People Quack Me Up

Watching the national brouhaha over Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson's biblical interpretations is really quacking me up. OK, so I get it, he expressed an opinion.  He didn't disparage people, he merely stated his understanding and interpretation of the bible passages dealing with the topic.  Remember the old childhood adage: sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me? It's all just words.

Edward Snowdon had words on the NSA spying on Americans, but those words were illegal.  Martin Bashir had words about defecating in Sarah Palin's mouth and, though disgusting, those words were not illegal. Phil Robertson uttered some words on gays and what the bible says about them, and those words were not illegal either. Though I don't particularly care for Bashir, he did not lose his job rather he resigned.  So why is what Robertson said worth being suspended? I'm guessing the next logical step is a firing or cancelation of the show. 

Don't tell me A&E didn't know the religious character of these Duck Dynasty people until now. It's not like they haven't expressed their opinions off air about other similar topics. If you are already someone watching Duck Dynasty, you've already listened to the ramblings of these people. Personally, I turned it on for 10 minutes and was bored, as it's just not my kind of show.

A very strong underlying theme of the show is these people's Christianity.  In fact, it is pretty likely all of the people on this show hold the same views, so is A&E going to just cancel the show?  Have they considered how much money Duck Dynasty has made for them?

Viewers can choose to watch or not. However if I were an advertiser or show producer I wouldn't discount that the show has a huge Christian following. The fact is, Phil Robertson has the right to express his beliefs outside of the show, even if others don't like it.

In my opinion it is a bit disingenuous of A&E to suspend him now. By doing so, A&E ignores the Christians watching that show and this could be their own undoing when they are boycotted, along with their advertisers. Just look to Chick Fil A to see how it might turn out for them.

Wouldn't it be appropriate to ask gay people what they think about it all?  I would bet they didn't watch the show to begin with.  I mean honestly, if a gay person is going to preach tolerance for their own views, wouldn't common sense dictate that they should just roll their eyes at Robertson's comments and move on? 

There is room for gay shows and non-gay shows. If you don't care for gay lifestyles, don't watch their shows. If you don't care for Christian lifestyles, don't watch their shows. Advertisers will not be affected either way as it is unlikely those who don't agree with the show aren't watching it anyway. It's pretty simple.

 A&E needs to grow a pair, put Robertson back on the show, and stop protecting one class of people over another. I think we can all agree there is room for all of us in this country, for if there isn't then we are most certainly doomed. 

We must not attempt to prove how tolerant we are of all groups by showering intolerance on one group.