Lavon Political Convenience

Update to last night's City of Lavon Executive Session meeting:

As expected, Mayor Pro Tem Chris Kane was unable to make the Council meeting. Convenient. 

He seems to miss out on every meeting that involves a difficult decision regarding City Secretary Chris Wess.  His attendance, or lack thereof can be found on their meeting minutes.

Could it be that Chris Kane skips out because of his after meeting cavorting with Wess and her playmate Mayor Teske?  Mayor Chuck Teske, Chris Wess, and Mayor Pro Tem Chris Kane have been known to hit the local watering hole together after meetings as was told by Chris Wess in the office each morning afterwards.  Indeed according to Wess, they spent a couple evenings after the budget meetings at Pizza Ghetti. They could deny this, but that's OK because they've been spotted around town by others as well. 

Not surprising, last night Councilwoman Jenny Bodwell picked herself up and walked out of the meeting a mere moments before the Executive Session.  In doing so, there was no Super Majority necessary to make any governing decision over the accusation that Chris Wess sexually harassed an employee, but she knew this didn't she.  I mean, if you are sitting on Council for any length of time, you know how it all works. Because of this, nothing would possibly have been done last night.

 As a citizen, shouldn't that piss you off to no end? These Council members are masters of taking no action whatsoever, hells they don't even 'table' anything.  Must be nice to just go through the motions and then let things drop 'cuz they can. I wonder if they would let things drop if they were the ones who were sexually harassed or bullied at their own place of employment? It seems they have no problem with a double standard; obviously the City of Lavon employees don't matter from the totality of their behavior these past several months.

There is no excuse great enough for the behavior from people who were elected to represent the citizens of Lavon.  And there is no reason great enough for decent, allegedly Christian people to behave in this manner toward the employees. The facts are this: there were at least 3-4 people who witnessed the sexual harassing comments made toward two City employees.  Clearly the City Council could care less about that; they seem to have a 'do as I please' mentality.

Rather than govern, these people would prefer to hide. Sadly, their hiding information from my FOIA requests is costing citizens taxpayer dollars every time they hit up the City Attorney to find ways to stall for them.  But they don't seem to care about frivolously spending your tax dollars to protect this woman named Chris Wess, do they?  I've submitted an open records request for all of the legal statements this year which will show just how much money they have spent "protecting the innocent Chris Wess from the big bad employees."

Would I were you, I would keep that little tidbit in the back of my mind next time their seats come up for election because these people took an oath and they clearly trample that oath whenever it is politically convenient for them to do so.