City of Lavon Game of Hide and Seek

Let the City of Lavon games continue. Below if my response to the befuddling letter I received from the City of Lavon's premier legal eagles Messer, Rockefeller, Fort :

Dear Kaira, 
Per your request for information my answers are below: Specifically, I am asking for the complaint made by [name removed] at Grand Heritage, [name removed] written complaints, and the complaint made by [name removed]. The object is to establish the fact there were numerous complaints made against Chris Wess resulting in little to no action taken by council.
I am asking for only the recordings made during the open meetings in the time-frame stipulated in my original request.  I did not asked for executive session recordings in my original request. The object is to establish the hostility and disdain specific city council members hold toward the employees.

I am seeking the phone and text records between Chris Wess and Chuck Teske made any time of day or night between the dates stipulated in my original request. The object here is to establish a relationship between the two both inside and outside of the office which should have disqualified Mayor Teske from officiating over any of the executive sessions held regarding the employment of Chris Wess due to their alleged 'friendship' being a conflict of interest.

The Attorney General has established in a case between myself and the City of Wylie that all personal cell phone records are to be released, with personal information redacted, when the city does not otherwise supply a city telephone. I was very specific in my request to you about the information I am seeking, however I will restate it again.  I only want to see the days and times of phone calls and texts between Chris Wess and Chuck Teske no matter what business was being conducted, with all other information redacted. I don't need to see phone numbers, names, addresses, or account numbers.  Just days and times as I stated in my original request.  Again, I wish to establish a relationship between Chris Wess and Chuck Teske both inside and outside of the office.

If any of this is considered by you to be attorney/client privileged information, by all means consider this my request to seek a ruling from the Attorney General's office.

The date and time of your email to me asking for clarifications, which I might add could have been requested within days of my original request for information, establishes you are stalling.  Clearly your firm waited until 31 minutes prior to the time my FOIA request was due to me to frivolously ask for clarification when none was necessary.

I will interpret this as a signal that Messer, Rockefeller, Fort is purposely stalling and if it continues I will seek the advice of the Attorney General's office regarding the purposeful obstruction of my FOIA request.

I have to admit, these ass hats did exactly as I thought they would; no surprises there.  Hells, even the City of Wylie behaved better than that when I submitted information requests to them for cell phone records.  At least Wylie didn't wait until the 11th hour to feign ignorance as to what I was asking for.  I just have to say it. If the legal counsel is that stupid, I'm not surprised Lavon is in the current shape they are in. My understanding is that a formal complaint has been made against City Secretary Chris Wess for sexual harassment.  Wow.
I do believe in the power of the system and though the City of Wylie whined like sissies to the Attorney General's office that I own a blog and I might publish this information, HORRORS! I am satisfied knowing that the 9 times out of 10 the AG will side with the citizen in these matters. The City of Lavon and their attorney can stall all they want, but I am fairly confident that they will have to relent because I have not asked for anything uber-secret-handshake secret, and because I will write my letter to the AG, just as I did with the City of Wylie when I requested their personal cell phone records, providing them a compelling reason as to why it is necessary for them to be released.  They may as well give up now and go home.  I totally got this.
It would appear I am not the only one that is savvy either.  The Austin Bulldog News has sued the City of Austin for their personal cell phone records.  Oh, and they won too.  Touché