Writing Wrongs

Have you ever had a time when your moral compass was being torqued so hard that you simply had to speak up?  I may be fiscally and politically conservative, but I still have a strong sense of social justice. 

Liberals think that because we don't wish to allow a blank check for entitlements that we somehow don't care about the human race.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

When I see an injustice is done, I feel the need to speak about it.  God gave me a gift and, though I may have typos or errors from editing because I was writing too hurriedly so I could spend my time doing something else, I write.  For this gift I am incredibly thankful.

Though there are times when I must point out the error of someone's ways from a conservative perspective, and I accept that such writing may hurt their feelings, my sense of social justice forces me to write for benefit of the larger rather than the one.

Isn't that what social justice is really about?  Helping others in the larger scheme of things?  Is it helpful to keep one group of people down by push them toward food stamps, for example when we should be pumping them up instead?  When we push a selective group into submission the whole pays for it. It is the whole that conservatives focus on. 

When there are one or two bad employees that bring down the whole group, is it just to punish the whole?  One bad apple will sour the whole damn bunch.

Despite my added humor to topics, I dislike having to point out the wrongs done by one and how they affect everyone.  However there are times when I see an injustice which is harming a lot of good people and I must speak out. It's not easy having a strong moral compass, and I don't giggle about the conflicts my speaking out may cause others.  I am comforted in knowing that I did as my conscience led.

Jazz and the Devil

One of the best laughs I had all week was to be had when I opened up this week's Wylie News and read the article on the Wylie Jazz & Arts Festival. The festival organizers wish to have wine sales and you would swear all holy hell is about to break loose.  Nowhere but in Texas does one have such a difficult time getting a damned drink.

I couldn't believe the Blue Laws here when I moved to Texas.  You could only buy alcohol within the Dallas city limits. Jeez, in Michigan you can buy it at the corner grocery store. 

I always found these laws to aid in making alcohol seem somehow illicit.  Unfortunately the laws also made it that much more desirable, quite the opposite effect intended.

When beer and wine sales were approved in Plano, I thought I would pee myself with delight.  No longer did I have to plan a trip to Dallas for my Thanksgiving or Christmas Day toast.  Yet I still enjoyed having a full bar in the house and the distance to Dallas made it such that we looked like a bunch of alcoholics when we made the annual shopping trip.  There would be rum, gin, dry vermouth for martinis, tequila, and of course my favorite Polish potato vodka, Chopin.  More recently there has been the desire for a good glass of Port after a nice meal.  Every so often I would covet a Kahlua and Cream, and on those rare nights I couldn't sleep a short glass of  Irish Cream would do the trick.

Growing up we were able to offer my parent's favorite Highball to guests, along with a host of other special drinks.  At the holidays my dad would make Tom and Jerry's, with a jigger of rum and warm milk, they were the highlight of a cold snowy evening. It feels so grown up to be able to have a very classy full bar rather than have people come over who only prefer to pound back a case of brewskis.  Sometimes it's just nice to be able to entertain with the most 'in' martini, mojito, or sangria. 

When I made my way in the article to the bit where Councilwoman Culver is quoted as saying, "Yay on the wine!" I conjured up her boisterous voice in my head and could see her with some red wine nose and rosy cheeks.  In all actuality, the quote seemed designed to make her look like a hillbilly, but despite that I could totally get where she was coming from.  How many times did I sit at one of those outdoor July Jubilees and pine for a nice glass of wine or something a little more tropical.  At the first outdoor concert my friends and I attended, before the blogger was the blogger, I recall asking Mayor Eric Hogue right after he was elected if he would go get us some beer. My friends and I laughed raucously.   I giggle about it now because being a teetotaler, I'm sure he was totally mortified. 

I completely understand what the organizers are going for.  Nice smoky jazz music with classy people enjoying a cheese platter and a glass of wine.  Rather those against the dreaded hussy-making alcohol are fearful there will be people falling down drunk, pissing in the gardens, and passing out under the sculptures.  This would be why you have the police there.  This is also why you go for the upscale food and music, and art booths as the organizers are pushing for.  Wylie deserves to be a destination, but it will never be without some adult entertainment.  Mayor and his pal Councilman Stephens should be happy that the event is being treated with such class, and get over their own fear of devil.

And The Cradle Will Fall

I am still dumfounded by those who fall prey to the liberal smear campaign. I've written about low-information voters before, but try as I might I simply cannot get into their brains and make sense of why they believe utter nonsense.  Are people really so dumb or lazy that they cannot rationalize through what is presented to them?  For example, CNN recently published some rubbish passing as poll findings, and rather than apply logic, these people will grab hold of the teat presented to them and suckle it voraciously. This is what I received from CNN this morning in a News Alert:

"Fifty-four percent say it's a bad thing that the GOP controls the House of Representatives, up 11 points from last December, according to a new CNN/ORC International poll conducted after the end of the 16-day partial government shutdown -- the first time since the Republicans won back control of the House in the 2010 elections that a majority say their control of the chamber is bad for the country.

The poll also found that 63% of Americans think that Speaker of the House John Boehner should be replaced, a view shared by roughly half of all Republicans.

By a 44%-31% margin, people say they have more confidence in President Barack Obama rather than the GOP in Congress"

I had a Government professor back in college that told us all statistics are lies.  At the time I was surprised a scholar of politics would feel this way because polls are what push the herds toward one pasture or another.  However, as I have read these polls through the years I must agree with him.  It's not the numbers themselves, but how they are presented, and who they actually sample that defines the validity of any given poll.

The CNN poll can be dissected in numerous ways. For example, CNN's poll above sampled the  international community which found that 54% think the GOP control over the House is a bad thing.  The nimrods don't realize it is a poll of international people.  I defy you to find anyone in the international community that has a freaking clue what a Constitutional Republic is, let alone an understanding of what the letters GOP actually stand for. 

Truth is, CNN couldn't find 54% of Americans that believe such a thing so they had to poll elsewhere and pimp the findings to their US followers.  CNN goes on to report more than half  believe Boehner is doing a poor job.  Now that I can buy both internationally and here at home.  Conservatives and Tea Partiers wholeheartedly agree that Boehner needs to be replaced and I imagine that statement has been replayed to utter annoyance in other countries as the Tea Party is unfavorably highlighted by their state-controlled media. It's not too difficult to fathom an international community drawing that conclusion.

Again the CNN poll states more people have confidence in Barack Hussein Obama than in the GOP in Congress, but unless you are an utter doofus, the 44% quoted sucks the big one for Obama.  It means that the majority of people actually hold a no confidence view of Obama, particularly because this is just a sampling of those internationally who are against the GOP, and to report something like this to the US people as being somehow beneficial to Obama is a bit ridiculous.  Yet roaming among us are those out there who don't have a clue how to move beyond being spoon-fed absolute bile. I suppose if you want to suckle on something, it may as well be fed to you by some real boobs.

Later today, Obama held a little press conference on Obamacare, AKA catch the fainting, blinky-eye on cue and speak sweet 'I'll take care of you' nothings to her.  What a show.  Does anyone else see how well played that was? Obama speaks to the nanny 'I'll care for you cuz you ain't fit do do it yourself' state?   At this same conference, Obama blames us, the American people, for causing so many problems with his Obamacare website.  Really? With thousands of geniuses in Silicon Valley, he couldn't find someone smart enough to create a website that wouldn't crash when a whopping 5% of the American population attempt to sign up?  What genius did he hire?   Seriously.  Just another reason why the federal government is completely useless at running anything, let alone our lives or our healthcare.  Yet there are people who slurp at every Obamaword and nod their heads in unison like we are all at fault for the website debacle. This is merely soothsaying of what is yet to come for the Obamanauts but sadly they aren't astute enough to see what is coming.

Somehow I still feel as though I need to point out that Obamacare represents 1/6th of our economy and the gas bags in Washington DC spent $400M of our tax dollars on this website which has turned out to be a dismal failure.  I shudder to think how claims will actually be paid.  Good night nurse.  Yet the Obamamanics who shuddered with delight in 2009 at the thought of free healthcare are beginning to feel the vice grip on their wallets as one after the other they discover that they will be the ones to pay for it all with higher premiums as well as deductibles.  Have you heard anyone giggling over their premiums and deductibles yet?  I bet the crying only gets louder as we near the end of November when the bulk of companies renegotiate their healthcare contracts. Even the Democrats are turning away from enforcing Obamacare now.  Unless you are dead, it is fairly intuitively obvious Obamacare is not working.

On the other side of this Obamacare rainbow is the $3 Trillion total annual expected cost of Obamacare.  As a nation of 97 Million taxpayers, did anyone ask us if we want to spend this much oney for only 5% of the population?  Especially when 101 Million are on food stamps.  This whole entitlement thing is a really crappy plan unless you intend to do nothing but print money.  Hells, I could have come up with a better plan with my eyes blindfolded, and my hands tied behind my back, one-legged, after a lobotomy.

Other polls and news reports being lapped up by low-information voters state that the Republican Party is going to split in half.  Technically that is not entirely accurate.  True, Tea Partiers exist within the Republican Party but we are voting and running as Republicans, not as any alleged 3rd party.  We may end up as a third party if the nonsense continues in Washington DC, but for now we are very much one party and the only people saying we aren't are the liberals and their playmate RINOs whose seats are about to be kicked out from under them in 2014. 

Think about it, what has Obama not gotten that he has demanded in the last 5 years?  Not one thing.  Honestly Democrats should be thanking the Republican led House because they have gone along with Obama's every whim.  This is why the American people no longer hold any faith in the House GOP, not because people don't want Republicans running anything anymore, as the CNN poll would have you erroneously thinking from their international sampling.  Hey, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried, but CNN sure did.

With the original CNN poll I listed above, it seems clear to me that conservatives are going to take over the vestiges that is currently the Republican Party when 2014 rolls around.  I would even venture to guess that any and all incumbents will be removed. I would further that statement by saying that those blaming Senator Ted Cruz for all the shenanigans are only doing so because they are looking for ways to keep their help mate low-information voters on their side. Ted Cruz is wildly popular among We the People.  And We the People truly love an underdog lest anyone forget.

Much ado has been made about the Obama re-election but upon further investigation, it appears that it wasn't little old black ladies, nor college students, nor Latinos that came out in droves.  Turns out, their numbers were pretty consistent with other elections.  The actual numbers of voters in 2012 was considerably lower than in 2008.  Why Obama won reelection was because conservatives stayed home in record numbers.  Conservatives simply could not tolerate holding their nose and voting, and I'll admit, I thought of staying home as well.  Yet I know a no vote is still a vote. So I selected the lesser of two weasels. 

I suspect after the dust settles in 2014, it will pave the way for a 2016 run by either Senator Ted Cruz or Senator Rand Paul, both of whom are quite palatable among conservative voters.  I would look for a massive conservative voter turnout in 2016 and I believe the cradle that is liberalism and which also carriess the little old grey-hair GOP will fall.

Friday Night Highlights

Last night was a true Friday night lights evening in Wylie if ever there was one.  The stands were thick with people because it was not only the famed Friday night high school football in Texas, but also because it was Homecoming.

The stadium was teeming with smiling faced girls wearing one mum larger than the next, and their dates wearing garters adorned with the usual ribbons, names, and class or activity.  I swear the enigma that is the mum has grown so completely out of control that they are almost laughable now.  Girls with regular mums, dangling with various school color ribbons according to their class were far outshined by girls with feather boas, led lights, and multiple teddy bears.  When you are tripping over the dangling ribbons of your $300 mum and have to wear a frontal backpack to hold up a double or even triple set of teddy bears so you don't topple frontwards into a face plant, I think the mum has gotten a little ahead of itself.  Good grief, some of these mums seem to have a mind of their own!

Photo courtesy of:http://thestylesisters.blogspot.com/2008/10/texas-homecoming-mums.html?m=1 

Every year the cycles continue.  The blow up menacing pirate skull spews forth the boys on the field with much fanfare, horns and fog.  They run out through a line of bouncing, dazzling Pacesetters in their high stepping cowboy boots and sequin bedazzled costumes and cowboy hats.  The band pumps up the crowd  with a drum line to be revered.  Everyone stands, clapping, and abuzz with energy and enthusiasm.  The game begins, the crowd reacts in unison, and we are mesmerized by this thing they call Friday Night Lights.  Then as if out of nowhere, half-time is upon us and the fanfare continues as the Pacesetters march out and do their amazing high kicks and splits. Then the band follows.  It is always the same sequence game after game, year after year.

Photo Courtesy of: http://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&frm=1&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=a6L9JehXnZ_iTM&tbnid=g5KMwTmeswuExM:&ved=0CAUQjRw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarkhancock.blogspot.com%2F2011_02_01_archive.html&ei=MNJiUv-WB4XY2QXv3YDADg&bvm=bv.54934254,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNGUbyNM4FCOWIWeoxA241lMFP2_Qw&ust=1382294439540185
As the football year plays on, That Wylie Band pulls out more and more stops.  Last night they were absolutely over the top with massive rolling boards containing pictures of life.  Babies, children, teens, graduation, relationships, marriage, aging. They moved these massive boards all over the field as the band marched in step and played some of the best damned music I've heard from them yet. The band adds so much to the feel of these games, and it is the same every year like clockwork. The teachers and coaches on the field are to be commended.

When that well-oiled machine gets a kink in it, people  take notice and begin to bristle. As in the case of last night when the band started up a microphone and some speakers causing a ruckus during the last half of the game.  Play stopped and the coach came pouncing toward the sideline to yell at the band to shut that microphone off. Any hiccups create a flurry of activity to put the high school football cosmic energy right again.

The games are games and they are always played to the best ability of the athlete,s and last night they did not disappoint in pounding McKinney North. With any luck they will win their final opponent in a couple weeks and march on toward finals.  These are joyous times in the community because they enable us to grasp just a few more games; just a few more special moments with these amazing students.  Playoffs are when you see the whole community come together and support their high schools.  Several years ago we found ourselves shivering in Mustang Stadium at SMU cheering on our Wylie High School Pirates.  We dream this dream and every so often a team comes together and makes it so for us.

Each year the band starts low-key.  The show starts low-key.  Then they build in a massive crescendo of sound and activity, culminating in the climax that is Senior Parent Night.  All the seniors who have students out there on that field working in some manner are honored with their parents, and since my son is a Pirate Guard for the Pacesetters, he will be joining the other seniors on the field. 

This will be a bittersweet moment for me.  I will be proud to stand with my son who has accomplished all that I hoped he might, and so much more than I ever could at his age.  I will stand with my good friends whose sons have also achieved this same greatness, only as band members and varsity football players.  Our sons have all been together attending Wylie ISD since they were in the same class in kindergarten, even at times attending cub scouts and boy scouts for a time together.  They have all spread their wings into different areas, sports, band, technical theatre but if there were ever a perfect storm of greatness, it all started in Mrs. Mantooth's class at Dodd Elementary 13 years ago.   

This Senior Parent Night game is so special because it is the last time this mass of students will ever perform together on that football field.  After that the Friday night highlights will fade out and eventually the seniors will move on come June.  I mourned the loss of my oldest son's senior year two years ago when he graduated from this fantastic school district, and I know I will be mourning the loss of all the magic that is senior year after my youngest son graduates this June.  It is truly a mystical time of life and those that come together for Friday night lights in Wylie make it so.

Devil's Advocate

Did Jesus not command Satan to get behind him? And we commanded the GOP to get behind us.  Yes, We the People who are sick and tired of having the deity that is the Obama administration along with their under the table footsies pals bend us over and stick it to us.  At least with the devil there might be a little enjoyment out of it before we burn in hell, but with the GOP nobody wins.

With Republican friends in the House and Senate like we have, who needs enemies?  They intend for us to not only take it but also to like it too, so when the clock strikes twelve tonight, you can almost guarantee the RINOs in Washington DC will have sold their souls to the devil yet again.  The House will have willingly allowed the executive branch to usurp their power over the purse strings and We the People are left holding that bag. 

The GOP Establishment such as John McCain, Kelley Ayotte, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, John Cornyn, and Pete Sessions are responsible for letting Obama's will be done, by ingratiating Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi's backsides.  On what planet do these people reside?  Because it sure isn't the one I'm on.  Everywhere I turn I hear people who are so discontent.  Nobody wants Obamacare and now we will never be rid of it, like a bad reputation it will follow us. 

The spectacle that has taken place this week is absolutely disgusting. So remind me again how is it that increasing the debt ceiling is helping us?  Our country is in no way going to default on our loans. Remind me why we want Obamacare when none of the people want it?  Last I heard only .05% of the US population has even signed up for the monstrosity.  The other 13.05% cannot afford to pay the premiums.  Hello?  The media and Obama's administration are feeding everyone manna from hell.

The representatives from DC, those we voted to take our opinions and beliefs to Washington DC on our behalf, have given Barack Hussein Obama everything he has ever wanted since he stepped foot in that White House.  And we the people have had his excrement smeared upon us while he gleefully shut down parks, open air monuments, and blocked roads so your eyes would not be allowed to even gaze upon great monuments that your tax dollars bought and paid for. 

So too he tossed it at your children as they attempted to write their research papers and were unable to access websites because they were ordered shut down even though they hadn't been updated in years.  Is the government really paying people to sit and stare at the errant servers all day? 

When we can essentially layoff 800K people who are considered by their employer as non-essential, it is clear our government has grown entirely too large.  In fact, if you use a little math, it makes them the largest employer in the nation.  Is that really how things should be? Honestly, I cannot fathom anyone answering yes.

Our president has purposely attempted to inflict as much pain as possible upon us in order to get his way.  Though the House GOP compromised over and over again, this president and his henchmen insisted like the huffy five year old that they would never compromise, and though bill after bill was passed by the House, this president insisted it was his way or no way and so our vets, our visitors, our taxpayers, and our children have suffered.

We have been spit upon by a president who has had every demand handed to him by a bowing and scraping GOP for 5 full years. Ask yourself why he got everything he wanted when a majority in the House has existed since 2010?   That should tell you a little something something about where the House GOP alliance lies.  Not with their conservative constituents who voted them in.

As Obamacare becomes excruciatingly entwined in our lives, 50% of We the People who voted this asswipe in office will now find out just how much pain our pocketbooks will feel in the wake of such a foolhardy choice in 2008 for hope and change. The other 50% of us can only shake our heads and say, "We told you so." Sadly there exists no joy in being right because we are all paying for the mistakes of half our brothers and sisters now.

Many of my staunch Democratic Party family members are now highly outraged by the news of their increased healthcare premiums.  Indeed, they too will be paying for their mistake.  The only thing left that Obama is demanding is amnesty and you can bet the GOP will hand that to him as well. It's only a matter of  time.

Meanwhile, the handful of patriots we sent to Washington DC such as Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz have been grotesquely vilified, but despite that they have never wavered from their promises to stand with us. The saddest part of all is how the GOP Establishment good old boy club has refused to get behind us, though we commanded them to many times.  The very people we voted in have become Satan's playmates and advocates for him as they vote to increase the debt ceiling and fund Obamacare.

I weep for a country whose leaders suppress the will of the people and I will predict now that incumbents in 2014 will have a very, very difficult time keeping their seats.

Pecked to Death

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight another blog that I have been following.  It is listed in my blog list in the sidebar: My 57 Cents.

I only recently met these fine people, just last week. Though I had heard in my various discussions around the City of Wylie about the 'firing' highlighted in the blog, I had also heard by someone on council that it was considered to be 'justified'.

I wonder where they gleaned that judgment from. From one-sided testimony? We're talking executive sessions stuff here and I know first-hand what goes on during these secret little meetings.  The sad part is, that most City employees don't know about a neat little trick to bring unjustified secret meeting stuff that is allowed in executive sessions to the forefront. 

According to the State of Texas governmental codes, Section 551.074 Personnel Matters Closed Meetings (A), an employee has the right to request their personnel matter be held in an open meeting, rather than in an executive session.

If only more employees of abusive municipalities knew this. 

This code is an important tool for municipal employees because it is a means by which an employee can get such underhanded, and often misinformed decisions brought before the public.  After all, open meetings are open meetings and it becomes very difficult to provide misinformation to a Council where it is not open for public scrutiny.  I've seen it before, where an employee requests an executive session regarding them be held publicly and suddenly the meeting is removed from the agenda.

I am convinced that had this gentleman who was fired by the City of Wylie forced his personnel matter be held in the public domain, these people would not have been allowed to be bullied by Wylie City leaders.

What I find most interesting of all through reading their stories is that many of the same things said about them have been said about myself.  The questioning as to whether I was a 'good Christian' or not, etc. The difference is, this is a genteel, and polite couple who don't have the gumption to tell the Mayor and others to back the hell off.  An unfortunate consequence is that they are perceived as being 'weak' in the coop are being pecked to death.   I, on the other hand, have had no trouble with this because of my loose cannon nature.  One never knows quite what I will say next and just who I know.  So too people cannot quite be sure just who is feeding me information because it could be their next door neighbor or even their best friend confiding in me.  I most certainly will not allow Mayor and others to get away with abusing me and have found that bringing their missteps to light publicly has had its benefits.  I believe that through the My 57 Cents blog, these people may just be able to find some rest as well.

And they are not alone.  As Americans watch themselves be abused daily by the thugs in Washington DC, as well as locally by councils who wish to increase property taxes during dire economic times such as in Garland, or who refuse to lower them to something quasi-reasonable such as in Wylie, I can only surmise one thing:  Shit rolls uphill and its up to We the People to stop it.

May the Force Be With You

It would probably not be any big surprise by now for me to announce officially that I am working on Katrina Pierson's campaign for Congress.  I won't go into specific details on exactly what I am doing for her, but I can show you what I worked on today.

I took this photo at the Sachse Fallfest today where Katrina Pierson for Congress had a booth.  I would like to thank Livingway Church for sending the Force our way; they were real Troopers.

Even the light and dark side can come together in their support of Katrina Pierson.

Pigs at the Trough

My oldest son came to me today asking why people hate Senator Ted Cruz.  Evidently his history professor really dislikes him and he wanted to understand why.  In true parable form, here is my analogy:

You see son, the politicians in Washington DC are like pigs feeding at the trough.  They snort and smack their lips as they hoard the slop.  They gather around shank to shank and though there is some bickering between them, such as each of them getting their own fair share, they are not altogether too far off from each other ideologically. They merely want to feed from the trough and roll around in the mud all day for it is great fun.  The trough feeds everyone and it is miraculously re-filled through the hard work of many others who never get to feed at the trough themselves.

Then a few come along and they can't believe the fat pink asses facing them.  The fatted pigs want even more slop and they don't want any to slosh over by the new  breed pushing them out.  They motion for them to join in the fun as there is plenty in the trough to share. However these few new ones see that the trough is no good for anyone, least of all those working hard to keep it filled.  The trough is breeding greed, and hatred, and bickering and some from one side of the trough run to the other hoping to get even more slop and visa versa. 

You see, there was more than enough in the trough, but those that gorged themselves and regurgitated it to their masses caused their masses to stop working to fill it and to sit down waiting to be fed.  Those left working hard and filling the trough were beat upon to work even harder.  The new breed found this so distasteful and disgusting, they wished to upend the tough and start over again as it was in the beginning.

As you can imagine, those being fed by their nanny pigs became unhappy because it meant they now had to start working and contributing to filling the trough.  Those feeding hungrily at the trough were upset because it meant they would be exposed for the gluttonous sows they were.  But those who were being beaten upon to fill the trough began rejoicing for they hoped to be delivered from these unfair practices. 

So son, you can see why so many people would be upset with Ted Cruz and his desire to topple the feeding trough, and why 1/2 the people are rejoicing and the other 1/2 are not.

Sessions Running Scared

I came across this article published on Representative Pete Sessions campaign website: Conservatives Eat Their Own For Profit:

I can't help but wonder what planet Pete Sessions is currently residing on because it is not the same planet conservatives are on. Such feigned shock and horror at Heritage Action pushing for Conservative candidates is nothing different than the tactics of the Obama campaign train in 2008 and again in 2012.  I would venture to guess there are black helicopters circling overhead on Sessions special little planet. 

I say this because Sessions clearly accepts the precepts of the article, seeing as it's posted on his campaign website and all.  The article, written by the communications aid of another Texas RINO John Cornyn whose seat is up for grabs in 2014 proves the RINOS are running their campaigns scared.   In the article, the conservative organization Heritage Action and its President Jim DeMint are blamed for causing a rift in the Republican party and making money off it. Hey, viva la Capitalism. 

Heritage Action keeps a Scorecard on key voted activities of Congress and the Senate, AKA the zoo. These score cards aren't bought; they are representative of the voting habits of the elusive RINO along with the other members in DC.   Seeing as Rep. Pete Sessions current score resides at a dismal 76%, the publishing of this article on his campaign website looks like a bunch of sour grapes to me. Perhaps the pairing of two RINOs who hope to keep their seats in 2014.

The article was also highlighted in the blog Politix in which I had to laugh at the Politix big revelation that a deep rift exits within the Republican Party.  Ya think?  Nothing new there, the rift has existed since well before 2008 but has only come to light more recently because the blogosphere has finally figured out that Tea Party conservatives are not going away as the media mouths previously reported. 

To the contrary, our little Tea Party is adding new members daily.  I see this as testimony to the fact that people have had it up to their ears with the zoo politics in DC.  Perhaps too they are joining because of the Obama 'inflict maximum pain on Americans' attitude.  I mean, how can you not want to strike back when orange cones are placed on the roadways to block people from stopping along the roadside to gaze at both the Badlands and Mt. Rushmore?  Are they out of their flipping minds?

This pain is being inflicted upon Americans at the hands of a derelict President of the United States, and by a dysfunctional Republican Party because the RINOs refuse to get in line.  When the American people have voted over and over against RINOs for president, you have to wonder just how many times it will take before they see that the RINO route is not working.  It is high time Republican RINOs step back into line with conservatives or risk losing their seats in 2014. The likes of Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, John Cornyn, and Pete Sessions had better be afraid, very afraid. 

Politix also made a statement that Jim DeMint's arguments might be a tad overstated considering Sessions had a hand in the Tea Party wins during the 2010 elections. Well then there's that.  Unfortunately a lot has happened since 2010 and Session's score card proves it. At 76% he is no longer representing our views.

Sadly, Representative Pete Sessions has bought into the Big Shiny Black Sedan theory of politics.  He has been bought by lobbyists, taking nice expensive trips on their dime.  For a man who ran on term limits, I guess his 17 years in Congress doesn't count yet as a career politician by his definition.  Unfortunately that doesn't pass the smell test.  Sure sounds like a career politician to me.

Since I am a good judge of character and equally good at reading between the lines, it is my opinion that Pete Sessions is running scared out for fear he will loose his cushy $174K a year job in Washington DC.  The sad part is, he is biting the hands that previously fed him: We The Conservatives.

What Sessions is forgetting in all this hyperbole against conservatives is that people are really over the nonsense that is 2013 Washington DC, and I can almost guarantee that all incumbents will be voted out no matter how nasty and underhanded they run their campaigns as I posted about previously. 

The nastiness has started from the Sessions camp as was posted on the Wylie Tea Party Facebook Page:

Sadly, Kim Locus Campaign Manager for Representative Pete Sessions put out the following letter. With twisted facts like this, is it any wonder Sessions is taking so much heat for hiding from his constituents?

The fact is, Sessions was invited to attend these Town Halls. He was provided numerous dates for the first Town Hall but he was unable to attend any of those dates. Rather, on the date the first Town Hall was held on his behalf by North Texas Conservatives, Sessions was in Ireland on an all expenses paid visit with a large lobbyist group in support of Irish/American relations, ie/ supporting their illegal immigration. For some reason, this rather expensive trip for Sessions and his bride was more important than meeting with you or I.

Shame on the Sessions camp for bashing people who want answers and have given Sessions every opportunity to meet with us. Sadly, it appears they are hiding him because he is afraid to hear what his constituents think about his recent lackluster voting record and the poor job he is doing representing our will.

A hearty good luck to Rep. Pete Sessions and his campaign tactic of blaming conservatives for his own recent failings.


Kiss the Cow

So it's done.  The government is shut down.  And the liberals gnash their teeth and tear their sackcloth as great swarms of locusts fly overhead ready to unleash a can o' whoopass of biblical proportions.  Hells, a little pestilence never hurt anyone, unless you were one of those golden cow idolizers.

Ah yes, and Harry Reid pounds his shriveled fists on the podium as he vows death over giving up the last vestiges of Obamacaredom.  The liberals claim passing piecemeal legislation is 'retarded' as one uber-genius posted on my friend's Facebook page.  Really?  Sounds like a brilliant plan to me considering all the POS pork barrel nonsense that gets passed. 

This is how legislation should be done, in my opinion: no bill should more than 6 paragraphs long and it should be for only one thing. Period.  This nonsense of passing bills and finding out that the one bit of legislation that made quasi-sense or was even remotely logical was sandwiched between funds for studies on the menses of the pygmy goat or what color gay men prefer.  Now that's 'retarded'.

Meanwhile, the libnutz mimic the hyperbole and garbage being spread on MSNBC and CNN as well as other libtard news sources.  I read an article on Yahoo News today claiming that there were no air traffic controllers, and the control towers were being manned by unpaid volunteers and it was a free-for-all for the airlines to do what they pleased.  Really?  Because that is not what Obama promised.  And the no-information ass-clown replies were hysterical!  "OMG I am flying tomorrow!" "The sky will fall apart!!!!!" "It's going to be like 9/11 all over again!" "I wish Republicans were dead." These people are flipping insane, not to mention they are not only the dreaded low-information voter I warned everyone about in my last post, but they take low-information all the way to dumb as dirt.

My liberal friends are whining that people have been furloughed.  Well too damn bad!  What about us?  What about all my friends who have been furloughed or those who lost their jobs?  Even I was furloughed.  What the hell about us?  I don't give a fig in a fart bag anymore because it has been the American people paying the price these last 5 years, being abused by their low- to mid-size employers who have watched their profit margins shrink while the fat cats in Washington DC have been sucking and slurping up every dime of our tax dollars. 

You mean to tell me that the federal government is employing 800,000 people who are totally expendable that they can be furloughed and gee, life goes on anyway?  WTF?  Wake the hell up people!  Your government is employing nearly a million Americans, making them pretty much the largest employer in the land and you think that it's A-OK to grow the government even larger? 

Obama has a spending problem.  Obama did it, not George W. Bush though he set precedence.  Obama decided he could continue to rape and pillage with his million dollar online marketing campaign targeting the low-information voter, with Obama-ads that followed them from one page to another.  He set about on email campaigns and slammed people's inboxes unmercifully.  Even the errant MObama email came and begged for people to send money to her husband's campaign.  I worked with this dumb blonde woman who said, "Obama really cares about us because he sends me emails."  Again, 'retarded'.

I'm sick to death of this demagogue who has the nerve to hold a press meeting and call the shutdown, "The Republican shutdown."  That is not the speech of the great unifier he claimed to be back in 2008.  That is hate speech pure and simple. And he has liberals and conservatives hating on each other.  People are bashing each other in social media, on blogs, in the news and in general conversation and I'm convinced the racist in office is secretly pining for a civil war.

If people truly think things are better now than they were in 2007 before that thing took office, they are not living in the same country I am.  People are angry, hurt, and let-down and no Obamaphone in the world is going to make it better.  Not only are we hurting, but we are now hating as well.  What that man has done to our civic and national pride is despicable and disgraceful. Oh but the libs keep propping him up because he is oh so great, though not one of them can state a tangible fact with any certainty what exactly it is that he has done for them.

Nope, I don't see this shut down ending anytime soon.  Sadly these people who are furloughed will have to join the rest of us looking for low-paying part time jobs because there aren't any since they began dissolving in great numbers since 2008.  I only hope they kiss their golden cow in the White House on the cheek before they go.