Lavon Reindeer Games

As you can imagine, I suspect the little elves at the City of Lavon are up to some nonsense because they have proven themselves very untrustworthy, in my opinion.  Because of this, I submitted an information request with the City of Quinlan, where a former employee of the City of Lavon went to work and lookie what I got back today:

This letter is from the former City of Lavon Councilman David Hawkins, who is only missing the pointy ears I might add, who sent a request to the City of Quinlan asking for all of the cell phone records for former City of Lavon employee Laura Kennemer. Now I just have to ask, WTF? Unabridged?  Really?  I mean seriously, what the hell do these Lavon bullies think they are getting away with anyway?

The first rule of thumb is this: if Mr. Hawkins wishes to know who Ms. Kennemer is talking with, just ask her.  She seems like a pretty forthcoming sort of gal.  Somehow I don't believe that is the reason behind the request, however. 

Considering the strong bond between certain council members and Mayor Chuck Teske and the City Secretary Chris Wess, one must wonder if this Freedom of Information Request was being sent in so as to find ways to fire the employees that remain, especially considering a couple of them have filed complaints against the City Secretary recently.

I mean honestly, if Lavon talking heads are looking to see if the current employees are talking with the former employees, the answer would probably be, "Yes!" Ya think?

Wouldn't applying simple logic lead you to that conclusion, especially when someone has worked closely for years with others?  It is only natural to form tight bonds.  Would they not continue to be friends even after leaving the job?  So what information exactly was Mr. Hawkins attempting to gather, and what was he planning on doing with that data?

I cannot help but wonder if he is gathering it to hand over to the Mayor and his mangy minions. I wonder if they might be looking for excuses to fire the employees for having a relationship with a former employee? Dumb, considering they paid that former employee's health insurance so that she would put in extra hours training her replacement.  There would certainly be calls back and forth during training, and even after training when that replacement up and quit. 

I hope they realize the big-ass lawsuits that would ensue would they were to fire the two employees for any extracurricular cell phone activity with Ms. Kennemer. I hope they remember that these people filed complaints, and those complaints have fallen on deaf ears so far.  For these employees to be fired now looks like they are being targeted for complaining.  Wowee, you want to talk about shit getting real.  I would hate to deal with that lawsuit, but hey their lawyer Andy Messer seems to have no problem dipping his toe into the Lavon excrement, over and over and over again.

These people need to get a fricking clue.  No actually, they need to get 6 fricking clues. Complaint 1, complaint 2, complaint 3, complaint 4, complaint 5, and complaint 6, each with increasing shock and horror attached to them.

Sadly, these look to be a bunch of checkers players attempting to play a game of chess, for even I can see the liability they have placed upon the City with their continued reindeer games.