God Save the Queen

The first thing I saw as I opened my tablet to Facebook this morning was this:

"Next week, student government leaders at The University of Houston Downtown are expected to vote on a bill to convert two restrooms into gender neutral facilities.

It's aimed at making transgender students feel more comfortable on campus, but some students are threatening to transfer if the change is implemented.

Should the school enforce the change if student leaders pass it?" - Fox 26 Houston

People, people, people, wake the hell up. 

I have always held the opinion that we should just live and let live. I love my lesbian best friend from high school just as much as I love my straight friends. I wish her well in every aspect that life has to offer.  But I see nothing good coming from all inclusive bathrooms, and walking this slippery slope in hopes that it will make a teeny sector of society feel better is going to prove to be the undoing of our society.  The sooner we learn this lesson, the better.

Oh, I get the liberal plight well enough.  Everyone should hold inclusive values. Everyone should be allowed to vote. Nobody should see color. Nobody should have separate drinking fountains. Nobody should be made to feel like they are less than anyone else, but will sharing bathrooms make that so? So how did we get here?  In my opinion, moral decay is the culprit. Or more to the point, the inability to differentiate between right and wrong is the culprit.

Imagine the Victorians shaking their heads at the flappers of the 20s with their short skirts, bare arms, and loose dance. Moral decay has gone on for decades and there is nothing about it that makes it inherently wrong.  Why should women have to wear stiff collars covering their necks and long, heavy skirts? Why should one race hold ownership over another? Why should one class be excluded from voting for representatives that set the laws for all? These are all good things that came with change.

Recall how shocking Madona was with her skimpy clothes, sexual songs and cone bra?  Now compare her to Miley Cyrus humping a foam finger on TV and spreading a video of herself masturbating between two sheets.  There is a certain segment of society that is horrified and yet another that thinks this is completely cool.  These are all bad things. As I see it, we now have people behaving no different than animals humping in the fields. So what makes us different from animals then? Reason. But apparently we have lost that.

As I look at this unisex multi-stalled bathroom, I wonder what good can come from this? Just how does this make transgenders feel better about themselves then?  It changes nothing and I will show you how in my conclusion.

Broken barriers have been around through all societies since dirt was created.  Older men married younger women out of necessity. On the frontier, a sister might marry her brother-in-law because his wife died and a woman was needed to rear the children.  Even cousins marry in the monarchy in order to keep their blood blue.

Society has allowed, perhaps grumbling along the way, these anomalies to take place without batting an eyelash. The young move up and bring with them their attitudes and the old grumble, wither and die and their attitudes become replaced. Nothing stays the same and we have a moral decay, or perhaps a better term in these instances is moral evolution. Yet we are on a path, thanks to the progressives, of complete moral obliteration and it begins with the notion of  total inclusivity.

So what is wrong with being inclusive? I agree we should not exclude anyone from quiet enjoyment of life. We should not keep one class of people from voting any more than we should force women to stay home and tend to children just because they are the ones to carry them in the womb. But for all this inclusivity, for all the oneness the progressives desire, it is an impossibility.

No matter how hard we try.  No matter what laws we enact or tear apart.  No matter how many multi-stalled unisex bathrooms we install. This world will always be divided because there is no possible way to change the fact that we are men and women. 

If we were to remove one of those halves, then we will cease to exist.  This is the slippery slope we walk as we demand inclusion, nay, accept nothing but inclusion.  Because we are fooling ourselves to even think it is possible.