The Unzipping of America

Imagine a City Council of bratty children. That appears to be what you get with the City of Quinlan, Texas.

I was astounded to discover that at the City of Quinlan November 11, 2013 Council meeting, 4 council members refused to cast a vote on an organizational chart brought to Council by Jacky Coleman, and seconded by Thompson.  Three Council members, Frazier, Strickland, and Underwood abstained from voting and one was so non-committal either way that the meeting minutes stated it was, "Unclear." What?  Unclear? The more I hear about our local city councils, the more I scratch my head at the wholly insufficient gene pool we are selecting from.

I mean, who does that? Seconds a motion and then dicks around, refusing to vote? Then the presiding officer , Coleman, willfully does not declare the official result of the vote. If only 1 member of a council votes and no other, it is dead. So what exactly is the problem here when Council pretends they voted when they didn't?

These people are elected. WE elect them.  Are the American people so jacked up that they don't have a clue what they are voting into office?  I've been saying, "shit rolls uphill" for years, and it has been proven. All one need do is look at how effed up Washington DC is to see the effects of this.

I have a warning for people: wake the hell up and dig into these people's backgrounds that are on your ballots.  If the citizens of Wylie had only checked the court records for Collin County and Denton County, they would have found a small epistle of distasteful data on their Councilman Nathan Scott.

Even the City of Lavon Council meetings are wrought with ridiculousness. The Chief of Police and other members of the community sit in the chamber and raise their hands, "Ooh, oooh, ooh!" It's like Rorschach on Welcome Back Kotter all over again. This is an official meeting folks, not a Q&A with the audience regardless of who they are. If you are not on the agenda to speak, your mouth should be shut unless you are addressing Council during public input.  It is clear none of these elected people have ever received training at one of TMLs sessions. Perhaps they should receive a copy of Robert's Rules for Christmas. 

I don't know about you but I'm sick to death of these feckless people who are elected because citizens are too complacent or too stupid to care.

Next to keeping our pants zipped, a vote is one of the most powerful signs of self-respect we have, and people are mindlessly throwing both away.