A Cherry Explosion

Just when you thought the psychotic bitchdom of the feminist world couldn't get any worse, here comes another freak of nature and her take on how abusive sexual intercourse is.

If you dared click on the link above, congratulations.  You seem to have a lot more intestinal fortitude than I originally thought.  Holy mother of Macklemore, can you imagine these inane ramblings? Seriously folks, I can't make this crap up.

Let me get this straight, psychotwit believes that PIV (penis in vagina) is rape which men have brainwashed women into believing is acceptable.  She believes men have formed some sort of secret society that use sex as a form of oppression of women. Her reasoning behind this seems to be because the virginal popping of the cherry is so painful. Oh, I see.

Never mind that it actually feels fantastic once you know what you are doing.  No, let me take that back, it feels like no other psychedelic, mind-altering, earth-shattering, make you want it to never end high in this world. I can imagine this woman has never had an orgasm, poor thing.  Perhaps she needs to stop sleeping with pajama boy.

Her harsh accusation that a woman's body becomes nothing more than a receptacle for a man's injection.  Well that is sort of the idea of it when one considers the female body design and the fact that men cannot carry babies. Because of my deep love and trust with  my husband, I suppose I let myself become a 'receptacle' at least twice. Horrors.

I am trying to suppose what this woman's personality must be like and I can only come up with a Picasso type woman whose boob is next to her right eye.  I gotta tell you, she is all sorts of messed up. 

Nowhere in her ramblings does she acknowledge that without PIV, humanity would cease to exist.  So I wonder if she will be happy with her vibrator the rest of her days on this earth. So too, I can't help but pray quietly for her to never procreate because we don't need another one of those nutjobs sucking the oxygen out of this planet.

I feel sorry for her because it is obvious that her only experience is mission style, with a man on top, placing his full weight on her, banging her around like some Raggedy Ann. Can someone please send her a copy of the Kama Sutra? She seriously needs a little creative assistance here.

Ladies, ladies, ladies.  If it hurts then you are doing it wrong and if your man is secretly laughing that he's violating you, then you are with the wrong person. This woman believes there are other methods of fertilization than PIV but I can think of none so damned fun.  I'm wondering if we should also let the female animals know their options as well?

Mostly, I feel sorry for this woman because it is clear that she has not had the same experience I have. I can only guess that she has devalued herself so much that she cannot appreciate or enjoy how absolutely fantastic sex is when it is shared with someone you love and trust deeply. There is no such thing as violation when you invite your man.

Not even in my wildest imaginings can I believe in a world painted with this woman's creepy black brushstrokes. Now go get you some before you become tainted by this sick and twisted black widow of womankind.