The Lie-Ability Hide and Seek Game

Do you remember about this time last year how a group of concerned Wylie citizens came together and meetings took place regarding the City of Wylie Budget vs. the CAFR, or Comprehensive Annual Financial Report?  Remember how Catherine Butscheck took inconsistencies to the Wylie City Council and every one of the Councilmembers thumbed their noses at her?  Even I wrote to them and they all gave their pat answers that they too were concerned  and looking out for us.  Yes, the titter tatter flourished, and yet again the Butschek's were treated like criminals by the government talking heads.

All manner of accusations were made about the Butscheks and I even heard them from several of the council members.  Though Mayor was kind enough to spend a bit of time with Catherine, I honestly don't even think he has a clue just how creative the finance and accounting departments can be.

I recall, alright.  Everyone on the Wylie City Council seemed to be living with their heads in the sand and not one of them, let me repeat not one contacted Ms. Butscheck to speak with her about her findings- only Mayor Eric Hogue talked to her.  Let that be a clue for you what can be expected from our City Council.

Sure, Councilwoman Diane Culver met with Wylie City Manager Mindy Manson and went over her own set of questions which somewhat mirrored Ms. Butscheck's about the budget, but Manson and Finance Director Linda Bantz seemed to have stellar answers for everything.  You bet your bottom dollar they came out squeaky clean. 

Despite this, Catherine Butschek insisted there was plenty of money that could be returned to the taxpayers of Wylie through reduced taxes, and she suggested we could easily receive a 4 cent reduction, though everyone sniggered about this.  There they were, the Wylie View non-intellects joking about this break saving them the cost of one pizza.  

Catherine Butschek ran on fiscal responsibility reducing taxes and everyone discounted her.  Rather, they would vote in a man who was arrested for beating his wife.  The answer?  Everyone received a measly 1/2 cent reduction in taxes, to which the City Council was then applauded as if they did us some great service. 

I've been studying up on the massive lie that is City Budgets and CAFRs and I have finally stumbled upon someone who knows what they are talking about.  Everyone laughed at Catherine Butsheck but she was on to something.  She stated over and over again that the City of Wylie was hiding money and she came pretty close to finding it.  The problem is, she was thinking like a private taxpayer.  With city budgets you have to step outside of the box and think like the shysters our government generally is.  Pretty hard to do from an individual standpoint.

It seems that the City of Wylie, in fact all cities, are allowed to use a form of creating accounting.  Since they are governments, they do not act as taxpayers and they do not have to follow the same rules.  They can break out assets and liabilities in Government and Business-type activities so they can interchange when they behave like a government or when they wish to behave like a corporation where the taxpayers are their customers.  

Because this fuzzy math is totally legal, where do cities hide their funds? This is an interesting concept, because as a private citizen you would find yourself in some serious hot water were you to employ these same practices on your personal finances with the IRS.  It appears they hide it in hundreds of pages of gobbledygook.  However there is only one sheet in that whole CAFR that is worth anything.  The final answer can be found right on the Statement of Net Assets.

I've pulled this statement for the City of Wylie 2011-2012 CAFR just approved in January of 2013. 

You can locate it on pg 120 of the 1.22.2013 agenda packet:

The hidden funds are located under Liabilities - Non current liabilities - Due in more than one year.  $108,955,761.00 

Yeppers, there it is.  Funds being written off that are due at some random later date against current assets, and it is far worse than the Butshecks, or anyone thought for that matter.  It is being subtracted from total assets leaving just barely enough to scrape by on and very soon we'll get the pleasure of seeing the fuzzy budget numbers presented to Council by Wylie City Manager Mindy Manson yet again, as the Creative Accounting and Finance Departments play their annual game of hide and seek.

It's time for your Wylie City Council to give you the tax break you deserve and I highly suggest you start asking for it now before the next budget sham begins.

CSCOPE Thought Infiltration

I was able to locate the interview with Gretta Van Susteren that I mentioned yesterday in my blog post about CSCOPE.

I believed it was important to see the mother's comments about the teacher because I thought the teacher was being wrongly vilified. 

Clearly the principal of the school has bought into the CSCOPE plan at Lumberton ISD and he wholeheartedly supports the lesson plan.  I cannot pretend to understand the teacher's plight, but I would suspect that if you are under contract to teach at a particular district, then you agree to use their curriculum as well.  If that is the case, it seems this teacher had no choice but to mouth the words even though she may not have believed in the sentiment.  Or did she?

I pride myself on being a curious observer and active researcher.  I wonder who exactly took that photo and posted it on Facebook?  Was it the teacher who hoped the world would see it and question what was taking place?  Was it a student that had the courage and testicular fortitude to show others what they deemed was an injustice taking place? Was it an accident predestined by fate to cause viewers to truly assess the impact this activity would have on the future brains of our society?

I had been commiserating with the teacher until I found this article which delves a little deeper into the classroom discussion the day that photo was taken.  This lesson plan was just plain wrong, wrong, wrong. 

From my understanding, one of the precepts about CSCOPE is that it is a curriculum designed to enhance classroom lessons, not replace them.  Ultimately it is up to the teacher which parts of the curriculum they will use.   At least this is what is being presented by Wylie ISD.  Yet I bristle at the fact that countless lessons just like this one which teaches that terrorists should be called freedom fighters exist in this insipid curriculum.

This teacher did not have to present burqas for female students to don.  Nor did the teacher need to enforce the idea that democracy is wrong and glorify terrorists by calling them freedom fighters. The teacher did a complete disservice to the women who are forced into wearing burqas and ignored the countless women who fight against those oppressive laws.  Finally, this teacher should never have addressed the burqa as a fashion accessory.  

This teacher should be fired, or at least made to go live amongst her favored Islamists and forever wear a burqa for fear of imprisonment or worse yet punishment.  I wonder, did she present in the lesson plan what happens to the unwitting woman who appears in public without her burqa?  That she may have acid thrown upon her face or may even be beheaded?  A burqa as fashion accessory is like a brown paper envelope is to a pornographic magazine in the mailbox.  Give me a break.

I wonder, is this what we have to look forward to in the Wylie High School and Wylie East High School World Geography classes? Lesson plans that sugar coat or even embrace Sharia Law? Lesson plans that degrade the females in the classroom by forcing them to accept burqs as a fashion statement?  This was not a lesson on cultural sensitivity, this was a lesson designed to brainwash students with radical progressivism and revisionism by a group of liberal educators that sympathize with the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda as well as other terrorists in the world.  These are clearly liberals who do not believe in democracy and have found a way to change the direction of the United States by infiltrating our students' thought processes. Nothing good can come from this, nothing.

CSCOPE Call Taking Place Tonight

Join the conversation on CSCOPE tonight being hosted by Women on the Wall:

CSCOPE is getting national scrutiny, as it rightfully should because it requires teachers to provide lesson plans that are contrary to what is generally accepted information within the United States.  

Some lesson plans suggest that the Boston Tea Party was a terrorist act and that terrorists who commit crimes are to be called freedom fighters and not terrorists.  The material is a beacon of liberal ideology.  What's next?  Will the holocaust be called an unusually long detainment?  

The principles taught in this curriculum go against conservative values and frankly, against common sense.  Sadly, this curriculum was never approved by the Texas State Board of Education yet has been purchased by over 80% of the districts in Texas.  

To see if your school district is listed on the wall of shame, you can find the list here:

Sadly, Wylie ISD trustees agreed to make the exorbitant purchase of this curriculum before it was fully vetted.  I'm not sure why because Allen, Plano, Lovejoy, McKinney, Richardson, and Frisco have not purchased it, just to name a few. 

The news story about CSCOPE below might make the hair stand up on the back of your neck:

Additionally Megyn Kelly covered a story on the girls who were told to wear burqas in this Lumberton, Texas school and who were told they must refer to terrorists as freedom fighters.  It should be no surprise to anyone that Lumberton ISD is on the list of CSCOPE districts:

Finally, an interview of April LaBlanc, a mother whose daughter was one of the girls made to wear a burqa was aired last night by Gretta Van Susteren however I could not locate the video yet.  

I understand that people are vilifying the teacher who gave this lesson but the mother made it clear that even the teacher was skeptical of having to call terrorists 'freedom fighters'.  It was clear to viewers that the teacher was uncomfortable with the lesson.  Amen to whomever took that now infamous photo of the young girls standing in burqas in a public school and made sure it went viral on Facebook.   

The mother also relayed a story about a boy in that class who asked what the men who flew the airplanes into the World Trade Center in NYC on September 11th should be called.  The teacher indicated that they were now supposed to be called freedom fighters.  It was made clear that the teacher did not care for the lesson but was required to do it.  

What have we come to when we allow our school districts to purchase millions of dollars worth of curriculum which has not been properly vetted by the State Board of Education or even the parents.  What have we come to when we allow our girls to wear the garb  that places women behind men in importance, which is a hallmark of Sharia Law?

Perhaps it is time for every district that purchased this material to begin justifying to the parents why.  Perhaps Wylie ISD should request their money back because I believe they were sold a bag of contraband.

Gone Stupid

Two unfortunate incidents occurred on FOX News' Hannity last night which glaringly prove why it is impossible to have any true and meaningful discourse in this country.

Hannity's first guest Democrat Congressman Keith Ellison from Minnesota provided an absolutely astounding display of bully tactic, and quite frankly unreasonable and even bordering on psychotic behavior.  It is rather unfortunate that Ellison thought his only course of action to be that of utter disrespect.  He was bestowed with precious airwaves and rather than carry on a dialog where his views could be heard and considered by viewers, he dove into a tirade of lunacy calling names, making unfounded accusations, and generally babbling incoherently at times.  The randomness of his statements did nothing to aid his credibility.  What a phenomenal waste of 9 minutes where he might have gotten some sort of message across.

It was clear from the beginning that his actions were premeditated.  The smirky smile showed that he already knew what he was about to embark upon.  After watching it several times, it's not as though the discussion grew and then became heated; there was no discussion at all as he jumped in already heated and swinging.  Ellison launched into his monolog of personal attacks from the start, and provided the viewers with a deeper insight into his true character which appears to be lacking in quality.

The video below is a supreme example of why nothing is being accomplished in Washington DC.  How could it with someone who is quite clear about his intent to shut down dialog and hurl insults without any justifiable reason? 

Would Ellison desire to be taken seriously, he could have stated his opinions and then asked Hannity for comment, but rather he unleashed an endless series of heated one liners and zingers and twisted everything Hannity attempted to rebut. 

If Ellison had a problem with Hannity's past reporting tactics, he should have held a dialog about that.  Rather he drowned out any clarity through a nonstop cacophony of scrambled words, where barely a breath was inhaled. Ellison simply could not be taken seriously and everything he said was discounted by his disrespectful behavior.

Interestingly enough, when I sought this video clip on the web, I found other samples of this labeled "Ellison gets shut down in heated interview." and "Hannity kicks Ellison off his show."  I found some of them were hacked down to just 3 minutes to prove their fictitious point. These completely revisionist descriptions are most certainly not what I witnessed last night.  Giving the man 9 minutes on air hardly constitutes "shutting him down" or "throwing him off the air."  Rather, I saw a respectful Sean Hannity allowing Ellison to carry on like a screaming toddler for 3 minutes and then attempt to prompt him with the same questions he has been asking all of his guests during the week, to which Ellison opened his mouth and the ugliness continued spewing for yet another 3 or so minutes.  What came forth was more of the same ugly and hateful diatribe. 

If Keith Ellison is a beloved representative of Minnesota, they can keep him because there is no call for his behavior whatsoever and he failed miserably at making a mark.  There is no excuse great enough for someone so obviously unwilling to compromise and share.  If this filibuster tactic is how Ellison gets his job done, then bully for Minnesota.  However last night's stellar performance made it crystal clear that he has failed the American people and he has failed Minnesota.  

Minnesotans ought to be very proud of themselves for electing someone who has a difficult time with the idea of discourse, because that is what his job in DC ought to consist of.  The first Buffoon of the month award is willingly bestowed upon Congressman Keith Ellison.

Hannity's third guest Tamara Holder proceeded to degrade any common sense or intelligence she might have picked up while in law school.  On the subject of extending the ban on Big Gulps from New York to the whole country, she proceeded to hand out two doughnuts to the panel and then hold up a labeless bottle of soda while uttering the words, "Republicans are fat asses."  Hardly an insightful factual presentation.  

Yet another buffoon of the month award has been ceremoniously handed out, and with great relish I might add, to the proverbial dumb blonde act of Tamara Holder. I believe her fat ass resides somewhere between her ears and it's blowing excrement nonstop.

Sadly, these incidents are not isolated.  I have witnessed this type of juvenile behavior for years on the internet blogs and political websites.  It is the very reason there is no compromise or open dialog taking place in Washington DC.  A bunch of childish people hop upon the bully pulpit and lie, distort facts, call names, and ultimately filibuster the opposition with a bunch of nonsensical behavior and words.  This behavior is spread across both party lines; it just happened to be displayed with such ignorant grandiosity last night by the liberals on Hannity. 

Is this what Americans want?  One liners and zingers because it's funny or because they get the airtime to spread juvenile behavior?  If that is the case then there is no hope for the morality or intelligence of my fellow citizens and we may as well put up the sign on our door that says "Gone Stupid".  

Exclusive - Inclusive = Secluded

Much of my recent blogging about the state of our politics has been regarding the changes that conservatives must make in order to take control over our country's downward spiral. Conservatives simply must make smarter choices in order to be portrayed as inclusive rather than exclusive.  

I tried to explain this through graphics in my blog post about Michelle Obama and her uber casual, pop cultural ways.  The podcast below explains this better than any I have heard recently.  It is a podcast on CPAC  from the Mark Davis blog today:

Davis' comments mirror my sentiments precisely. We are indeed getting our clocks cleaned as he states. No longer can conservatives be willing to overlook support and membership by remaining out of touch with the common man and his plight, his desires, and even his interests, even if they don't mirror ours.

Who the hell are we to be so exclusive? Let me provide you with an example using the ever butterflies in the stomach inducing topic of class reunions.  

Do you remember all the cliques in high school?  If you were not part of one, you recall back to how exclusive these groups were.  Everyone wanted to gain membership as if somehow membership guaranteed popularity and also some  unspoken protection.  

Suddenly you graduated from high school and there were no cliques around to guide your behavior or your desires and interests.  You formed your own opinions and ways of doing things without relying on the greater good of a few elite.  

Then your 10 year reunion came around and the cliques were still there; obviously the appropriate amount of maturity had not taken place yet. You were completely put off by the exclusivity of that group and you skipped your 15th reunion because honestly, who wanted to put up with that nonsense at age 33.  Yet you heard from those who attended that the cliques were not really as tight as they once were.

Then your 20th reunion came around and you found that people really had a good time together and the cliques had nearly completely dissipated by now. At least some of the exclusive members of these cliques made the rounds and spoke to those who were not members and nearly everyone felt approval.

By the time you went to your 30th reunion, you found 2 catty as hell women sitting alone and everyone else having a blast.  Damn the cliques, what were those for anyway?

The idea behind this analogy is that people move on and become disinterested in that exclusive identity.  This is precisely what has happened to conservatives.  Many people could no longer associate themselves with the exclusivity of the group so they moved on and found they identified with the moderates slightly more.  You get the idea.

The conservatives in this country must change those policies which make them appear out of touch with the majority.  Until they make such a change, we will continue to fight the piss poor policy of the liberals who are clearly the masters of marketing inclusivity.

The Party is Over

Best message of hope for conservatives that I've seen in a very long time.  This is a man I am proud to have supported and am honored to have been one of several to sponsor and participate in the Senate Debate which began his ascent in the North Texas area. 

Clearly we need more leaders like him in Washington DC who aren't afraid to ask the tough questions even if they do not seem politically correct.  

We must remember that the folks in Washington DC report to us and Senator Cruz brings that message strong. 

There is a reason the liberals on CNN and MSNBC are badmouthing him so much.  I believe it is because they cannot stand that we are at the beginning of witnessing greatness and should he excel in Washington, the out of control, boisterous beer bash currently being held will be over.  

A Lesson in Gettin' Down

Below is yet another fine example of the dumbing down of American society.

Though the video is definitely funny, and God knows Jimmy Fallon is an absolutely brilliant talent, I cannot help but bristle at this image.  

Perhaps I find it annoying like a tiny metal splinter that you cannot see to remove, because it is the First Lady of the United States of America performing it.  Had it been some other entertainer I would have thought nothing of it. We cannot stop pop culture, nor would we want to.

Yet lookie here, this is our presidential family who are the entertainers on television.  We have never had such a casual atmosphere before, not barring President Bill Clinton's saxophone stint and even then I bristled.  

For crying out loud, this is the First Lady of the greatest nation on earth, the nation which all nations aspire to be.  OK, I get it.  I know it's part of her Let's Move campaign, but it's all just so, well, just so ghetto for the highest office on earth.

Here is yet another mannerism that is all too unpresidential.

Can you imagine the former First Lady Nancy Reagan exhibiting this behavior back in the day?  Can you imagine Hillary Clinton behaving in this manner?  Not possible.  Perhaps breeding has something to do with it.  

When I think of a First Lady and the President of the United States of America, it conjures up the utmost of respect and idolization.  It provides me with the idea that these people are above the normal fray.  At least these are my expectations of the responsible positions we have bestowed upon them.  

I don't care to see the First Lady, any First Lady looking like a low class hoochie mama.


Perhaps it is my age or even wisdom showing, but I cannot help but feel that the people of the world would have greater respect for the leaders of the free world that possess the ultimate in class, manners, and professionalism.  Then again, perhaps this video displays in graphic detail why Barack Obama was elected for yet another astounding term in office, despite the fact he is woefully inept and his policies have placed us precariously on the verge of economic collapse. 

This is the ideal I have held so strongly of what First Ladies should look like.


I expect to see the ultimate in class.  Sadly, that idea has taken a large lump on the head.

I believe that this video displays the epitome of what Americans want out of their leaders.  What the people want and need are leaders who make them feel like they are not below them.  There is something a bit humanizing in watching Michelle Obama gettin' down, as if you could step up on that stage along side her and be welcomed into the party atmosphere.

As distasteful as this image is to me, like it or not, the utter silliness is probably the wave of the future and conservatives will simply have to embrace this new casual mentality if they wish to succeed in removing the socialist stranglehold currently shadowing this country.

One Of The Boys

I see that Todd Wintters opened up a Facebook Campaign Page running for Wylie City Council place 3. Todd is no stranger to Wylie, he has been kicking around here for a while.  Todd owns Engineering Concepts and Design in Wylie.  He also is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and serves on the Wylie Economic Development Board (WEDC).  Nice.  If he is elected I can see we may be in for yet another frenetic good old boy orgy of back slapping and mutuality.

I don’t know Mr. Wintters personally.  He and his beautiful wife seem to be decent folk, but there is still something so, well so lackluster about this run he is embarking on.  I cannot get excited about it for the mere reason that he comes from the WEDC mindset and their super-secret handshake society.  From the little internet research I did it would appear he is a poster boy for all Wylie activities. Let’s just hope he is not a poster boy for the same old nonsense that went on in the past when the likes of Merrill Young sat on Council and the WEDC Board. 

Chamber of Commerce:
We should have known the Chamber of Commerce would do their best to put up some of their people. The problem I have with the Chamber of Commerce sticking their nose into elections is that their practices are not always conducive to fiscal responsibility for the City.  Their job is to gain membership and a power-hungry notoriety within the City and they don’t care how they get it. Some tactics can be hidden as prodding the city to relax ordinances, or even pushing the WEDC to provide huge tax incentives to lure businesses.  Chambers of Commerce have never been known to be a beacon of conservatism.  I will be interested to see where Mr. Wintters lies on that pendulum of Left and Right thinkers within Wylie.

First Baptist Church:
Of course, as any good Wylie politician should be, Mr. Wintters appears to be involved with or somehow affiliated with the First Baptist Church. Well why not, when a simple nod from the pastor can propel a member into great heights. From my past babblings, readers pretty much know where I stand on the purpose of churches and their overriding desire to gain greater wealth through membership.  More bodies to tithe.  If Wylie had a mega church, the FBC would surely be it, with New Hope nipping close at their heels.  
Yes, I remain forever skeptical of the benefits of these massive churches in Wylie and the unfortunate situation their precarious downtown locations place true commerce in.  They stifle the growth and prosperity for the Downtown Merchants Association because “Let’s allow some pubs, live music, food, and drinks” said no Wylie ordinance ever. The FBC and the Wylie Bible Church have a great stranglehold on the Wylie merchants and I truly feel for their plight.

WEDC Board Member:
Even better, Mr. Todd Wintters is a longgg time board member serving on the WEDC Board, another delightful enterprise that directly or indirectly is involved in giving away our tax dollars to lure in businesses. Though they are needed, the main types of businesses that they have focused on are big box stores, discount shopping, and fast food.  I’m a bit perturbed at their inability to raise the bar within Wylie and it has caused some consternation on the Council and with developers in what types of homes they can build here since the amenities don’t warrant the big ass mansions we need to ease our tax burden. This is perhaps the largest strike against Mr. Wintters in my honest opinion.

Here is proof of his P.E. (Professional Engineer) license:
At least it would appear that he holds some sort of engineering degree in order to obtain the P.E. designation.  Well that would be refreshing.

American Hero:
Saving grace perhaps? At least he was willing to approach a crushed vehicle that was on fire to save another human being, which is more than can be said for a lot of people who merely stand by out of fear:

Some additional info:
His wife Nikki owns the property for Dance Company of Wylie, back in those nasty looking metal buildings on Park next to Davis Intermediate:

Mr. Wintters owns property for Engineering Designs at:

Collin County Central Appraisal District (CAD) does not show any residential properties for them currently however they previously owned this house:

A quick search of court records shows him clean as a whistle.

Here’s another website that provides additional data about his business:

Voter registration:
I’m a tad concerned since the Collin County CAD shows them no longer owning the property on Lynn, however the voter registration card is registered to that property.  Did he move?  Are they renting back from the new owner?  I know you have to be registered to vote in order to run for City Council, but does the card need to be accurate?  Since there is no internet evidence of where he might be living at the moment, one can only surmise that the address on the voter registration was overlooked by Mr. Wintters.

Though I cannot say he has been a regular at the Wylie City Council meetings, I suppose he kind of knows what’s going on in the City, indirectly.  

I do have a rather monstrous concern about having him serve on the WEDC and as a City Council member.  Big conflict of interest there.
There you have it. I have given you some data to look over.  Yawn.  All in all he seems fairly decent.  At least he was on the voter rolls as having voted, though I couldn’t find any proof his wife has voted at all for years.

Frankly, I’m sick of the same old hands feeding from the proverbial trough; some new Wylie blood would honestly be refreshing about now.  Clearly that isn’t going to happen.  Sadly, if nobody bothers to get off their dead asses and steps up to run, then the same ole is all we will ever have to select from in Wylie. 

I would like to say I’m excited about Mr. Wintters run for Council, but frankly I’m a bit meh over the whole thing.  He doesn’t seem to bring anything to Council other than the same stale message the WEDC and others have always brought.  One of huge tax breaks, wooing discount shopping, no vision for upscale properties, no vision for truly embracing and merchandising the lakes, only support in the community for ventures that satisfy the persistence of low-income housing.  

I suppose the only thing that could possibly get me excited over Mr. Wintters’ run for City Council is if I met with him and found we really had the same vision, the same goals, and the same political philosophy.  I can see one of the mouthpieces of all things conservative in Wylie has ‘liked’ his Facebook Campaign Page, Barbara Goss who is a WISD Trustee and has been deeply involved in the Barbara Bush Republican Women Group, but somehow after assessing all the players in Wylie these past several years, that unofficial endorsement doesn’t hold any glittering rainbow for me any longer.  Hoping I can feel better about this run, but for now it’s a sorry day in Wylie.

CSCOPE Indoctrination

Suffice to say this image is not only shocking but also highly disturbing on a multitude of levels. 

If you believe the Texan conservative value system makes us above this, think again.  If you do not believe this sort of indoctrination is taking place in your schools, think again.  These are students at Lumberton ISD in Lumberton, Texas proudly wearing the dress of Islam and further perpetuating Sharia Law and its utter disrespect for women.  I cannot begin to express how distasteful this is without writing a litany of expressions that would make even a sailor blush.

This is a lesson plan from CSCOPE.  Silly me, and I thought there was supposed to be a separation of church and state. I know I have had some words of praise in the past about the bowing of heads before school sporting events, and community activities, but in no way am I condoning such an activity as displayed in the photograph above as being acceptable in any school, in any way. 

The bowing of heads enables people to pray according to their own religion, or merely reflect upon an issue that has or is about to affect the whole community.  Such an activity doesn't harm anyone.  It does not indoctrinate those around us to subscribe to any particularities about bowing our heads.  It doesn't force someone who has nothing to reflect upon to bow their heads.  It merely gives us time to gather our thoughts before an outcome.  There is a distinct difference between bowing of heads in silence and parading around wearing controversial symbols.

To allow burqas in school, for example, indicates an acceptance of Sharia Law either directly or indirectly.  The only laws that should govern our schools are those of the United States of America, and not some foreign entity, regardless of their membership. 

I showed this photo to my 19 year old son and his comments hit the nail on the head.  He said that when he was in high school, even if they were doing a lesson plan in a World Religion class on Christianity, students would never bring in a Crucifix and Bible.  In fact, they probably would not be allowed to do so.  What's next?  Will there be makeshift mosques set up in the classroom with kneeling cloths so the male students can pray while the lesser females stand in the back of the room? 

The fact is, students would not be allowed to wear sackcloths and loin cloths and drag a life-size wooden cross across the school campus on their backs without holy hell breaking loose within the community. Not even for sweet Jesus, would I allow my children to participate in such an activity either, whether we were Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or whatever.  

This show and tell classroom activity of acting out of what is highly offensive to probably 90% of American women, is absolutely unacceptable, completely inappropriate, and downright degrading. 

No surprise here, this is a CSCOPE lesson plan about religious sensitivity.  This has no place in our public schools. Tell you what, I have a great plan for religious sensitivity training; don't allow this propaganda into our schools.  Period.  

Let us be absolutely clear about the ills of CSCOPE. CSCOPE has been so highly guarded, so veiled under a secret cloak, because this is the sort of nonsense they don't want you to know about.

The Virtual President

Mr. Virtual President strikes again....

The Virtual Inaugural Speech:

Finish What You Start

Come on Wylie City Council, if the City of  Allen can do it so can you...

Below is a link to the Allen Code of Conduct.  Yup, it's pretty simple folks, and does not set the code where council members serve as both judge and jury such as was in the last Code of Conduct Wylie was kicking around in 2011/12 which was never finished.  

In that code, Wylie City Council wanted to place the onus on the citizen complainant to prove to them that an infraction took place, rather than taking it to an independent party such as the City Attorney.  This serves to lower the likelihood of complaints because most people will not want to be placed in the spotlight in that manner. I mean, who wants to go stand at the dais in front of Daisy Duke, Daffy Duck, Joe the Plumber, Mayor McCheese, Ma Kettle, Bruiser, and Bubba Joe and have them decide if one of their own should be investigated or not?  That particular task needs to be decided by the City attorney.

Also, Wylie's code was way too long and convoluted.  Personally I subscribed to the Keep It Simple Stupid method rather than the Keep it Stupid Simpleton method so many others seem to subscribe to.

Shame on the Wylie City Council for not passing a Code of Conduct yet since this request has been rolling around in the City since 2005.  Nothing like dragging your feet in the worst Flintstone brake job ever.

For a community with 43K+ citizens, it is about time our Council and appointed boards and commission members be held to the same standard the Wylie City employees are held to.