Wash Rinse, and Repeat

Since I am on my pedestal today, I want to make a very blunt statement.  I am sick to death of hearing council members say they are tired of how stupid people are, they are sick of people who don't educate themselves about matters, they are so over hearing people complain about the same thing over and over again at meetings. Why the hell did you run then?

If you didn't know how stupid people are before you ran for office, then you shouldn't have bothered.  That is like a teacher whining like a sissy because their students aren't getting it. Someone needs to teach the masses.  Someone needs to open up a whole new world to them.  If you won't do it, then who will?

Look around. Our society if full of fat, sloppy, messy, lazy people and all they do is wear a cry-baby face about what they don't have and what they think they deserve. Every facet of my life holds people who do nothing but complain, and I have been guilty of it as well.  However if I am going to complain then I had better do something about it, thus I find myself sitting at my desk crafting some sort of sense out of utter randomness in a blog. I educate myself and I vote. However not everyone is capable of it.

If you ran for office, you should accept the good with the bad and resign yourself to a life of wash, rinse, and repeat. 

Code Blues

I have something to say to all the Wylie folk out there calling for the resignation of Councilman Bennie Jones from Wylie City Council. We have no Code of Conduct. Hello? Have you people not heard what I've been saying all these  years? There is nothing in place that requires a specific morality or a reasonable tribunal to determine such effect. We should all be singing the Code Blues. 

What we have is a code of conduct article written with Mayor Eric Hogue which places him at the head of any proceedings that might take place, should the thing pass.  How moronic is that? Citizens of Wylie may as well complain to a mute. What we have is an article that will  never get passed because those sitting on council right now have much to fear from its passing.

I think I'm most angry about the calls, texts, and emails because the race card has been pulled.  You would not believe how many people contacted me saying nothing will be done in Wylie because he's black.  That just made me sick. I'm so sick to death of people whining about racism but yet behaving in the same damn manner.  All we need do is look to those Trayvon Martin marchers and rioters. People screaming that justice was not done because a white man walked.  There is absolutely no logic being applied with that statement. First Zimmerman was not white, he was Hispanic. Second, the evidence did not rule out reasonable doubt. That's it.  That's the case. Black people can scream, whine, tap their feet, and beat their chests in despair all they want but a reasonable doubt existed and there was absolutely no proof of any racism other than by those casting stones. My conclusion is that people are just plain stupid.

Bennie keeping his job wasn't wrong because his punishment more than fit the infraction. He screwed up. He made a mistake in 2008 by making a recommendation. He wasn't investigated until 2013. He was punished for it, and people here in Wylie still want his head on a platter just like we wanted Nathan Scott's because he was arrested for beating up his wife.  Applying the same principle, Scott paid his dues. The difference is, one offense was arrest-able and one was not. A code of conduct would define that better for us, that is if our council wasn't a bunch of pussies.

I have a swift and severe piece of news for you: unless a code of conduct is put in place in Wylie, we will continue to get leaders with a laundry list of issues. As long as there is no standard to live up to and no consequence, we will have wife beaters run for office and win. A code would be a good deterrent and a starting place for removing moral turpitude as it occurs, such as with Councilman Nathan Scott accusing a citizen/employee of Wylie of being on the take in the new Wal-Mart planned for the west side of town.  He set the city up for some serious litigation should that employee or Wal-Mart wish to sue.

Another way to handle moral turpitude is term limits. Without it you will have wife beaters, gossips, adulterers, alcoholics, and all sundry of derelicts. Without it, you will have council members polling, texting during meetings, and refusing to turn over their phone records. Without it you will have mismanagement of your city and no way to remove the idiotards.

Bennie Jones can remain on Wylie City Council because we have no code of conduct in place and because we applied the same principle to John Mondy, Merrill Young, Nathan Scott, and Todd Wintters.  In fact, we even have Sam Satterwhite, a city employee who was arrested for a DUI, running the WEDC. Jones is not remaining because he's black, and as a nation we have got to get over this or we will not survive.

We have no code of conduct in place in order to bring our grievances forward in Wylie and it seems that those in power like it that way.  You can't remove an elected official unless you have a recall, but you can absolutely use the code of conduct to place enough pressure on them to make the right decisions.  Except, you need people who get off their duffs and we do not seem to have an abundance of that in Wylie.

What we have is a bunch of apathetic younger registered voters who don't exercise their right to vote and we have a ton of old fogies who are neither internet savvy or open to change who vote in the same scum-type derelicts without any compunction whatsoever. These geezers keep voting for the same scum too, because they can and they know it.  Oh, and they smugly sit there during the meetings, smiling their stupid smiles. When a reasonable sample of citizens vote, it keeps one group from getting the upper hand but unfortunately Wylie has one of the worst voting records.

If you want to complain about something in Wylie, complain that there is no code of conduct not only for our city officials, but for citizens to ensure that when scum makes it in, they don't stay long. Oh and show up at the meetings and educate yourself and vote. It's not rocket science, but your council would have you think a code of conduct is.

Accused, Tried, and Convicted

I don’t know what hacked me off more today, the fact that I was blind sighted because someone that I consider a friend, whose campaign I supported, and with whom I spent countless hours dishing about politics, love, and high school theatre didn’t tell me some heavy shit was going down in his life? Or the fact that so many people in the City of Wylie would jump to such opportunist and racist judgment calls. Today I am ashamed of my city.

Friday, an article was published in the Dallas Morning News by Rudolph Bush, Dallas employee caught steering contracts to son wasn’t fired after some on City Council rallied to his defense  I have to admit, when I saw the title, the very first thing I did was say someone needed to look into this. It certainly sounds damning. The name of this article says it all….or does it?

Upon further readings, the article was written with such a slant toward alleged misdeeds and perceived ill-gotten goods of our Wylie Councilman Bennie Jones, that the casual reader would draw the same snap conclusion I did.  When the texts, messages, and calls ensued from Wylie folk, I half expected Wylieites to be calling for his lynching.  I mean, isn’t that what they did to the black folk back in the day?

The title is a tad misleading. First of all, the writer uses the words ‘steering’ and ‘funneling’ yet when you read further down in the article it states, “Jones said he didn’t know it was wrong to recommend his son’s company for city work.”  For me the fundamental word here is ‘recommend’.  There is a huge difference in connotation between steering/funneling and recommending and every good wordsmith knows this. 

Something else that stands out in the article is the statement Jones made about a grey area. “Apparently it was a gray area with me,” Jones said. “Now that I do know that, I guess there were consequences.”  The article takes this statement out of context, as Jones was stating the grey area had to do with whether recommending his son’s company was an ethical issue in the City or not and evidently he found out the hard way that it was.  He also found out the hard way that there were consequences and believe me, he is feeling the brunt of them.  Sadly, his salary was printed in the paper which I’m sure caused many of his Wylie detractors to gloat because his salary dropped from respectable to a serious ouch level. To add further insult to injury by asking for his resignation is ludicrous. Why should he resign from Wylie City Council when Nathan Scott didn’t back out of his campaign when the wife beating episode came to light, and Todd Wintters didn’t resign when it was pointed out that his council seat represents a conflict of interest with his WEDC board seat. Yet the outcry I have heard from people has been vehement.  One must ask themselves why.

So too, there is also a huge difference between being ‘awarded City contracts’ and picking up the odd job.  I believe Rudolph Bush should print a retraction regarding his assertion that actual contracts were awarded. According to Jones, there were no contracts. In fact, the amount of money Jones’ son made on jobs between 2008 and 2013 equals $4422 per year or $368.50 per month or $85.03 per week.  Hardly enough to live on, let alone buy smokes on if you were a pack a day kind of guy. Not so glitzy now after applying the math is it?

The issue I take with the misleading crafting of this article is that it makes Bennie Jones look like there is all manner of deceptive activity going on between his boss, members of the council, and the investigator.   What readers should really walk away with is that Jones recommended his son’s company, and his son’s company was approved by someone.  When it was brought to HRs attention that it was unethical for him to make such a recommendation, he was investigated and punished. Those are the facts. Smearing him with others who took bribes, which is an illegal activity, and suggesting his recommendation requires firing like the bribe takers is a gross exaggeration of policy.

Whether Bennie Jones recommended someone or not, his employer still had to approve it.  Therein lies one of the issues I have with Bennie’s discipline. Why did he take the fall alone? The article states that his employers knew the company he recommended was his son’s.  In fact, there was no steering; there was nothing sly taking place.  The City could use his son; or not. The choice was up to someone else and the mere fact that someone signed off on using Jones’ son’s company and got them added to the Approved Vendor list should have removed at least a portion of the discipline burden from Jones. Frankly, when applying the City of Dallas code of conduct, his superiors should take some heat for approving that vendor because it is clear from the article that Jones let everyone know up front that it was his son’s company.  There was nothing sinister or secretive taking place.

In the article, it goes on to say, “his supervisors in the city’s troubled Communications and Information Services Department were aware that his son was doing the work.” To my point, the writer states, “No one else was disciplined in connection with the case.” Was Bennie out of line for suggesting his son’s company?  In my opinion, yes he was. I will be the first to tell him he should have known better.  Nearly every City has some sort of policy on this and so do many private sector employers.  Jones was wrong and he paid dearly for that.  He was demoted and had his pay cut by nearly $30K a year. A tad overkill in my opinion, but hey, someone had to be made an example of and it sure wasn’t going to be his superiors, though I’m certain he would disagree with my take on this.

This article goes on to name tag various City employees and Council members and in my opinion it’s all hyperbole. The author of this article is looking for a story and it is currently vogue to hate on the big bad cities. It’s not hard to gain tacit support from haters with the distasteful dealings and resultant bankruptcy of the City of Detroit recently in the news.

Secondarily, reference was made over again by Bush that Jones’ pals in the City came to his aid. If your job consisted of videotaping the Council meetings and other events, wouldn’t you have some sort of relationship with the Council members? Rudolph Bush is looking for a story where none exists. Shame too, because he conjured up quite a tale. He posts all manner of inference about how councilmembers came out to get Jones’ back.  In the article, Caraway stated, “The cavalry came over the hill.” Nothing like trying to make the friendships he has earned over the years look a tad untoward.  The fact is, the City of Dallas is run just like a corporation with respect to HR related issues and Jones’ superiors were the ones who would deal with such an issue.  Why Councilmembers were name-dropped is irrelevant, as is any relationship Jones might have with them. They don’t hire and fire employees and the article states that clearly, “The city charter is clear that council members may not “in any manner interfere” with employees who report to the city manager.”

The cast of characters is irrelevant to this story. It took reading it several times with a discerning eye to pick out all of the inconsistencies and conflation of facts. So some council members were informed of the issue, big deal.  They were not part of the discipline, rather that was handled by Jones’ boss and Human Resources. He was disciplined. Case closed, or so we thought. That was until an opportunistic reporter needed to find a story to report on.  He is, after all, a staff reporter with an office at City Hall.  He needs to justify his job.

Oh I can just see it now, all those Bennie Jones haters in Wylie that have flames shooting out their posteriers because they really hoped they had him.  They really hoped they could rid themselves of that Jones person.  I’m sure Mayor squirmed incessantly in his underpants and giggled with delight all day when he was contacted for a statement by none other than Chad Engbrock from the Wylie News. I find it sick just how many people can’t wait to see Mr. Jones fail, but for as many of those out there who dislike him, there are many who support him.  Let us not forget he won two elections to Wylie City Council by fairly healthy margins.

If I thought Jones did something sinister, I would state it here. The fact is, this article was written in such a way that the reader is left scratching their head. If you apply some logic to the article, rather than hatred for the man, you could see just what I have objectively pointed out here. Why then am I so upset about this issue?  You could say I am upset with it because of how it looks in Wylie.

The Wylie News is not exactly a bastion of hard hitting or investigative reporting, yet they endeavor to report on this private matter. The Wylie News would rather publish stories on WASA’s Elvis Impersonator Fundraising Show which was a total bust. Rather they would like to write stories on the cutesy little girl that came up with pins or some such made out of coke bottle caps. Wylie news refused to publish an article about former white looking Hispanic Mayor John Mondy and the plea he wrote on City of Wylie official letterhead asking for leniency in the sentencing phase of a convicted child sex-offender, thus opening up the City of Wylie for some serious litigation should the guy kiddie twiddle again.  The Wylie News barely covered the story on white WISD employee Merrill Young buying his degree from a degree mill and passing himself off as a teacher.  In fact, they barely covered the story on the white Officer fired for the sex photos found by someone hacking his computer, where his gun and badge were used as a little foreplay accoutrement.

Indeed, the same Wylie news that absolutely refused to write a story about little, chubby, cutesy-tootsy, white-boy Councilman Nathan Scott and his evictions, and wife beating days.  Yes indeedy the Wylie News refused to publish an article on how Nathan Scott beat his wife and was arrested for it and had to serve probation and take anger management classes because it was a ‘personal matter’.  Our glib mayor is hoping to keep his cushy job in Wylie so he has to be salivating over a controversy of the very person who is rumored to run against him next year.  And the Wylie News is happy to report on it, because we all know they serve at the behest of Mayor Eric Hogue.  Evidently the personal matter of Bennie Jones and his employer doesn’t get the same luxury or sweeping that the wife beating of Nathan Scott did. Oh no, big, black dude, Bennie Jones gets an article published about him. Could it be; dare I say it? Could it be because he is BLACK!?!?  And people the city over wonder where the phrase White Wylie came from.

More than my friend’s lack of good judgment which was punished with a demotion and huge pay cut, I am downright curmudgeony that the Wylie News dares publish this story because it makes their article appear to be about the color of Jones’ skin. Appearances are everything sometimes and it appears we are no better than those black folk rioting over the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman hearing. Shame on us.

My take on this whole thing? I’m annoyed that my friend didn’t feel he could talk to me about it all.  I am more annoyed that he was stupid enough to recommend his son’s business, because if anyone should know better about the Code of Conduct it would be him.  For the last two years I have been hitting him over the head along with other Wylie City Council members to get one passed here in Wylie.  Yet despite all that, what has me seeing red more than anything else is the fact that the Wylie News publishes an article on this yet they refused to write about an arrested wife beater. You know you’re in Wylie when…

Detroit My Beloved

I was born in Detroit.  It was a blustery day, no actually Michigan was in the middle of a blizzard and I decided it was time.  My dad drove my mom into Detroit to St. John's and I was born....in the middle of that blizzard.

When I was a wee bit of a girl, my parents often took us on Sunday drives through the city. We might stop at Hudsons and shop, or just do what people did back in the 60s in the inner city: wander the streets, stop at the bakery and pick up our favorite polish sweets Kruschiki, perhaps pick up some kielbasa or cold cuts at Kowalski's Deli.

On a particular July day, my parents were unaware of the raid that took place in the early morning hours on the Blind Pig an illegal bar.  After church that morning we made our way into Detroit down the infamous Grand River Avenue.  On this particular July 23rd day in 1967 the riots in Detroit started. We were stopped at a stop light on Grand River Ave. and suddenly a group of black men came rushing out of a building and started shooting over our car at the police standing across the street. My dad yelled for us all to lay down in the car and he floored it through that red light as well as any others and we raced out of the city.  We had no idea what was taking place until we made it safely home and the newscasters started to report on it. The black inhabitants of Detroit were rioting.

As a young girl growing up I recall driving through Detroit in our made-in-Michigan General Motors car on weekly visits to my grandparent's homes.  My Grandma and Grandpa Daniels (it was Danielczak until my Grandpa and his brother petitioned the court to make it more American sounding) lived in a small bungalow on Duprey in Detroit. My daddy graduated from Denby High.

My grandfather died of cancer of the stomach and black lung on Christmas Eve, three months before I was born.  He was a coal miner in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania prior to moving to Detroit to work in the steel factories.  I suspect we could guess where his cancer came from.  When my grandmother could no longer keep up the house, she sold it and moved in with us as we moved into a new home in Warren.

My grandpa Hausch was a manager at GM, where my father also worked.  That set of grandparents lived in a beautiful Tudor on Westbrook in Redford, backed up to Redford High where my momma graduated.

Detroit was a bustling place when I was a young girl. My parents took us to Belle Isle and Boblo Island, through the tunnel to Windsor, Ontario, Canada and back again over the bridge, we went to the Renaissance Center when it was built and we went to Tiger Stadium for ball games.  We went to the International Freedom Festival every July 4th in conjunction with Canada Day and we watched the Detroit Grand Prix as well as fireworks and visited the international food festival tasting Greek, Polish, and other foods.  We took in the ballet at the grand Fox Theatre and visited the Michigan State Fair where I won 3rd place for one of my Charcoal drawings in high school.  Slowly the city decayed with white flight as people moved out of the arms-length reach of busing. 

By the time I was in high school, it was run by a rather narcissistic man, Mayor Coleman Young who put his name on everything including the zoo. Sadly, the city was run into disrepair and the corruption was so deep, people fled for jobs in the suburbs. I recall going to concert after concert at Cobo Hall and the new Joe Louis Arena and being scared at what this city had become. 

Then I left and moved to California for 5 years and when I came back I did not recognize the city.  It was empty, and people would burn the buildings on Devil's night, the night before Halloween.  Hooligans took over the city and I no longer wanted to be there.  Apparently neither did anyone else and all the broken down, boarded up buildings and homes were tagged by the gangs. 

By the time I had moved to Texas and brought my new husband back to visit Hamtramyck and the Polish Village for some awesome Polish food, the city was really scary.  I mean really, really scary.  My husband, born and raised in Brooklyn was afraid.  We drove by burned out home after home with boarded up windows, tall grass, surly looking dudes on the streets and purple, pink, and white Caddys with tinted windows and booming bass stereos.  Detroit had become a sad caricature of itself.  It became the Detroit as we know it today.

It's no wonder why Detroit has gone bankrupt.  It has been run into the ground by self-serving racist leaders such as Coleman-Young and Kwame who scared off white folks, scared off people with money and scared off businesses.  With no tangible tax base, it was only a matter of time.

I don't want to bail Detroit out.  I don't want to give another chance for yet another opportunist to plow in and claim all white people are at fault and demand Obamamoney for the po folk.  I'm so over that mindset. 

It's time for Detroit to stand on it's own two feet.  Let the people take the city back and recreate it.  Let the people take the city back and figure it out, and they will.  They have already started.  Downtown near the river, there are actually outdoor cafes.  Can you believe that?  The city has walking trails and parks and nice high rise apartments.  There are restaurants, butchers, bakers, and all the folk that initially made these old cities what they were back in the day.  There are no jobs to speak of at the moment,  but they will come.  What's old is new and I hold out hope for my beloved city on the river.

Much Ado About Nothing

The more things change, the more they stay the same. This black and white thing has been brewing for a while and the Zimmerman Trial merely brought out the underlying details in vivid color. Suddenly everyone is a legal expert and there isn't a news source that you can turn to that is not pimping this racism story.

I am ashamed of people. I am ashamed that we continue to perpetuate this black and white rift when Zimmerman isn't even white at all.  He's Hispanic, according to the last Census I filled out. He's half white but he is called White Hispanic, yet we call Barack Hussein Obama black, even though he is half white. What is wrong with our society twisting, turning, and spinning details to suit their racist views. Why can't we just let the justice system work the way it was designed? We need to move on from this.

Unfortunately we are becoming a society of people who have no trouble bastardizing the US Constitution and  it has damaged our ability to  have any ethical heartburn over our justice system. Suddenly our black Attorney General wants to take away Stand Your Ground. Why has this not been an issue prior to this case? Likely because Holder is looking for a way to take the focus off him with Benghazi, the IRS, the DOJ, and Fast & Furious. He placed himself squarely into yet another controversy.  I am confident that if you look up Teflon in the dictionary, you will see a photo of Holder.

We have an obligation to honor the justice system and this jury did their work. Now move along, because there is nothing to see here, and keep your damn racist opinions to yourself.

Star of the Show

I met with Tea Party Darling Katrina Pierson last week.  She told us a story about her last appearance on Sean Hannity's Black Conservative show. During the show Katrina stopped the false rhetoric that Texas is run strictly by conservatives by pointing out that Governor Rick Perry has refused to pass School Choice. After the show Star Parker cornered her and was very angry. She asked what right Katrina had to badmouth Republicans. The point is she feels we have no right to be badmouthing Republicans so long as the Democrats are in the White House.

Clearly false ideas about the Tea Party are being perpetuated by the media. The Tea Party did not form so that they can give the Grand Old Party an extra little lift and plus. The Tea Party formed in spite of the GOP. We are against the go along to get along mentality because that attitude is what has gotten the Republicans in the dismal shape they are in.

The Tea Party formed not because there was a black man in the White House as the hateful  demagogues perpetuating racism would have you think. It formed because the Republican Party failed its people miserably. The old establishment Republicans have been sitting fat and happy in the White House, supported by a lot of rich old white men, and the lure of money and power has clearly gone to their heads. This is why they propped up the likes of John McCain and Mitt Romney for the last two presidential races.  Tea Partiers were not in support of these sad GOP caricatures.  We did not want them but the media did their best to drown our message out to the imbecilic who refuse to educate themselves.

The Democrats have been exceedingly successful in exploiting the rift within the Republican Party. They have focused on the nonsense and antics of the old dog Republicans and have also focused on the nut jobs that always ride the coattails of groups such as the Tea Party. These nut jobs exist for the Democrats as well such as the pot smoking Occupy weirdos and the extreme racists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who routinely call for blacks to riot over any black and white conflicts. I guess they have also lumped Hispanics with whites now.

In desperation, the media doesn't want citizens to understand that the Tea Party's very existence is to rid the GOP of the types of politicians that the Democrats dislike as well. The Tea Party no more wants the likes of Jeb Bush or Rick Perry to run for president in 2016 any more than the Democrats do yet the media would like you to believe we are in some sort of lust with these people. We want these people and their deep pocketed, old dog supporters like Harold Simmons gone from the political landscape. We want new blood in DC with people who actually represent citizens rather than the blow hard Barack Obama who only supports himself. 

The road has been long and hard thanks to the ignorance of  liberals glued to their MSNBC favorite Chris Matthews and his inane babblings. It saddens me to see some of my friends woefully led astray by garbage the liberal media hoists at them on a daily basis. These friends reside in la la land as they focus on the environment and freebies promised by their beloved liar Obama. The Democrats, fortunately for them, have attracted the stupid and uneducated, of which there are many.

The latest lies making the rounds are those against Tea Party conservatives. The media did their best to slaughter Sarah Palin, who to her own demise saw the money to be had as a media ho more important than the actual message. They are currently hating on Texas Senator Ted Cruz because of his no-nonsense talk and the fact he will not back down. He does not try to placate anyone, but he is not in DC to placate or go along to get along. He is there to do the job Tea Partiers asked him to do. He is there to bring conservative, constitutional order back to the Republican Party, so the old dog GOP in DC vehemently dislike him.

The Tea Party is not in existence to help propel the Romneys and Ron Pauls of the world into the Oval Office. We are there to instill common sense back into politics. Suffice to say, Katrina Pierrson set Ms. Parker straight.

The Truth About Islam

The holy war wages on. 

Recently the TSA has issued a notice to their employees to be especially mindful of Muslims traveling during Ramadan. Now we must be politically correct so as to worry about not offending Muslims as they wash their privates in the airport bathrooms before they lay down the rug and bow and scrape. Why do we give a crap about this stuff especially when one could find men in drag in the ladies bathroom at a Boy George concert in 1980s California. I mean, what's one Muslim with his leg hoisted up on the bathroom counter and hovering over the sink? Remind me, we bend over backwards for Muslims because why?

I want to know, since when did we need to become so hyper sensitive to the needs of others, particularly Muslims?  We didn't do this for the blacks after the civil rights movement of the 60s.  Hells, they were left to fend for themselves as we kicked, screamed, and carried on over affirmative action. Nobody bent over backwards to make them feel at home. People still did their damndest to move away and self segregate. And we do that with the Hispanics currently.  It's now like a black and white against them. A quick drive through East Plano passes you by them.  They don't want to live near us any more than we want them to.  There is no red carpet rolled out for Hispanics. We feel sorry for them and hold our freebie health clinics and little back to school freebie school supply events annually, then pat them on the head and send them on their way. We are as guilty of perpetuating their lifestyle as they are.  

I would be willing to bet this special kowtowing to Muslims isn't really about acceptance of their culture.  I'm guessing we could care less about the head wraps and burqas.  I would be willing to bet it is more about the violence that is Islam.  At every turn of the Koran chapters, there is some call to violence or hatred and our niceness is more about self protectionism than it is about wiping away potential persecution.

I mean, we are Americans, we don't give a crap about persecution. We persecute everyone, including our neighbors and relatives.  I have never met anyone on this earth yet that hasn't had something negative to say about a neighbor or family member. Ever.  It just is, so we need to get over ourselves.

You know how much nasty crap has been said about me? It's said about that fat lady walking through Wal-Mart, it's said about that guy with the lazy eye.  It's said about that house in everyone's neighborhood where they don't mow the lawn as often as everyone would like. To think that people are not complaining about others who have resisted assimilation into how others believe they should be is just plain ridiculous.

All other nations except Islamists have come here and as they walk around the streets, you would be hard pressed to determine what country they came from, other than by color.  The point is, our ancestors came here and gave up their national identities to form ONE identity, as a US citizen.  They didn't come here wearing their freaking wooden clogs.  Yet the Islams come here and everywhere you look they are walking down the street in their flowing robes and head wraps.  I saw a woman in a full burqa shopping at our Kohls in Wylie. Seriously. 

These people no more want to become Americans than a toad does. With them come their laws as well. We can look the other way of the head wraps and turbans, but not their laws which are beginning to infiltrate our own Constitution. So which should be held up for an Islamic couple seeking a divorce: US law or Sharia law? They are so fundamentally polar, there is no way to combine them, so why are politicians and courts attempting to do so?

At no other time in US history has a group of people had their asses kissed more fervently than the Muslims. Not the natives, not the blacks, not the Jews. Not even the Hispanics. Why then? I believe it all comes back down to that whole violence thing.  Who wants to tangle with the possibility of a  jihadist? So are we right in thinking Islam is a violent religion? Is it even a religion at all? There is no way to erase the fear felt when we spot 2 young male Muslims walking through a crowd with backpacks on.  They have done  the segregating of themselves quite willingly.

I found a revealing video series on Islam which I believe everyone should view. In the video, the woman covers the fallacies of Islam as a religion. To be honest, I never gave Islam much thought or scrutiny, that is until I started hearing the intolerant ranting, “Allahu Akbar”.   The more I have studied, the more I maintain that Islam is not a religion, but rather an intolerant totalitarian system where men are men and everything else is merely an impediment in their way or a tool for their use. There is no peaceful language in the Koran unless you are a Muslim man. Gee there is nothing more peaceful than hearing their call to prayer and seeing hundreds of them sprawled on the floor, bowing. Then there is the other side of that.

Islamic sexuality: a survey of evil

As I watched this video it was very painful.  A lot of the things she says goes against our American desire for freedom.  I desire freedom from hate speech and what she says is very hateful but then there are the facts staring at us.  It was difficult to believe what she was selling so I paused it routinely and Googled along the way. I took note of varied sites both Christian and Muslim, that corroborate her assertions.  Islam is a political system with an agenda  preying on peope’s desire to believe in a higher power.

If you don’t believe there is a war being held on US soil, then you are one of many living with your head buried in the desert sand. Cities all over the US are caving to Sharia Law demands.  I read an article some years back that  Houston had its own Muslim tribunal where family law is ruled applying Sharia Law. I cannot locate that article, conveniently it seems to be wiped from the Internet, but there are other articles showing how this is happening all over the Socialist countries.  Of course they would fall first because they pride themselves on being more accepting, even if it upends their sovereignty.  How can this happen on US soil, you ask? Because there are legislators who don’t care about undermining the Constitutional principles, they pretend the US Constitution is being upheld, but it is clearly not for Islamic women. Don't think for one minute that men of Sharia law intend to let their discriminatory practices against women and infidels die naturally in the US.  They are opening clinics like this one.

It used to be hip to be a Jew as products bore that kosher seal of approval. Evidently it's now hip to be Islamic, even KFC has jumped on the halal train. Yet have the executives at KFC really given any thought to the militant control of women and children under Sharia Law? Ya, KFCs support of this is just so cute, isn't it?

What concerns me the most about Islam is the sexual perversions. They can claim all they want that it is a fallacy but that is a lie. Female genial mutilation which most of us have already heard about is very standard but we prefer not to focus on it because it is just too painful to think about.  So too the sexual perversions with children exist, with their Bacha Bazi, and essentially child rape gauged by the man's determination that his child 'bride' can bear his weight or not as the test for whether he should penetrate her or not. Now this is not to say that the Muslims that have come to America believe in this crap, but if not, why hold strong to your culture and fight for your own laws to take precedence over US laws? If you watch nothing else of this video, watch the 3rd video in my link. Just the female genital mutilation photos should be enough for you. Why are Americans not outraged? This is some seriously sick shit folks.

I don't want to believe that these things are true about Islam.  I could not find much on the bestiality claims except for the Ayatollah Khomeini and it is disputed whether his Fatwas were legal or not.  Despite that claim, how can you deny the other examples with children and women when there are so many videos, images, and testimonies that corroborate it?  Why then are we allowing their laws on American soil? 

This woman is right.  It IS us or them and the fight is coming.  It is a fight between good and evil and NOT a fight between Democrat and Republican.  Our borders are wide open and Middle Easterners have illegally entered the US.  You have to understand the mentality of these people to understand that they have no problem waiting us out.  The phrase 'sleeper cell' absolutely must be believed in.

After what I have learned recently about Islam.  The very next book I intend to read is the Koran. I want to see for myself what will come to pass as Christians in this country continue their complacent politically correct behavior with regard to Muslims.

Happy July 4th

On this Independence Day I leave you now to enjoy your fireworks.

Seattle Gays Show Their Own Intolerance

For a group of people who truly want to be accepted rather than persecuted on a public street, they certainly persecuted a couple bible beaters who also have every right to preach in a public park.  Evidently what's good and inclusive for one group is not good and inclusive for another. Strange justification.

By the way, the big mouth blonde woman had a bit of her own issues with the police as well when they took alcohol from her baby buggy as she left the buggy and baby alone on the street while she went and attacked the street preachers. Nice mommy.

Pro-Abortion Baby Killers Call to Their Satan

Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes some moronic nincompoop who thinks they are being cute.  Earlier this week while committee hearings were taking place in Austin, Texas over #SB2, the bill which addresses an abortion cut-off of 20 weeks, a group of women thought it would be oh so cute to chant, "Hail Satan!" while the pro-life demonstrators were singing Amazing Grace. Sick

Cute, ain't she?  I wonder if her momma is uber-proud of her?

These are the same people who are held innocent by the media of one nasty photo of a little girl holding up a rather vile sign that says, "If I wanted the Government in my womb, I would f*** a Senator!"  They are held innocent that is until they find out they were wrong and they cannot hide it.

Photo courtesy of Ethan Gehrke:  https://twitter.com/EthanGehrke/status/352276621400608768/photo/1

Aren't you proud of this little girl's mother for popping that sign in her hands? Guess what grows up to chant, "Hail Satan" and stick their tongue out at the cameras? 

A Slippery Slope

I know I shouldn’t be amazed by some of the snitty-faced little girls that work within the City of Wylie. One might swear it was junior high school all over again. News spreads like wildfire between the WEDC, the NTMWD, the Chamber of Commerce, and the City employees and catty-assed gossip ensues. Seriously, do these people not have anything more important in their lives? Guess not.

For instance, you would think they would be more concerned about the power play taking place within the City Council.  Mayor Eric Hogue’s power has been usurped and he is paddling like a fiend behind the gang of 3 newbies, Councilmen Nathan Scott, Todd Wintters, and Keith Stephens and their little playmate follower Councilman Rick White. The tight foursome decided to appoint greenling Nathan Scott to the Mayor Pro Tem post.  Now if you knew Mr. Scott then you would know from his behavior on Council this past year that he is one of those perennial foot-in-mouth kind of guys. In his very first meeting as a Councilman last year a Point of Order was called against one of his blundering, babbling statements.  He would later become well known and well made fun of in Wylie for his babbling.

I didn’t know it was possible to have a larger media ho than Mayor Eric Hogue, but Nathan Scott takes the cake.  I believe he has uttered the words, “I’m Mayor Pro Tem” more than any of his Mayor Pro Tem predecessors combined.  Ok, so we get it, stop beating yourself on the back because it’s really unbecoming.

At the last P&Z meeting, our Mayor Pro Tem attended because of the much hated Wal-Mart planned for McCreary and McMillen roads.  The West side of town people have been riled up by the likes of Gilbert Tamez (4 time Council loser) because they have the ‘not in my neighborhood’ mentality. These are the same people that so viciously attacked others previously when the Humane Society came nosing around on the East side of town looking for a place to put their pound.  And they say the division within Wylie doesn’t exist.  Right.

At that meeting Nathan Scott publicly accused someone of being on the take.  Wow, and people thought I was vile. Now the City of Wylie has been opened up for a teensy bit of litigation over that one.  And the people in Wylie voted this arrested wife-beater in cuz why? And Todd Wintters and Keith Stephens voted this babbling brook of nonsense as Mayor Pro Tem cuz why? Oh yes, because they needed a stooge that would be clueless as to the goings on at the WEDC but willing to advance their cause by stepping his red, size 22, Bozo the Clown shoe into the mix. Could they have picked a better patsy?

All the West siders in Wylie have been sufficiently riled and frankly I have no idea why.  Had they done their homework when they moved to their neighborhoods, they would have found out that little piece of Wallyworld land was zoned many, many moons ago.  Did they really not check the zoning around them when they plunked the money down?  Wal-Mart has followed all the codes and has every right to put their store in and sadly, cockamamie nonsense is just going to piss them off.

If I were Wal-Mart and those wicked Wylie City folk were attempting to jack with me when I have every right to go about my business, I would lawyer up so fast it would make the hair fly off their faces.  Perhaps they had better think long and hard on such a warning before they mistakenly believe they are sitting in such high places as to attempt to jack with people or companies.  My understanding is that the City of Wylie is in no position to deal with any lawsuits. 

The Council has clearly changed hands.  It sort of makes me wistful for the old Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth whose antics were at least slightly more entertaining and a tad easier to fix.   Will Mayor Pro Tem Nathan Scott be the undoing of the City of Wylie? Only time will tell but it appears the City is standing at the edge of a very slippery slope.