Pete Sessions (R-FL)

You just can't make this stuff up.

Somewhere in Florida, people scratch their heads as to why Pete Sessions and his wife Karen receive a #32 "Sessions" jersey from the Orlando Magic when he claims to reside in Texas.  
To our Floridian friends, yes we are scratching our heads too...

Dallas County Republican Party Nonsense

For those readers who feel like sifting through the rubble that was the Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP), here are some interesting posts which were removed from their Facebook page.

Some of the players include, yours truly, Dave Smith who ran against Pete Sessions before, several DCRP committee members, several Constitutional conservatives, several establishment Republicans, and pals of Pete Sessions whose utter nonsense is barely passable as cogent.

Notice how the talk suddenly turns to wealth? Tsk, tsk, tsk, those Republicans sure know how to perpetuate a stereotype. Also notice how the people that claim 'infighting' are the establishment pubes that support Sessions? Notice how some make fun of typos because they do not have anything intelligent to add to the argument. Then there is Elizabeth Bingham. Well lets just say she is a treat all her own, oh and a DCRP committee member who is clearly stumping for Sessions in a very loud and public way.

Oh there's more coming, don't you worry your pretty heads now.....Enjoy!

A Response to Feminazi Amy Glass' Self-Centered Rant at Stay-at-home Mothers

Another feminazi strikes again. You know, I just could not make this crap up if I tried.

A viral blog post is making its way around the blogsphere about one woman's view of stay at home mothers.  Of course, this has to be written by someone who has not had children of her own, because heaven help any children this self-centered woman may have birthed.

Amy Glass, the author of this genius idiocy, believes women stay home and raise their children so they can whine like sissies about not having any real accomplishments in life. She states that clean laundry is not nearly as important as a doctor's work. Well you see, there is where she is wrong. That doctor needs clean clothes or they will cease to be a doctor because nobody is going to visit one with slop and stains on that little white coat.

I would sure like to see this twisted sister tell a woman to her face that has been unable to conceive children that it's an easy and mundane task that everyone can do and that she is just short-changing herself anyway. That would be a bitch-slap fest I would pay good money for.

This woman reveres those who backpack the Himalaya but kicks sand at those who brought forth life. You see here is the difference,  there are those that revere the sanctity of life and the desire to share the unity of a relationship with the world by bringing forth heirs, and there are those who cannot see past their tiny spot on the face of this earth. God let us hope this woman doesn't go forth and multiply.

The point this woman has completely missed is that bringing forth life and sustaining it is the most difficult task anyone can ever undertake, just ask one of those doctors.  Oh and raising another being from the zygote to adulthood is not for the faint of heart either. I know plenty of men who complain about child-rearing and housework. Why do you think there are so many divorces?

The will of a mother must be stronger than that of bedrock. Sure it's easy to run away and climb a mountain, but to hold back the animal instinct to kill someone when your child gets made fun of, now that shit is not for sissies. It takes super-human effort, patience, and skill to raise a selfish, id-ridden squalling baby into a caring, hard-working, intelligent, and ethical human being. If someone would have told me the rules of the game before it started, I would have gladly took my selfish younger self mountain climbing or off to seek that dream job. That would have been a veritable cake-walk compared to the past 18 and 20 years I have shared with my sons.

Sadly this woman applauds the wrong thing. She applauds the easy way out of commitment. For the rest of us who choose to commit to life and commit to raising a mini-me or two, girlfriend it's called responsibility.

Pete Sessions Campaign: Uncensored and Unhinged

It is the establishment who are tearing the GOP apart with their ugly names like "wacko Birds",  "idiots", "charlatans", and in a Dallas Morning News Article published yesterday, Sessions calls Katrina Pierson a "grumpy activist".  Interesting.

I guess when you have to resort to name-calling, then you have already lost your argument. Check out this exchange below which took place this evening on the Dallas Tea Party Facebook page:

Who is that Kim Locus, you ask? Ah yes, well she happens to be Pete Sessions' Campaign Manager.  No seriously.

So how does it feel, as a voting taxpayer, to be called an idiot? This is simply more proof of unhinged behavior by a politician and his employees who not only believe you and I are idiots, but have no problem saying out loud, oh, and to our faces.  It would be one thing if Ms. Locus was a private citizen, but this woman's salary is being paid by our tax dollars and as such I would expect her to behave considerably more professional than this.

It is clear that Pete Sessions and his employees have become a little overly casual in their expectation that people are going to continue to support this sort of nonsense.

Proof positive of this casualness exists currently when complaints are flying around the Dallas area that the Sessions campaign is placing signs up using a list from two years ago and several people have complained that they did not give permission this go around. DOH!

 As a response to the following post made in the Wylie Tea Party Facebook page, Kim Locus wrote this little ditty:

The sad thing is that Kim Locus is pimping the idea that the GOP is being torn apart, yet those words have never come out of a Constitutional Conservative's mouth. As I see it, we are a massive enhancement to the GOP and they should get down on their knees and kiss the very ground we walk upon.  For a world without us would doom the US to a permanent Obamaland playground.

But the GOP doesn't get it and they cannot remove themselves from a perpetual bout of head scratching.  Several local GOP social networking sites have removed posts made by known Constitutional Conservatives from their pages.  I have already established that the Dallas County Republican Party Facebook page shut down the ability of anyone to post, claiming they are revamping.  Right.

The DCRP has also removed posts as well, including quite a few about the Pete Sessions foot in mouth routine of late. There is nothing quite like telling people Obamacare is here to stay and that it's too late to defund it, especially when it was rammed down our throats.

The DCRP has also removed posts about how Pete Sessions had an affair on his wife of 27 years. Sadly the Dallas GOP world lives on in bliss without knowing that the moment his son, you know, the one with Downs Syndrom, turned 18, he left his wife of 27 years to care for their son and moved to Florida to marry his Florida concubine. Now he would have us believe in this fairytale world he is living in, that the house in Florida belongs to his wife but he rents a teensy efficiency apartment here in Dallas? Veddy interesting. I don't know about you but I voted for Pete Sessions many moons ago because he was a family man.  Um, not so family oriented after all eh?

Can it be the GOP is attempting to protect itself from the likes of the examples above by hiding facts and shutting down the vetting process? Indeed, actions speak much louder than words. 

Dallas County Republican Party Makes Itself Irrelevant

Imagine owning a popular political page with over 2000 followers and as the campaign season ramps up, you shut down the ability for anyone to post because you are secretly jonesing for one candidate over another. This is exactly what the Dallas County Republican Party did with its Facebook page. Gee, and you thought they were supposed to be unbiased.

Can Tea Party conservatives be blamed because we are highly effective at social media? I mean honestly, all those old dog establishment Republicans have barely gotten used to the keyboard over a typewriter since their pal Al Gore invented the Internet.

Unfortunately if you were looking for worthwhile updates on all the local campaigns in one location, you are out of luck.Shame too, because I thought they wanted to gain new members. I mean, isn't that the point? So if you were looking for a one stop shop for all things Republican, you will have to find yourself another location to hang your hat.  In pulling the ability of Republicans to post, and I mean all Republicans including The Party conservatives, the Dallas County Republican Party has made itself completely irrelevant.

My Blog Referenced in Sessions Residency Issue

My blog is referenced in this Inside Texas Politics interview with Pete Sessions who still maintains he lives in his tiny efficiency, rented apartment (um not rented in his name) in Dallas.  I imagine the pork cutlet for one must be pretty tasty on that there hibachi he is sporting on his patio while his wife lives in her Winter Park, Florida townhome.

It is unreasonable for a rational person to believe the story that Sessions tries to portray here in this video. From Sessions statements, he would have us all believe that the woman he left his wife of 27 years and he don't live together, anywhere.  Tweets from the office can be made by anyone on staff and is not exactly proof of residency.  And suddenly filling his calendar with all manner of Dallas activities now that the 'blogger' has made the assertion that he doesn't live here is a little too obvious, especially considering the campaigns are ramping up.

My husband saw the clip this morning without knowing anything about it and interestingly enough, his first response was, "He's lying." The man doth protest too much and all the yabbada dabbada doing as he incessantly repeats that he lives in Dallas only looks like he is trying to convince himself of this.

Pete Sessions expects you to believe he lives in Dallas in a tiny, dumpy, efficiency apartment while  his wife lives with her kids in a Winter Park Florida condo.

If you believe that, I've got a bridge for sale.......

Pete Sessions Mud-Slinging Campaign

I will let readers ponder the following accusation a bit:  The Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP) appears to be covertly stumping for Congressman Pete Sessions on Facebook.

Why do I say this? Because of an interesting turn of events.

I posted some material on their Facebook page regarding a previous blog post I made about Pete Sessions living in Florida and only pretending to live in Texas. All manner of GOP establishment claws came out on the attack. Even Pete Sessions' Campaign Manager Kim Locus attempted to belittle me. Yet in all their pooh-poohing, they never once provided proof that Pete Sessions is in fact living in Texas. Merely saying it as they click their ruby red heels does not make it so.

Suddenly posts to that DCRP Facebook page must now receive moderator approval. Oh I see, so if they don't like the message they won't allow it. So much for candidate vetting and debate.

This is the epitome of what is wrong with the Republican Party. They are so intent upon protecting their own sickening stereotype of wealthy spoiled brats, that they are the undoing of their own party. The posts by Sessions supporters do more damage to his campaign than anything Katrina Pierson could muster up at this point.

When the DCRP shuts down one side of the views, they are tacitly supporting the other side. They are supposed to be unbiased, but have been displaying a great bias which has not gone unnoticed by media outlets.

Here is proof that one of the largest backers of Sessions on the DCRP Facebook page is indeed a DCRP Chair of Community Engagement. I have loads of screenshots of her comments on the DCRP page backing Pete Sessions and belittling me. She is not so engaging after all that I have read from her so far.

One can only imagine that the Sessions camp or the DCRP inside cheerleading squad decided to shut down any discourse on the hotly debated campaigns, ie. Pierson v Sessions.   I find that unfair considering the fact that I found nothing inappropriate about any of the posts made to that page going back months. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, well then again evidently not if you are a chair in the DCRP and you can wield your magic wand and make opposing viewpoints disappear.

I believe the DCRP is attempting to save the Sessions campaign from itself because of the vitriolic attitude they seem to spread in the wake behind.  For example, in this little exchange on the Wylie Tea Party Facebook page, you can see some discourse and then Pete Sessions' campaign manager Kim Locus comes out with her name-calling. From what I can tell, Kim Locus believes I don't have an original idea in my head.

Now we all know I am certainly not immune to name-calling, though I find the monikers I bestow upon people to be more for entertainment purposes, I vehemently believe that if I were employed on the taxpayer dime as someone's campaign manager, refraining from such activity would be a rational expectation. So does this mean that Pete Sessions condones this type of behavior from his staff?  Or could it be that Sessions is calling us 'stupid' through his tool, Ms. Locus?

Oh I can hear it now, I'll be accused of mud-slinging for posting statements on Pete Sessions residency, yet what I believe I brought to the DCRP is something of sinewy threads mixed with gristle which the people need to chew on for a while and then digest.  Sadly, the establishment Republicans make themselves quite well known by their responses.  I will have to reserve a separate blog post of all the responses just for your viewing pleasure.

In the next exchange Ms. Locus insults me by inferring that I'm being used and simply could not possibly have an original thought in my head, and then she calls Katrina Pierson a name. 

Oh that charlatan! I would like to know what special skill that Katrina Pierson falsely claims to have a command of? It's pretty obvious she is the real deal. From the very first moment she mesmerized and washed those gathered with warm Constitutional fuzzies on that fateful tax day in 2009, she has proven a talent for spreading the good news of a Constitutional Republic. She has amassed far more followers than Pete Sessions has, though few could compete with his wealth, her opinions have been sought by the media far more than Sessions, and she has led the march to clean up the GOP with many followers. Yet the Sessions campaign dismisses her as someone who holds no special skills. Interesting.

Katrina Pierson speaks at the Tax Day Tea Party Event in April 2009 and is named the Tea Party Darling.

And my "No-Taxapalooza" sign is displayed in this video as I gathered among tens of thousands at Southfork Ranch on July 4th, 2009:

From this day forward I knew I was home, yet the GOP desperately wants the Tea Party to go away while hundreds of thousands are secretly giving us the atta-boy because they are sick to death of the bizarre caricature the GOP has turned into.

As you can imagine, all this rhetoric by the Sessions campaign does not particularly bode well for a Sessions victory.  It indicates to me that Sessions feels he cannot stand on some stellar record and he must now resort to smears. Bring it cupcake.

Kim Locus is attempting to discredit me with her key words. She knows that I posted the truth about Sessions' living arrangements on the Dallas County Republican Party's Facebook page and she wants me to think that I am merely a violin being played. Unfortunately for her the message she has tried to hard to discredit has now been made national as an important article was published today by the NY Times:

Read the article here:

I probably know more about Katrina Pierson than the Sessions camp claims to.  Hey, I know she is not perfect but then again nobody is. But is this race really about mud-slinging, or is it about establishing which candidate has a better grasp on constituent wishes and which one actually represents the residents of #TX32? Actually living in Texas might be useful so I imagine Pete Sessions will be moving to his tiny, dumpy, efficiency apartment in the village so fast it will make the bangs fly off our faces.

I believe in the same issues Katrina Pierson does, and I believe in them much more so than I believe in anything that Pete Sessions has tried to pimp, now that he has had nearly two decades in Washington DC to show us his mettle.

I certainly don't expect Ms. Pierson to be a carbon copy of me, but neither did I believe Pete Sessions would always vote the way I expected when I voted for him. Yet Sessions has proven to vote opposite of not only my views but the majority of his constituents views, ample times 100.  Despite, or perhaps to spite the numerous outpourings of these bottled up 'desires' of his constituents, he is not listening to us and so now we turn our eyes upon someone who will.

Pete Sessions Home-ies

Just how stupid does House Rules Chair, and CD32 Representative Pete Sessions think we are anyway?

By all intents and purposes, it looks like he is no longer living in CD32, so why the big pretense?  It appears he keeps a tiny efficiency apartment in Dallas, with dust, grime, and leaves piled up next to a corroded plunger on the tiny grey patio. This is a Congressman's residence?  Right.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous - Pete Sessions squatters apartment in Dallas
In 2012 he quietly divorced his wife of 27 years and later married a woman whose Florida campaign he was working on. The lovely Karen Diebel Sessions residence can be Google searched at 330 Knowles Rd, Winter Park, FL 32789 and we all know how long distance marriages don't exactly work out, so I would imagine he spends a great deal of his personal time with his wife, wouldn't you?  If you were on his Christmas Card list, you would have noted the absence of the requisite family group photo.

The man drives a Range Rover and his new wife drives a Porsche. A quick property search of Orange County shows she owns a beautiful condo in Winter Park, Florida and they own a home in Aspen, Colorado.  He holds no Homestead exemption in Dallas County nor does he own any property here from a Dallas CAD search.  His Texas vehicle is registered to his campaign office.  Does this sound like someone who can't wait to hang with his homies in Dallas? 

Pete Sessions Florida home owned by his wife in Winter Park
At best, this is deceitful because Representatives of the House are historically supposed to be "The People's Representative". Not so with Sessions.  He's off taking all expense paid trips from the Ripon Society to Ireland during the fall when HIS PEOPLE were begging him to hold Town Halls to answer questions on why he refuses to form a select committee to investigate Benghazi.  Not a Town Hall was to be had out of Sessions because he didn't want to answer any questions.

The man claims to be against Obamacare, yet he has taken some actions that show a very different picture.  He refused to sign a letter signed by 127 of his peers to Boehner asking him to refuse appropriations bill funding of Obamacare. He refused to sign a subsequent letter as well.  For someone claiming to be working against Obamacare, he sure has gone a long way to push funding through for it.

Interestingly enough, Sessions ran on term limits, yet I wonder how he explains away his nearly 2 decades in Congress? Passes the smell test of a career politician to me.

By now, I'm wondering just how he is going to spin his campaign ads on TV.  Will the new wife and new kiddos be standing behind him? Will we see a herd of big-ass Longhorn grazing in pasture as he stands in the forefront holding a handful of Bluebells?  Or will we see palm trees swaying in the background with flocks of Pelicans flapping overhead? Or worse yet, will he find he has nothing of value to offer his constituents and fall prey to publishing attack ads against his opponent, Tea Party Conservative Katrina Pierson?

It is clear the man is not listening to us. For this I believe he needs to be removed and I will do my part to let HIS PEOPLE know exactly why.

More City of Lavon Dirty Little Games

Happy Reading!

Below is an email I sent to the City of Lavon Attorney:

You may send the bill for  $1198.19 to the Attorney General for review.  The information I requested should have been for a copy of the recording that City Secretary Chris Wess makes. at all meetings.  I have been at the meetings with her and she places a recorder on the conference table in the council chambers. After the meeting, the recorder gets plugged into the computer and a CD is made of the recording to which the Assistant City Secretary then transcribes and records minutes, as part of normal City activities.

I wonder exactly what programming is required, especially since you only had a bill for $14.20 of all recordings made between July 1, 2013 and November 17th, 2013 of the same exact types of recordings.  I fully anticipate the December 4th meeting recording to be the exact same type of recordings that are already saved to disc and located in the office file cabinets and from which Assistant City Secretary  transcribes from.

Your programming IT Charge is a gross over-inflation designed to bully me into backing out of my information request. I would submit to the Attorney General at this time that you are intentionally harassing me with ridiculous fees and will state so in a letter to them. 

The IT charge is also totally unnecessary as I outlined in the paragraphs above since you also sent a bill for $14.20 to cover 12 CDs and 60 minutes of Client/Server minutes.

Finally, since it is obviously totally unnecessary for me to take a trip to Lavon City Hall to view the other 12 CDs worth of information, there is no reason for me to make a trip there to view 1 meeting worth of information.

I will, however, send a check for the $14.20. 

I wrote this letter in response to their ridiculous bill which I am attaching below for you to see just how dirty these people are:

Keep in mind that the information I requested is exactly the same so one must wonder why 1 meeting would miraculously require IT programming costs.  So too, I wonder how I could possibly arrive at their office without requiring an IT programmer to "search" for the information for me.  What a bunch of feckless lunatics.

A Cherry Explosion

Just when you thought the psychotic bitchdom of the feminist world couldn't get any worse, here comes another freak of nature and her take on how abusive sexual intercourse is.

If you dared click on the link above, congratulations.  You seem to have a lot more intestinal fortitude than I originally thought.  Holy mother of Macklemore, can you imagine these inane ramblings? Seriously folks, I can't make this crap up.

Let me get this straight, psychotwit believes that PIV (penis in vagina) is rape which men have brainwashed women into believing is acceptable.  She believes men have formed some sort of secret society that use sex as a form of oppression of women. Her reasoning behind this seems to be because the virginal popping of the cherry is so painful. Oh, I see.

Never mind that it actually feels fantastic once you know what you are doing.  No, let me take that back, it feels like no other psychedelic, mind-altering, earth-shattering, make you want it to never end high in this world. I can imagine this woman has never had an orgasm, poor thing.  Perhaps she needs to stop sleeping with pajama boy.

Her harsh accusation that a woman's body becomes nothing more than a receptacle for a man's injection.  Well that is sort of the idea of it when one considers the female body design and the fact that men cannot carry babies. Because of my deep love and trust with  my husband, I suppose I let myself become a 'receptacle' at least twice. Horrors.

I am trying to suppose what this woman's personality must be like and I can only come up with a Picasso type woman whose boob is next to her right eye.  I gotta tell you, she is all sorts of messed up. 

Nowhere in her ramblings does she acknowledge that without PIV, humanity would cease to exist.  So I wonder if she will be happy with her vibrator the rest of her days on this earth. So too, I can't help but pray quietly for her to never procreate because we don't need another one of those nutjobs sucking the oxygen out of this planet.

I feel sorry for her because it is obvious that her only experience is mission style, with a man on top, placing his full weight on her, banging her around like some Raggedy Ann. Can someone please send her a copy of the Kama Sutra? She seriously needs a little creative assistance here.

Ladies, ladies, ladies.  If it hurts then you are doing it wrong and if your man is secretly laughing that he's violating you, then you are with the wrong person. This woman believes there are other methods of fertilization than PIV but I can think of none so damned fun.  I'm wondering if we should also let the female animals know their options as well?

Mostly, I feel sorry for this woman because it is clear that she has not had the same experience I have. I can only guess that she has devalued herself so much that she cannot appreciate or enjoy how absolutely fantastic sex is when it is shared with someone you love and trust deeply. There is no such thing as violation when you invite your man.

Not even in my wildest imaginings can I believe in a world painted with this woman's creepy black brushstrokes. Now go get you some before you become tainted by this sick and twisted black widow of womankind.

Being Twinkified

I'm convinced there is something wrong with this woman who wrote Men Are Obsolete for Time Magazine.  Really. I feel for her husband, lover, brother, cousin, uncle, father, or any man in her life.  Just contemplate what a world with her fantastical imaginings would be like.

Obsessing over body hair, and having a demanding woman in the bedroom doesn't make men obsolete. The very fact this woman even thought to write this article is the crux of the problem: women are so hell bent on proving they can out-do any man that they have completely lost themselves. I'm convinced this feminazi bitch is psycho or at least a female neurotic version of Woody Allen.

Those old lyrics come to mind "Anything you can do, I can do better." But why would we want to? Is the goal of roaring womandom with hard-nippled metal breast plates screaming, "Die Commie, Die!" to completely emasculate men? To swap the rolls? To put them 'in their place' because they deserve it? Why? Because of past and present sexism? Suddenly feminists feel men deserve to have less, just because women did. Is that not reverse sexism?

Applying that logic, white people should just cower to blacks. In fact, we should also cower to Japanese since we oppressed them after Pearl Harbor as well. Oh, and we should lie prostrate in front of Native Americans because of the atrocities committed. Sure, let's oppress men as payback for women not being able to vote or not earning the same amount of money. Does this really mean women should be happy to see men stomped on? Are bare-breasted feminazis with little tit syndrome dancing in the streets as they take jobs away? We're not exactly breaking the will of a horse here, or are we?

The feminization of men by a lethargic American society is astounding. Just look to the Brawny man and even Mr. Clean. What the hell is wrong with a chisel-jawed man anyway? Now we have pajama boy in his fripping onesie to look forward to like the Obamacare, soft, whimpy, woosey boy commercial depicts. No thank you. To me androgyny is a total turnoff. Any man in footed pajamas is a turnoff, sorry Target because I know you were really trying to sell those ridiculous costumes hanging in the mens section at Christmas. Even if you like your onesie with footies, commit for crying out loud rather than aspire to be pajama boy.  Commit one way or the other. Sheesh. 

What's next? Are these hostile-assed women going to put men in a snood and petticoat because women once wore them? Isn't it enough that our teen-age sons are shaving their nether regions in solidarity with women? For God sake men, grow a pair. You don't have to be what these feminazis are pushing you into believing.

What is so wrong with the John Wayne days when men were men? Burly, hairy, stocky, men with deep voices. Just because women burned their bras and signed up to be firefighters doesn't mean that men should suddenly morph into a bunch of twinkies. I defy any woman to sign on to play pro football, so don't go pretending you are what you aren't.

I would never trade the uniqueness in how a man's cogent thought process balances mine. I would never trade my lack of physical strength for theirs. There is something comforting in knowing the men in my life don't think, act, or behave like me and I would be bored to tears if I found myself superior to every man out there. I mean, what's the point then?

I think this article is one woman's twisted dream, but attempting to live the reality of it, for me, would be a nightmare. I simply cannot live a life without the yin and yang of my relationships with the men in my life, both family and friends. To view them as obsolete just because I can, would suck the passion out of me.

Obamacare Serenade

A little New Year's Day serenade (from a hunky guy).  Enjoy it now, because it's going to hurt soon enough.