinion it is a bit disingenuous of A&E to suspend him now. By doing so, A&E ignores the Christians watching that show and this could be their own undoing when they are boycotted, along with their advertisers. Just look to Chick Fil A to see how it might turn out for them.

Wouldn't it be appropriate to ask gay people what they think about it all?  I would bet they didn't watch the show to begin with.  I mean honestly, if a gay person is going to preach tolerance for their own views, wouldn't common sense dictate that they should just roll their eyes at Robertson's comments and move on? 

There is room for gay shows and non-gay shows. If you don't care for gay lifestyles, don't watch their shows. If you don't care for Christian lifestyles, don't watch their shows. Advertisers will not be affected either way as it is unlikely those who don't agree with the show aren't watching it anyway. It's pretty simple.

 A&E needs to grow a pair, put Robertson back on the show, and stop protecting one class of people over another. I think we can all agree there is room for all of us in this country, for if there isn't then we are most certainly doomed. 

We must not attempt to prove how tolerant we are of all groups by showering intolerance on one group. 

The City of Lavon Bobsey Twins

Typically, when a person submits an information request to a city, the city takes it seriously.  The Freedom of Information Act is pretty specific about transparency, yet the Bobsey Twins at the City of Lavon, Mayor Chuck Teske and City Secretary Chris Wess, appear to merely use FOIA as a general guidebook and instead create their own resolutions on the matter in my opinion. 

Sadly, when I peer into the souls of the troubled twosome, Teske and Wess, I see evil, dark masses masquerading as smiley-faced upstanding citizens. The trouble is, growing numbers of people around town know the truth about those two as it has even been written about in the Lavon, Texas Facebook Group's page.  Stories have been posted about how these two behave, oh and also about their feindship outside of council chambers with their pal Mayor Pro Tem Chris Kane as well.

I am of the opinion that these people are hell-bent on hiding information.  Firstly, because a FOIA request came in from a citizen requesting the employment records of Chris Wess and it was discovered that older records, which were locked up and to which only Chris Wess had the key to when the request was made, somehow mysteriously disappeared.  It was also discovered that the recent complaints made against Chris Wess by various people were not in her employee file either.  Sounds like an HR nightmare to me, especially when complaints are not recorded by the one who they were made against and who is the sole person with access to those files, and particularly when there has been a complaint of sexual harassment made against her. I wonder, is that complaint in her file yet?

Then again, when a sloppy, ripped and stained t-shirt wearing, narcissistic mayor becomes elected and he hires his seemingly sneaky friend to run the City show, one must wonder what the real story is behind that.  I mean, here is a woman without any formal training or degree, being hired as a City Secretary and is essentially handed City Manager duties in the name of the Mayor.  When she was hired,  suddenly all employment management duties were stripped from the former City Manager/Chief of Police, and handed to this uneducated woman who holds no formal training in City Secretarial duties. Hells, at least the Chief of Police has not had any sexual harassment complaints made against him.

Additionally, the tandem sit in City Hall and scheme together, whispering down the hall or outside on one of Wess' numerous smoke breaks. In fact, these two have spent hours a week doing just this, all on Lavon taxpayer dime.  Indeed their time together has been witnessed by employees and citizens alike. Must be nice to spend so much chatting during business hours so that Wess can then complain about not having enough time to get things done, and begin racking up comp time staying late and coming in on the weekends to work.  Her comp time this year has reached over 100 hours on the books at one point.  Take that cumulative total with comp time taken instead of holidays and vacation time being used, it would appear that what is on the books must be worth  hiding. Nice, considering I believe she can cash in a certain amount of vacation time for a paycheck at some point. Wouldn't that net her additional cold hard cash by using comp instead of vacation?  I am of the opinion that Lavon taxpayers are paying for her to be Chatty Cathy with the Mayor and Loosey Goosey with the time-clock.

As a little side note, this comp time schedule is kept on the shared drive in an excel file, and it would have taken them less than 1 minute to open a new email, attach the file, and email it to me in completion of one of my information requests.  That has not happened yet, though I am certain they are waiting for the 10 day clock to tick down and then I surmise, will likely pass the request to the lawyer who I anticipate will ask me even more redundant questions that I already answered in my original requests.  How fecking hard is it to interpret, a request for Wess' comp time listing for the year when it is all detailed on one spreadsheet? It is pretty clear the City is stalling on all of my requests.  This is the game of cat and mouse the City of Lavon is playing.  But they don't play it very well, they just break the law doing it and I suspect that will catch up to them at some point with personal fines.

Lately however, I figure the gruesome twosome must be conspiring against my FOIA information requests because I see the topic has made it on Tuesday night's City Council Meeting Agenda.  It seems they will put a time limitation on FOIA requests. Page 19 indicates they will spend no more than 36  hours on any information request or they will charge for time and overhead costs along with copying, etc. I can only hope they plan to stick to the small $ amount FOIA allows for since much has been written about the fines these types of entities have had to pay for dicking around with fees charged or worse yet, not supplying the data requested.  I wonder how they will prove that a competent employee actually spent time researching requests and how they will prove they didn't fake the time spent?  Considering they have not proven themselves trustworthy, what with missing information and all, I will have a difficult time believing anything they try to charge.

Perhaps I should request to sit in the office and observe said 'research'. I wonder how much they would appreciate daily visits as I record their activities? Seriously, it is a public building and I am allowed to visually obtain the information in my requests at no copy fees to me. Again, two can play that game.

These two are hell-bent on playing as many games as possible.  I still do not have an answer to my first request well over 10 days old now because their lawyer decided to play games by asking redundant questions which were already answered in my first request. But feigning ignorance will only go so far with the AGs office.

I wonder, what with all the gossiping and dilly dallying that takes place with hours of chat time on cell phones they are attempting to hide from me, just how can they prove they spent efficient time working on task for a FOIA request? I mean, they have not exactly proven themselves beyond reproach have they?   Missing records, just to name one large issue. 

And since there is no level of trust of these people, now one might suppose they will 'conveniently' move the files to their off-site storage location down the road, just so they can make the fees insurmountable to anyone that asks for information. The fact remains, the records I requested have been stored on site for years and I have not asked for anything that wasn't easily accessible and could not be provided as an attachment to an email or a $1 CD.

So too I'm sure they will play games by sending certified letters to me and when they go unsigned because I am not able to get to the post office to sign for them due to my schedule, they will use that as an excuse to claim I have somehow retracted my requests.  By the way, they are not allowed to purposely make it impossible for the requester to receive information, and if they try that game I'm sure the AG will want to hear about it.

So what Lavon citizens are faced with is a sudden resolution which addresses fees and time limitations on FOIA requests.  Doesn't this appear all too convenient considering the fact they are receiving FOIA requests now when nary a request came prior to the last several months?  So too, they are asking for trouble with such an edict especially when one can easily find 30 people to make 1 request each and just keep the fun rolling over and over again sucking up those 36 hours times 30.  Again, two can play that game.

Alas, time is on my side, as I am in no hurry for documents I've already seen in person.  The longer Teske and Wess stall, the more time I have to blog about their foibles and the greater my readership levels grow.  Soon there will not be a person in Lavon who is unaware of their crappy behavior. I predict that as the clock ticks down, each person occupying a seat will be removed and new blood will arrive, and I am confident that eventually the matter will be dealt with.  I will win in the end, so I am not concerning myself with the games these people are playing. And since I believe they are no longer being taken seriously or trusted by community members, I believe their bed is already made.

Despite all that nonsense, I find this new 'resolution' to be yet another convenient example that Mayor Chuck Teske and his pal City Secretary Chris Wess are playing a hide and seek game with FOIA-able information. This should make every citizen of the City of Lavon wonder exactly what sort of business the Bobsey Twins are hiding anyway?

The Best of Me

I write this as I get ready to attend yet another thespian initiation and award ceremony at my son's high school.  He tells me he will be earning some more star awards.  He earns 1 for every 100 hours he has volunteered after school and I suspect he is nearing 1000 hours, having earned his letter jacket last year at 500  hours.

I have been pondering lately the fact that my youngest son will be graduating high school this year and may be headed off somewhere to college.  I am struggling with the fact that there is such a finality to it all.  He won't be here for me to chat with.  He won't be here for me to worry about when he drives home late at night.  Instead of worrying about him when he is behind the wheel, I will be worrying about him all the time.  I cannot reconcile myself to any of this.

When my sons were born, I never had to contemplate their leaving.  Those days were so far away that it seemed like an eternity before I had to get around to thinking about it.  Now it is an eventuality; my sons will leave and I will have to forge a new identity somehow. It is profoundly saddening. 

I still have many months left to enjoy my son's fantastic high school experience.  He has worked so hard toward the culmination of numerous awards last year.  During the summer he spent his time off designing the set for Hairspray the Musical which will be held early 2014, even calling his teachers and setting up a couple lunch meetings with them to show them his designs.  I thank God he has the best teachers in the world, who have nurtured the champion in my son.  I am amazed at what an incredibly talented man he is. 

Over the summer my son even built a miniature set which he presented to the Booster Club parents and other Thespian students.  And he was rewarded in whirlwind moments interviewing for scholarships at the Texas Thespian Convention last month, where he interviewed with about 30 universities from across the country for their Technical Theater BFA programs and received callbacks from 21 of them.  I still have a lump in my throat at the affirmation that so many others see what I see in him. He is a truly amazing individual, and that's not just the mom talking.

I know all of his achievements will not stop just because he goes away to college somewhere.  I know he will have many more honors.  It's just that mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and brother won't be 2 miles down the road to be able to attend all of his activities and cheer him on 

Perhaps that is part of growing up; having to find a new set cheerleaders which spur you on to further greatness.  As a parent, all you can do is pour the best of you into your children and hope they take that and run with it.

The Unzipping of America

Imagine a City Council of bratty children. That appears to be what you get with the City of Quinlan, Texas.

I was astounded to discover that at the City of Quinlan November 11, 2013 Council meeting, 4 council members refused to cast a vote on an organizational chart brought to Council by Jacky Coleman, and seconded by Thompson.  Three Council members, Frazier, Strickland, and Underwood abstained from voting and one was so non-committal either way that the meeting minutes stated it was, "Unclear." What?  Unclear? The more I hear about our local city councils, the more I scratch my head at the wholly insufficient gene pool we are selecting from.

I mean, who does that? Seconds a motion and then dicks around, refusing to vote? Then the presiding officer , Coleman, willfully does not declare the official result of the vote. If only 1 member of a council votes and no other, it is dead. So what exactly is the problem here when Council pretends they voted when they didn't?

These people are elected. WE elect them.  Are the American people so jacked up that they don't have a clue what they are voting into office?  I've been saying, "shit rolls uphill" for years, and it has been proven. All one need do is look at how effed up Washington DC is to see the effects of this.

I have a warning for people: wake the hell up and dig into these people's backgrounds that are on your ballots.  If the citizens of Wylie had only checked the court records for Collin County and Denton County, they would have found a small epistle of distasteful data on their Councilman Nathan Scott.

Even the City of Lavon Council meetings are wrought with ridiculousness. The Chief of Police and other members of the community sit in the chamber and raise their hands, "Ooh, oooh, ooh!" It's like Rorschach on Welcome Back Kotter all over again. This is an official meeting folks, not a Q&A with the audience regardless of who they are. If you are not on the agenda to speak, your mouth should be shut unless you are addressing Council during public input.  It is clear none of these elected people have ever received training at one of TMLs sessions. Perhaps they should receive a copy of Robert's Rules for Christmas. 

I don't know about you but I'm sick to death of these feckless people who are elected because citizens are too complacent or too stupid to care.

Next to keeping our pants zipped, a vote is one of the most powerful signs of self-respect we have, and people are mindlessly throwing both away.

Why Liberal Ideology Doesn't Work

I realize I am about to gush here, but I absolutely love this man.

41% of net new jobs created in November were government jobs. That's not progress, that's alarming. 40% of the population shouldn't be employed by the government unless you live in North Korea.

As a consequence, the unemployment rate dropped, but this is an empty statistic. The government could hire every unemployed person in the U.S. tomorrow, but the government doesn't create wealth, no new added value is made to our nation. In fact the opposite is true, government employees, though clearly many of them are absolutely necessary, have a net negative effect on wealth creation because they have to be paid through the taxes paid from the wealth created by others.

This is precisely why government should remain as limited as possible, because even necessary positions are a drain on the economy and on growth and prosperity.

This is a man that I have had come speak at the Wylie Tea Party before.  I love him because his posts are thoughtful, thought provoking, and accurate. Clearly he does his research.

What he has to say should scare every American to the core.  With the data he provided, let us consider a few simple math facts and consider what they mean:

An astounding 40% of the US population is now employed by the Federal Government

A rather inaccurate 7% are unemployed (and we know this number is closer to 14% because it does not include those who have stopped looking or those who should be employed full time but have only been able to find part time work).

Then we must consider that portion of the US population not working and not considered part of the unemployed.  Retirees represent roughly 13% of the US population according to the US Census reports, and children represent roughly 20%.

If we take all these numbers and add them together, what does this all mean?

It means that 40% of the population are sucking our tax dollars from the system and not creating tax dollars (oh sure they pay taxes on their income, but they are merely putting back a small portion of tax dollars back into the tax pool they sucked it from). These tax suckers are coupled with 7% of the unemployed, and 33% of those not of working age.  This totals to an astounding 80% of the population not working.

That number should scare the living excrement out of you.  The fact is only 20% of the US population are creating any national wealth or contributing to it. That number is insane and most certainly not sustainable, which is one reason why we have an incredible deficit on our hands. We prove every time the Democrats want to increase the debt ceiling that our economy is not sustainable. What I don't understand is just what part of that data Democrats don't understand?  If you are voting with the Democrats then  you are supporting the eventual doom of our country, especially when our policies limit how much of our own resources we sell to other countries.  It is pretty simple math, folks and the big fat negative number continues to grow.

Now imagine if our government focused on creating jobs rather than doling out tax dollars.  Just what sort of wealth might our population create? This is why liberal ideology does not work because it is not sustainable.  This is why our economy is in the condition it is in. 

Regardless of whether you appreciate the Tea Party or Constitutional Conservatives, this is why we are right and our way is the only way that will bring our economy back around without putting us further into debt.  Robbing Peter to pay Paul for job creation is a very bad plan and I would challenge every liberal to prove how their plan can possibly work longer-term.


Every winter when a storm comes to North Texas, I reminisce about my time growing up in the winter wonderland that is Michigan.  Indulge me.

My childhood home in Michigan

One of my fondest childhood memories were the many massive snowstorms we had.  Every winter I looked forward to that first snowfall of the season and in Michigan it usually took place in October, just before Halloween. 

I remember a couple blizzards in my time as well.  One particularly bad one was the blizzard of 1978.  We shoveled the driveway every 15 minutes so that it would be clear for my dad to get home from work.  We lived just off the freeway so he only had to traverse a short way.  The snow fell so hard that the salt trucks could only focus on scraping and salting the freeways.  We were housebound for a week and neighbors drove snowmobiles to Food Town to pick up groceries for other neighbors.  It was days before that truck with the massive shovels made their way down our little side road.  When they did, the 5 foot mound of snow that piled in our driveway from the shovel was a nightmare to remove.

I recall that storm well.  The super high winds and drifts were incredible.  We could not get out of the front of our house and when we looked out our back window, the neighbor's house was gone.  Quite literally his single story home was covered by a snow drift and he was sledding off the top of it.

We shoveled a three feet deep horseshoe path just outside the back door for the dog to do his business. I remember taking photos with my sister out there to commemorate the storm.

Growing up in a snow paradise made for a lot of entertainment.  We couldn't wait for the canal to freeze so we could shovel and skate. We would take our chances a little early sometimes and once we shimmied a little distance out on the ice, if we heard a huge crack we would quickly make our way back to shore.

I recall my dad setting up the fishing shanty in the middle of the lake in November.  The men would ice-fish every weekend and the shanties would remain for months before they were dragged off the ice in March. 

There were times it would grow so cold, a layer of the snow would turn into a sheet of solid ice.  I recall walking across my backyard to the school bus stop across the top of a sheet of ice. I wondered what it would feel like to walk upon water as Jesus did.  Then my foot might punch through the ice and I would find my leg in a 1-3 foot snow hole.  There was nothing worse than getting a shoe full of snow!

Our mothers made due too.  If our boots no loner fit us, our mothers would save the Wonder Bread bags and we would slip them over our shoes and use rubber bands to hold them up over our pant legs. 

When I went outside to play my routine was to put on thermal underwear. I even had thermal socks.  I would then layer on 2-3 pairs of socks and tuck my pants into my socks. I would wear a blouse and then 2 sweaters over that.  I would wrap on a scarf around  my neck and then put on coat.  I would put on a hat and wrap another scarf around my face and tie it hard in the back of my head to keep it tight.  Then gloves went on under mittens.  Slip on the boots and I was ready to go.

Some nights I found myself sleeping in two pairs of pajamas. I slept with a myriad of 6 blankets and quilts on my bed each night and it took at least two hours before my feet would warm up in bed.   Did I mention it was cold?

My window would freeze up in the winter as well.  A mound of ice would form on the sill and every spring my mother would put towels on the sills to sop up the water as the strips of ice would melt.

I recall it would be so cold some days the nose hairs would freeze in my nostrils as I would breath in and out.  My ears would have shooting pains when the cold air came into contact with earrings as it conducted the cold like nothing else.

I grew up building massive snowmen, making hundreds of snow angels, tossing thousands of snowballs.  We built massive snow forts and my girlfriend and I would practice French kissing the snow as he hid inside.

I recall taking walks through the woods and pounding on the trees as the snow fell upon us from the canopy above. And I recall how my toes and fingers became so numb from spending hours outside.  Worse yet, I still recall how they would turn red and swollen and burn like a son-of-a-gun as they began to warm up once inside the house. 

When I got old enough to drive, I would have my share of driving on snow and ice and witness many accidents and spinouts.

As painful and cold as it was, and as much as I would never want to live with that again, I would never want to change having grown up in the snow belt because without the experience, there is simply no way to imagine such a thing exists.

Lavon Reindeer Games

As you can imagine, I suspect the little elves at the City of Lavon are up to some nonsense because they have proven themselves very untrustworthy, in my opinion.  Because of this, I submitted an information request with the City of Quinlan, where a former employee of the City of Lavon went to work and lookie what I got back today:

This letter is from the former City of Lavon Councilman David Hawkins, who is only missing the pointy ears I might add, who sent a request to the City of Quinlan asking for all of the cell phone records for former City of Lavon employee Laura Kennemer. Now I just have to ask, WTF? Unabridged?  Really?  I mean seriously, what the hell do these Lavon bullies think they are getting away with anyway?

The first rule of thumb is this: if Mr. Hawkins wishes to know who Ms. Kennemer is talking with, just ask her.  She seems like a pretty forthcoming sort of gal.  Somehow I don't believe that is the reason behind the request, however. 

Considering the strong bond between certain council members and Mayor Chuck Teske and the City Secretary Chris Wess, one must wonder if this Freedom of Information Request was being sent in so as to find ways to fire the employees that remain, especially considering a couple of them have filed complaints against the City Secretary recently.

I mean honestly, if Lavon talking heads are looking to see if the current employees are talking with the former employees, the answer would probably be, "Yes!" Ya think?

Wouldn't applying simple logic lead you to that conclusion, especially when someone has worked closely for years with others?  It is only natural to form tight bonds.  Would they not continue to be friends even after leaving the job?  So what information exactly was Mr. Hawkins attempting to gather, and what was he planning on doing with that data?

I cannot help but wonder if he is gathering it to hand over to the Mayor and his mangy minions. I wonder if they might be looking for excuses to fire the employees for having a relationship with a former employee? Dumb, considering they paid that former employee's health insurance so that she would put in extra hours training her replacement.  There would certainly be calls back and forth during training, and even after training when that replacement up and quit. 

I hope they realize the big-ass lawsuits that would ensue would they were to fire the two employees for any extracurricular cell phone activity with Ms. Kennemer. I hope they remember that these people filed complaints, and those complaints have fallen on deaf ears so far.  For these employees to be fired now looks like they are being targeted for complaining.  Wowee, you want to talk about shit getting real.  I would hate to deal with that lawsuit, but hey their lawyer Andy Messer seems to have no problem dipping his toe into the Lavon excrement, over and over and over again.

These people need to get a fricking clue.  No actually, they need to get 6 fricking clues. Complaint 1, complaint 2, complaint 3, complaint 4, complaint 5, and complaint 6, each with increasing shock and horror attached to them.

Sadly, these look to be a bunch of checkers players attempting to play a game of chess, for even I can see the liability they have placed upon the City with their continued reindeer games. 

Lavon Political Convenience

Update to last night's City of Lavon Executive Session meeting:

As expected, Mayor Pro Tem Chris Kane was unable to make the Council meeting. Convenient. 

He seems to miss out on every meeting that involves a difficult decision regarding City Secretary Chris Wess.  His attendance, or lack thereof can be found on their meeting minutes.

Could it be that Chris Kane skips out because of his after meeting cavorting with Wess and her playmate Mayor Teske?  Mayor Chuck Teske, Chris Wess, and Mayor Pro Tem Chris Kane have been known to hit the local watering hole together after meetings as was told by Chris Wess in the office each morning afterwards.  Indeed according to Wess, they spent a couple evenings after the budget meetings at Pizza Ghetti. They could deny this, but that's OK because they've been spotted around town by others as well. 

Not surprising, last night Councilwoman Jenny Bodwell picked herself up and walked out of the meeting a mere moments before the Executive Session.  In doing so, there was no Super Majority necessary to make any governing decision over the accusation that Chris Wess sexually harassed an employee, but she knew this didn't she.  I mean, if you are sitting on Council for any length of time, you know how it all works. Because of this, nothing would possibly have been done last night.

 As a citizen, shouldn't that piss you off to no end? These Council members are masters of taking no action whatsoever, hells they don't even 'table' anything.  Must be nice to just go through the motions and then let things drop 'cuz they can. I wonder if they would let things drop if they were the ones who were sexually harassed or bullied at their own place of employment? It seems they have no problem with a double standard; obviously the City of Lavon employees don't matter from the totality of their behavior these past several months.

There is no excuse great enough for the behavior from people who were elected to represent the citizens of Lavon.  And there is no reason great enough for decent, allegedly Christian people to behave in this manner toward the employees. The facts are this: there were at least 3-4 people who witnessed the sexual harassing comments made toward two City employees.  Clearly the City Council could care less about that; they seem to have a 'do as I please' mentality.

Rather than govern, these people would prefer to hide. Sadly, their hiding information from my FOIA requests is costing citizens taxpayer dollars every time they hit up the City Attorney to find ways to stall for them.  But they don't seem to care about frivolously spending your tax dollars to protect this woman named Chris Wess, do they?  I've submitted an open records request for all of the legal statements this year which will show just how much money they have spent "protecting the innocent Chris Wess from the big bad employees."

Would I were you, I would keep that little tidbit in the back of my mind next time their seats come up for election because these people took an oath and they clearly trample that oath whenever it is politically convenient for them to do so.

City of Lavon Game of Hide and Seek

Let the City of Lavon games continue. Below if my response to the befuddling letter I received from the City of Lavon's premier legal eagles Messer, Rockefeller, Fort :

Dear Kaira, 
Per your request for information my answers are below: Specifically, I am asking for the complaint made by [name removed] at Grand Heritage, [name removed] written complaints, and the complaint made by [name removed]. The object is to establish the fact there were numerous complaints made against Chris Wess resulting in little to no action taken by council.
I am asking for only the recordings made during the open meetings in the time-frame stipulated in my original request.  I did not asked for executive session recordings in my original request. The object is to establish the hostility and disdain specific city council members hold toward the employees.

I am seeking the phone and text records between Chris Wess and Chuck Teske made any time of day or night between the dates stipulated in my original request. The object here is to establish a relationship between the two both inside and outside of the office which should have disqualified Mayor Teske from officiating over any of the executive sessions held regarding the employment of Chris Wess due to their alleged 'friendship' being a conflict of interest.

The Attorney General has established in a case between myself and the City of Wylie that all personal cell phone records are to be released, with personal information redacted, when the city does not otherwise supply a city telephone. I was very specific in my request to you about the information I am seeking, however I will restate it again.  I only want to see the days and times of phone calls and texts between Chris Wess and Chuck Teske no matter what business was being conducted, with all other information redacted. I don't need to see phone numbers, names, addresses, or account numbers.  Just days and times as I stated in my original request.  Again, I wish to establish a relationship between Chris Wess and Chuck Teske both inside and outside of the office.

If any of this is considered by you to be attorney/client privileged information, by all means consider this my request to seek a ruling from the Attorney General's office.

The date and time of your email to me asking for clarifications, which I might add could have been requested within days of my original request for information, establishes you are stalling.  Clearly your firm waited until 31 minutes prior to the time my FOIA request was due to me to frivolously ask for clarification when none was necessary.

I will interpret this as a signal that Messer, Rockefeller, Fort is purposely stalling and if it continues I will seek the advice of the Attorney General's office regarding the purposeful obstruction of my FOIA request.

I have to admit, these ass hats did exactly as I thought they would; no surprises there.  Hells, even the City of Wylie behaved better than that when I submitted information requests to them for cell phone records.  At least Wylie didn't wait until the 11th hour to feign ignorance as to what I was asking for.  I just have to say it. If the legal counsel is that stupid, I'm not surprised Lavon is in the current shape they are in. My understanding is that a formal complaint has been made against City Secretary Chris Wess for sexual harassment.  Wow.
I do believe in the power of the system and though the City of Wylie whined like sissies to the Attorney General's office that I own a blog and I might publish this information, HORRORS! I am satisfied knowing that the 9 times out of 10 the AG will side with the citizen in these matters. The City of Lavon and their attorney can stall all they want, but I am fairly confident that they will have to relent because I have not asked for anything uber-secret-handshake secret, and because I will write my letter to the AG, just as I did with the City of Wylie when I requested their personal cell phone records, providing them a compelling reason as to why it is necessary for them to be released.  They may as well give up now and go home.  I totally got this.
It would appear I am not the only one that is savvy either.  The Austin Bulldog News has sued the City of Austin for their personal cell phone records.  Oh, and they won too.  Touché


Money can’t buy you everything.  We all know it can’t buy happiness and it most certainly cannot buy respect.

I am certain many of you have heard the rumors around town that the Highland Park Scotts are going to wear white trash bags to Friday night’s Class 4A, Division 1 Region II playoff game between Highland Park and Wylie High School. The Scotts are dubbing the game, “Trash vs. Cash”. Classy, I know.

I know of no other team that has worked as hard and solidified as a unit as the Pirates have. These guys are stellar.  Despite last week’s attempt at intimidation by the South Oak Cliff Bearcats and their growling and bravado chest beating, our guys ignored the hype and played a clean game.  Oh, and they won.

The Pirates have proven themselves steady and focused this season and they know how to move that ball and block that line.  So if the boys wearing skirts think they can take us, more power to them because our guys are the ones who have earned the respect by keeping it classy.

Win or lose on Friday night, our guys will walk away the winners.

FYI, the venue has changed.  According to the Wylie News it will not be held at Allen Eagle Stadium on Friday.  Kickoff is 7:30pm.