Tollroad Bullies

In checking out this video from the Collin County Commissioners Court, you will see additional information on the new tollroad proposed from Greenville through Wylie.

This poor woman in the video who addresses the court is from Josephine.  She is having her property rights infringed upon by this tollroad and will probably even have her property taken away from her through eminent domain.  This tollroad which is planned to go through Wylie is proposed by a private entity which was given authority to lease the land without any real investigation.  Sadly, these shysters involved in the tollroad do have condemnation authority:

If you fast forward to 1 hour 11 minutes, you will see this property owner speak and the discussion among the Collin County Commissioners Court that takes place afterwards. I wonder how many untold property owners will be affected by this proposed tollroad?

This is a disgusting usurpation of power.  No public input was obtained, no traffic study has been done.  We will ultimately have semi's roaring through Wylie day and night on this road because there is not enough population in the area to use it.  Any business next to the existing railroad along 78 will be in jeopardy of having their property taken away from them.  If you live or work anywhere near 78, you had better be afraid, very afraid.

There will not be enough traffic on this road, based upon the population it will go through to make it a worthwhile venture, yet someone may be willing to fund it unless it starts to receive some bad press and bristling by the communities it will adversely affect.  

Since there is no funding in place for this project currently, there is still time for the City Wylie as well as citizens to begin fighting this through State Representative Jodie Laubenberg while our legislature is in session.   

Please contact Representative Jodie Laubenberg at:   

Rep. Laubenberg, Jodie

District 89

Email link:

Capitol Address:

Room 1N.7, Capitol
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768
(512) 463-0186
(512) 463-5896 Fax

District Address:

206 N. Murphy Road
Murphy, Texas 75094
(972) 424.6810 

Punk Life

I recall sitting in the back of my grandparent’s car in the late 60s as a little girl and hearing the Beatles for the first time, and I was bored.  I know.  Can you believe? Through the 70s my sister fell in love with David Bowie and his glitter rock and I fell asleep listening to the click of her 8-track tape deck changing from side to side.  I heard his songs so many times I could hum Panic in Detroit in my sleep.  I was beginning to form my musical opinions.

By the time the 80s ushered in my ability to drive, get a job, and have some freedom, I was so in love with all that new music because it did not sound like anything else I had ever listened to.  On a clear night I could get the radio station in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  They played punk and what was being called New Wave.  While surfing the radio waves one snowy night, looking for an announcement about closed schools on our little local radio station WHMI, I discovered that they were playing some of that heady stuff I was falling in love with.  I started listening to The Cure back in their very black days. You won’t hear that stuff on the radio, even today. 

Punk.  You just couldn’t find it anywhere in Detroit.  I mean, this was DETROIT.  Home of Motown.  Rock City.  WRIF ruled the waves and it was Ted Nugent, AC/DC, and Bob Segar.  All of which I enjoyed of course, but my heart was being tugged elsewhere.

My bff and I were not much unlike all the giggling teenage girls back then.  We spent hours talking, playing with makeup, planning outfits, singing, dancing, going to concerts, and shopping. When we graduated from high school, we were old enough to enter the club scene in Detroit.  Oh sure our hands were stamped with the ‘underage’ scarlet letter but that didn’t stop us from wanting to dance and be part of the music scene. 

We had our own personal favorite spaces and we would cooperate going to one or another.  Mine was a punk/gay bar called Todds in East Detroit. It was located at 7 Mile and Van Dyke, believe me, very dicey even back in the day.  However when we dressed like punks, we found that nobody messed with us.  Though I was scared to death walking from the parking lot on 7 Mile, dressed as a punk I didn’t look scared. Here I was, Lilly White posing.  Black makeup, black nail polish, black lipstick.  My eyes rimmed black.  Back in those days I used real safety pins as earrings, easily nipping off the sharp tip because the idea of stabbing that thing through my ear was frightening.  There was no such thing as Got 2B Glue, I used real watered-down Elmer’s Glue and hung my head upside down to dry to get the Mohawk to stand up.  I used food-coloring mixed in hairspray and found it washed out easily in the morning.  The nice thing about having longer hair was that if I put it up, people could see the sides of my head were shaved and if I kept it down, they couldn’t really tell so much. 

My bff and I would slow dance in the middle of the dance floor surrounded by other punks, swaying in our own little circle.  There was no picking up people there; it wasn’t a place like that.  It was a place to be seen….and the punks with their spiked hair could be spotted in black silhouette on the dance floor with mulit-colored bright stage lights lighting up our hair.  They had live punk bands there.  The air smelled of incense and herbal cigarettes.  If you wanted a drink, you had to make your way to the bar where the gays hung out.  No judging.  Everyone was a misfit in that bar and we all remained easily anonymous. I was part of something so utterly underground in Detroit that only certain people knew about this place. It was not packed on alternative Thursday nights by any stretch. 

Conversely, to appease my bff, I went clubbing with her in Ann Arbor.  Such a cool town, we used to go early and make our way to the local head shops for entertainment and the record store.  Schoolkids Records was locally well known. They had imported vinyl and I could buy The Cure – Faith and Seventeen Seconds.  Batastrophy.  The Sex Pistols.  For these outings we would be dressed in our brightly colored miniskirts with big, 80s hair.  My bff had a penchant for Billy Idol, Depeche Mode, and the more electronic New Wave music. We would often close the bars in Ann Arbor.  I was going to Eastern Michigan University and my bff had dropped out of school, to work.  I loved her like a sister.  It was about this time that she started to become totally boy crazy.  I really had to start watching her.  I became the mom and she became out of control.  She started going to the bars without me.  When I went, I was her designated driver. 

She met a guy at a bar and sadly she got herself pregnant.  I recall at the time that she was terrified and needed me and I just wanted to be there for her.  She wanted the boy to marry her but he refused.  He offered to pay for an abortion.  She waited.  She cajoled but he would not relent.  Finally she realized she would have to make some difficult decisions.  Our other good friend insisted it was a sin to have an abortion. She cried and begged for Terri not to do it.  When Terri finally made the decision to go through with it, and I supported her decision, Kim never spoke to us again.  My bff was terrified her mother might find out so she begged me to come with her.  I skipped school that day because I loved Terri.

I played the mom yet again.  She had already gone to Planned Parenthood in the morning and they inserted a wood ‘wedge’ to start dilating her cervix.   When I got to her apartment, she was taking the first valium they prescribed.  She was in some pain already.  I drove her back to the clinic and held her hand all the way through.  I stroked her forehead as she squeezed her eyes shut in the moments the suction hurt her very badly.  I have tried to block out the images and sounds as I sat in that room with my best friend.  I have tried to block out the image of the bloody jar that contained floating bits of a baby.  They held the jar up and carried it out, like it was an everyday occurrence.  My best friend’s baby was in that jar.  Had they no feelings?  I have tried to block that image from my mind for 29 years and I cannot. I have tried to block the image of the doctor going in to cut up the larger parts of that baby when that horrible sucking machine stopped.  It was truly horrifying.

At the time, I recall being thankful that I never placed myself into that sort of a situation.  I was glad that it was her difficult decision to make.  I could not sit in judgment of her and I took no blame for the decision, though Kim blamed us both.  I just wanted to be there for Terri.

Within a year, I had moved away, married, and we lost touch.  Life went on.

It was about the time I was age 30 that I started searching for my long lost friend.  The internet allowed me to start searching phone books in Florida as I had heard she moved there with her mother.  I had two little ones at home and I was urgently in need of my high school bestie.  I was in urgent need to know everything was OK with her.  I searched for 2 years on the internet.  I mailed letters to strangers with her mother’s name and finally, one day I received a phone call.  It was my best friend’s mother.  What she proceeded to tell me has haunted me ever since.  Only 6 months earlier my best friend Terri was killed in a car accident.  I lost the dearest friend I ever knew. 

You probably wonder why this has haunted me.  I am haunted by the images of myself as a young girl so willing to let my friend put an end to a life.  She just wanted this foreign, offending thing out of her so she could go on living.  Unfortunately, she didn’t live, did she? I could never tell her mother what we had done together.  I could never let her mother grieve for not only the loss of her sweet daughter, but also mourn for the loss of what could have been her grandchild.

If I knew then what I know now about life, I would have begged Terri to have the baby.  Her mother would at least have had a grandchild to remember her daughter by.  I cannot forgive myself for being a tacit partner in the loss of that innocent unborn child.  I also cannot forgive myself because I knew my friend had lied about her last period.  At the time only first trimester abortions were allowed and I knew she was in her 4th month.  I must live with the pain of her decision every day of my life. 

As I ponder yesterday being the anniversary to Roe v. Wade, I remain steadfast about ending abortions.  I could never have an abortion myself and am so thankful that both of my sons were very wanted and very planned.

Terri was such a sweet soul.  She was kind and generous and loved life.  She made some errors in good judgment and I cannot blame her for that.  I am still heartbroken that I will never get to see her again so that I can heal for my part in standing by in the terrible decision she made to abort her baby.  I only hope that this story will help others to see that a decision to follow in Terri’s footsteps will have life-long effects on others around them.  It is a life.

Another Survey

I received a survey from Wylie ISD in which I can only believe pits Athletics against Fine Arts.  I know where they are going with this.  It's the same place every school district has gone.  We all know Football rules here in Wylie.

Among the questions: is your child involved in any after school or summer sports and how much time do they spend in this activity?  Notice the questions don't ask if your child is involved in any visual arts or fine arts programs after school.  As if.

There are some excellent programs in Wylie.  WAG, Wylie Acting Group does a phenomenal job putting on local plays, the Wylie Art Gallery hosts a plethora of art classes and finally, we have an abundance of dance studios as well.  My son alone, spends over 20 hours a week on Tech Theatre at High and there are others like him that spend countless hours in dance studios all around Wylie. Still, how many others spend hours quietly at home drawing, as I did when I was a young girl.  In fact, over the Christmas break, a handful of students from Wylie High volunteered their time to work at Wylie East to assist in building the set of Bye Bye Birdie because East doesn't have quite a large enough Tech following yet. 

The questionnaire is not fair and balanced, from the number of questions with a sports-dominated theme to the scope of those questions.

This problem is not Wylie's alone to bear either.  Fine Arts and Visual Arts are being cut all over the place.  Sadly, when there is a budget crunch, they are the first programs to be cut.

Do you know the budget for Tech Theatre at Wylie High this year?  It's roughly $4K.  I would love to see the athletics programs squeak by on that. They couldn't, you see, because they are used to getting money handed to them hand over fist. Oh sure they earn it too.  People come to football games.  Sadly, the theatre is not full to capacity when there is a play or some other activity. I blame the citizens for their ignorance and apathy toward art, any art

I blame the people of Wylie for finding artistic and intellectual pursuits to be somehow inferior to pursuits of brawn and non-intellect. Oh yes, I can hear people complaining about that statement all around town now.  Honestly, get over yourselves.  The fact is, football is not known for being a high IQ activity.  

Dear Parents:
The Wylie Independent School District is committed to serving the educational, social and physical well-being of all children. Our schools offer many opportunities to grow in these areas. When it comes to athletics and fine arts, our students excel in every event they participate in.
The Wylie ISD Board of Trustees is creating a master plan for these programs. Their goals include:
• keep our competitive edge
• ensuring these activities increase the emotional well-being of our children
• provide the optimum participation numbers
• meet all budget constraints
Please follow the link below to a SHORT survey about your child's interests.  The results will be used to help make decisions on potential additions to fine arts and athletics offerings.
The Wylie ISD Board and Administration

Sanity At Last

 If you haven't heard of Bill Whittle, you should get acquainted. Well acquainted.

Questions from Bill Whittle.

  • The following are 50 questions most Americans should be asking...

    #1 Why are sales of physical silver coins breaking all sorts of all-time records? The U.S. Mint is on pace to sell more silver eagles during the first month of 2013 than it did during the entire year of 2007.

    #2 Why has Germany announced that it will be moving gold from New York and Paris to its own vaults back home? Is this a sign of a breakdown in trust among global central banks?

    #3 Why is China systematically hoarding gold?

    #4 Why have billionaires such as George Soros and John Paulson been hoarding massive amounts of gold?

    #5 Why are billionaires buying up so much ranch land up in Montana?

    #6 Why is Russia warning that we are rapidly approaching a global “currency war”?

    #7 Why has Barack Obama chosen this moment to launch an all-out attack on the Second Amendment?

    #8 Why does Barack Obama want doctors to ask their patients questions about firearms?

    #9 Why is there an incredibly severe nationwide ammunition shortage all of a sudden?

    #10 Why has a bill been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives that “would ban Internet or mail order ammunition purchases“?

    #11 Why are gun control advocates such as Piers Morgan pushing for us to become more like the UK when the UK actually has a much higher violent crime rate than we do?

    #12 Why was a Forbes article that made a connection between the use of psychiatric drugs and the mass shootings that we have seen in recent years almost immediately taken down from the Internet?

    #13 Why does the federal government want to start putting “black boxes” in all new motor vehicles?

    #14 Why are some U.S. states now using computers to predict “future crimes“?

    #15 Why are “black-clad federal SWAT teams” raiding farms and ranches all over the United States?

    #16 Why are we all being trained to spy on one another?

    #17 Why are highly advanced facial recognition cameras being put up all over the United States?

    #18 Why have police departments all over America begun to deploy unmanned surveillance drones in the skies over our cities?

    #19 Why are schools all over America beginning to require students to carry IDs with RFID microchips in them wherever they go?

    #20 Why are more Americans not outraged that nearly 400 TSA employees have been fired for stealing from travelers since 2003?

    #21 Why are Americans not more outraged that TSA goons are manhandling the private areas of our women and our children in the name of “national security”?

    #22 Why is an elderly survivor of the Nazi occupation of Austria, Kitty Werthmann, warning that America is heading down the exact same path that she experienced?

    #23 If the economy is in good shape, then why are more than one out of every four U.S. workers with a 401(k) raiding those funds in order to pay current expenses?

    #24 Why does the Federal Reserve continue to insist that the economy is “improving” when it obviously is not?

    #25 Why can so few Americans explain how money is created in the United States?

    #26 Why has the U.S. dollar declined in value by well over 95 percent since the Federal Reserve was created?

    #27 Why is the U.S. national debt more than 5000 times larger than it was when the Federal Reserve was created?

    #28 Why isn’t the mainstream media in the U.S. discussing the fact that the U.S. dollar is in danger of losing its status as the primary reserve currency of the world?

    #29 Why don’t more Americans know about the quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble?

    #30 Why did the U.S. national debt grow during the first four years of the Obama administration by about as much as it did from the time that George Washington took office to the time that George W. Bush took office?

    #31 Why is the middle class in America bringing home a smaller share of the overall income pie than has ever been recorded before?

    #32 If the U.S. economy is producing a healthy number of good jobs, then why are we spending nearly a trillion dollars a year on welfare?

    #33 If the U.S. economy is not collapsing, then why has the number of Americans on food stamps grown from 17 million in the year 2000 to more than 47 million today?

    #34 If America is still an economic powerhouse, then why have we lost more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities since 2001?

    #35 Why are we losing half a million jobs to China every single year?

    #36 Why were one out of every ten homes sold in the state of California last year purchased by Chinese citizens?

    #37 Why has the percentage of men with jobs in the United States fallen so dramatically? Back in 1950, more than 80 percent of all men in the United States had jobs. Today, less than 65 percent of all men in the United States have jobs.

    #38 Why are so many Americans poor today? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 146 million Americans are either “poor” or “low income”. Why is this happening?

    #39 Why does the U.S. government have a website that teaches immigrants how to sign up for welfare programs once they arrive in the United States?

    #40 Why has the number of gang members living in the United States risen by an astounding 40 percent just since 2009?

    #41 Why does approximately one out of every three children in the United States live in a home without a father? Can such a society prosper in the long run?

    #42 Why are our supermarkets being flooded with genetically-modified foods when a whole host of studies have shown that they are potentially dangerous to human health?

    #43 If the economy has “improved” during the Obama years, then why are hunger and poverty still absolutely skyrocketing in the United States?

    #44 Why are more than a million public school students in the United States homeless?

    #45 Why are more than 50 percent of all children in Detroit living in poverty? Detroit used to be one of the greatest cities in the entire world. How did such prosperity turn into such desolation?

    #46 Why did a violent riot break out at an event where government-subsidized section 8 housing vouchers were being handed out in a suburb of Detroit earlier this month? Is this the kind of unrest that we can expect to see all over the country when things get really bad?

    #47 Why are cities all over the United States making it illegal to feed the homeless?

    #48 Why is the UN trying to take control of the Internet?

    #49 Why have global food supplies sunk to their lowest level in nearly 40 years?

    #50 Why is global power concentrated in so few hands? According to the Swiss Federal Institute, a network of 147 mega-corporations control 40 percent of all the wealth in the world, and in a previous article I described how just six obscenely powerful corporations completely dominate the media industry in the United States. Is it good for such incredible power to be concentrated in the hands of so few people?

Blanket Show

Sorry to keep you in suspense.  Perhaps I was a tad overzealous to think I would be feeling well enough to sit at my desk. Lot's to write about, but don't quite feel up to it.

The blankie calls and I must answer.

See you in a couple days.

For now I leave you with this from Sheriff Terry Box:

In light of recent events I feel I need to make a public statement of my views on this subject.

As the Sheriff of Collin County, Texas, I have for the past 28 years served to protect and keep safe all citizens of our county, recognizing the trust placed in me with this profoundly important responsibility.

Unfortunately, the recent surge in the numbers of innocent victims who have died at the hands of unstable criminals has prompted politicians in Washington to seek to pass laws that would seriously erode the constitutional rights of innocent and law abiding citizens.

Neither I, nor any of my deputies, will participate in the enforcement of laws that violate our precious constitutional rights, including our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

As long as I remain Sheriff of Collin County, I will not participate in the actions of misguided politicians who seek to impede our citizen’s right to all of the privileges afforded by our Constitution.


Terry G. Box
Sheriff, Collin County Texas

Doctor Doctor

UGH!  Got the flu.  Sorry folks but it's in Wylie now if it wasn't already.  Thanks me.  Not.

I apologize to anyone I may have had contact with in the past week.  I hope like hell I wasn't a walking bag of germs sort of like Peanuts Pig Pen and the cloud that surrounds him.

Bad news is I'll be bored out of my skull at home.  Good news is I have time to blog.  Well, perhaps not good for everyone......  Naw, I get all soppy when I'm sick.  

Stay tuned, as you never know what I may say next.


Whenever I watch President Barack Hussein Obama speak, I hear the song Choreography from my favorite Christmas Movie White Christmas playing in my head.  The stage.  The set.  The actors. Such drama. 

Why should today be any different?  Out came the kiddos to flank him hip to, well, face, and it was just plain creepy.  Even his hugs of each child afterward were so awkward and disingenuous, like not even he was buying into this marketing stunt.  At least Biden bent down and warmly shook each of their hands. 

This president is going to ramrod every change he can possibly force through and he is not above late night meetings, executive orders, using his own daughters in his advertising, and obviously using children as human shields to deflect opposition.  What a colossal assclown.

What I find most disturbing is how reactive this administration is.  Like a woman with PMS, Obama overinflates every miniscule thing and if he’s not happy, nobody is happy.  Obama needs to go take a Pamprin and get over himself.

And the sun sets upon yet another unproductive day in Washington DC.  But hey, we got to see a little song and stage. 

Oh Little Town of Wylie

♩♪♫♩♪♫Oh little town if Wylie, your streets are free and clean.  This NCTCOG wishes to ruin that with restrictive roads that are hardly free.  ♩♪♫♩♪♫

I will admit, all this Agenda 21 stuff sounds like crazy talk.  It does to me as well.  I remember when I was working part time and came home to turn the TV on to catch up on some news.  I started to watch that Glenn Beck episode on Agenda 21 and thought that man was absolutely insane and shut off the TV.  You see, I am given to that; shutting off the TV, or a movie, or anything I believe feeds my brain garbage.  Brothers.  Everyone loves Will Farrell but I shut that crap off after 15 minutes.  I shut off Up in the Air Slumdog Millionaire, Juno, and Little Miss Sunshine as well.  They may be ‘art’, they may have been insanely popular at the time, but they didn’t make me feel good about humanity and I can do without such hateful thoughts. 

Now let’s not confuse smut with some truly laughable double entendre stuff such as the British Mrs. Brown’s Sons which I find on YouTube, Modern Family, Golden Girls, and Miranda on PBS.  There is silliness that is just stupid smut and then there is silliness that you have to think through and find the humor in. 

That Beck episode aired about 1 ½ years ago and I didn’t give it another thought.   I was not a huge Glenn Beck fan.  It wasn’t as though I couldn’t handle his method of presentation, as God knows how snarky I can be, I just didn’t appreciate the sinister idea of everything he presented. 

When I was first approached by a Tea Party member with Agenda 21, I blew it off as more people broaching radical right wing conspiracy theory.  Again, I let the idea fall by the wayside.  Then I was sent a couple emails as well and I ignored those.  Recently, I decided to go read up on it all so I am at the very least, informed.  Why have a blog if I am not going to attempt topics I don’t particularly care for as well as ones near and dear to my heart?  After all the reading I have done, now I’m not so sure this is some fictitious conspiracy.  The tentacles of this agenda are deeply entrenched.  So deeply entrenched that we don’t have a clue where these organizations came from that we belong to. 

Ask yourself why we want the City banding together with other cities and relinquishing their ability to make their own decisions.  This is the  stated purpose of the NCTCOG:

“The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) is a voluntary association of, by and for local governments, and was established to assist local governments in planning for common needs, cooperating for mutual benefit, and coordinating for sound regional development. NCTCOG's purpose is to strengthen both the individual and collective power of local governments and to help them recognize regional opportunities, eliminate unnecessary duplication, and make joint decisions.” (

Delving deeper, we can start to see the larger picture.  Agenda 21 is the outcome of the Club of Rome.  This means these initiatives are funded by some very wealthy and powerful people who all belong to the Club of Rome.  You can read about this group and see a smidgen of their membership but the list should make you shudder:

Please note the Club of Rome’s logo, which should be enough, alone, to scare the bejeebers out of you.  Well, that is if you are not afraid of a whole lot of globalization going on, cuz if you are then this is probably the wrong blog for you to be reading and I would suggest stepping away from the monitor about now.

In all the CofRs wisdom, they brought their plans to the United Nations which were included, nearly word for word in Agenda 21.  If you had watched the Glenn Beck video I posted previously you would recognize a few names, including Gro Harlem Bruntland whose name Beck made a little fun of. Make no mistake, with the funding these incredibly wealthy people provide, the United Nations pants heavily in anticipation. Think about it, the United Nations and their ultimate desire for a world love-fest and the ultimate homogenization. 

This started with George H. W. Bush and trickled downhill from there.  In fact, many of these foundations are part of Bill Clinton’s Sustainable Development agenda.  The principles are even in Obama’s Cap and Trade and he warned us that if we did not pass Cap and Trade he threatened other actions.  Either way, you will be forced to accept this agenda, so get used to it.

What is so bad about globalization?  Why not help others?  Of course extending a hand to others is a principle we all can share.  There is certainly nothing wrong with helping to feed those starving, sending medicine to those who have none.  The list goes on and on and these are the very foundation of humanity and Christianity.  The problem arises when we allow a group of governments that has banded together, which holds values that differ from our Unites States Constitution, and we submit to them.  In doing so, we dig ourselves deeper and deeper into a way of life which no longer represents the United States of America.  The people funding Agenda 21 organizations don’t want us to have guns.  They don’t want us to have oil.  They don’t want us to have wealth.  They don’t want us to use our land.  They want to charge us to drive.  Their policies will strip you clean of every ‘liberty’ you think you have, and they have already started.

  • You now have smart meters at your house.  You were not given the power to choose whether you have one or not, were you?  Are you aware of what your smart meters are capable of tracking, because we are slowly losing all our privacy?  It can track how many people live in the house, when you are home and not home, what time you go to sleep, how many people shower and when, how often you use the microwave, TVs, computers, and the list goes on and on.  Microsoft and Google are already very interested in that data and have probably purchased it or will if they haven’t already.  You have no privacy any longer and you are a fool if you believe you do.
  • You have water flow reducing devices in your house as well. Agenda 21 wishes to reduce all water usage in homes to under 20 gallons a day.  In fact, your smart meter can tell when your hot water heater goes on and off and unless you are taking cold showers every day, that data is trackable.
  • You have massive systems of toll roads about town.  If you wish to get to work in any reasonable time or manner you must pay for it.  Do you not think the data from our tolls isn’t stored somewhere?  They know where you drive every time you use a toll road.
  • We already know the government can listen to your calls and read your emails, blogs, facebook posts, whatever. 
  •  There are cameras on your stoplights.
  • There is a main database of all your medical records. 
  • There is a main database of all your education records.
  • Your City Council adopted the LEEDS certifications for green building many moons ago, thus submitting themselves to requirements written by someone else – a group of very wealthy individuals who want you to submit to one world governance.
·        If you think these Agenda 21 groups have bypassed your little community and are only interested in the big boys, you would be wrong.  They have been extending their long arm into Wylie as far back as 2006 from my research.  Your city Council has dabbled in the principles of ICLEI, another Agenda 21 group I provided a link on in a previous blog post.  You can see where flaming liberal, former Dallas Mayor Laura Miller sent a white paper to former Mayor John Mondy on coal plants and the City considered joining other cities in a group called Texas Cities for Climate Protection.  Again, these Councilmen thought they were doing the righteous thing in ‘protecting’ our environment.  I mean, wouldn’t you if you thought these groups were in existence for purely altruistic purposes?
    In July 2006, here is where former Mayor John Mondy considered an act to join the NCTCOG.  Item 6.  On that fateful night, the ever chaste and Wylie View adored former Councilman Newsom and the ever truthful and convicted former Councilman Young motioned for Mayor Mondy to serve on the NCTCOG.  So it was written.  God love him, Mondy probably had no idea where this group originated and why.  I don’t personally know Mondy but I suspect he isn’t terribly interested in losing his privacy or his freedom.  But he has now, thanks to membership in these types of groups.

I abhor this sort of talk.  I abhor thinking that anyone would be tracking what you or I do.  I hate feeling like some sort of conspiracy theory whack job.  Katrina Pierson who is a friend of mine appeared on Cavuto recently to speak about the electronic show recently held in Las Vegas.  They discuss devices already in your home that can track you that you may not think of and also those to come:

Sure, these groups that propose collaboration sound great.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to ‘cooperate’ with other cities?  But if you read their mission statements, they indicate that ‘joint’ decisions will be made on behalf of all of those communities that belong.  Do we want these suggestions, moreover in reality mandates, because who wants to dissent, handed to the City of Wylie or do we want to set our own standards?

Need I point out that these people don’t intend to be jacked with either?  I’m just one small town blogger that lacks the money, name, and power these people have.  I am inconsequential to them because so few people know about Agenda 21.  I would caution against turning a blind eye to this subject.

One of the best presentations I’ve read is: Once there, click the arrows at the top to page through.  It is a real eye-opener.

The City of Wylie is a member of the NCTCOG:
Are our leaders going to step aside and allow an organization who hails the United Nations as God Almighty to make joint decisions on our behalf?

I hope not.  Now is the time to quietly pull out of this organization and others like them.  They serve Wylie and the citizens no purpose.