A Response to Feminazi Amy Glass' Self-Centered Rant at Stay-at-home Mothers

Another feminazi strikes again. You know, I just could not make this crap up if I tried.

A viral blog post is making its way around the blogsphere about one woman's view of stay at home mothers.  Of course, this has to be written by someone who has not had children of her own, because heaven help any children this self-centered woman may have birthed.

Amy Glass, the author of this genius idiocy, believes women stay home and raise their children so they can whine like sissies about not having any real accomplishments in life. She states that clean laundry is not nearly as important as a doctor's work. Well you see, there is where she is wrong. That doctor needs clean clothes or they will cease to be a doctor because nobody is going to visit one with slop and stains on that little white coat.

I would sure like to see this twisted sister tell a woman to her face that has been unable to conceive children that it's an easy and mundane task that everyone can do and that she is just short-changing herself anyway. That would be a bitch-slap fest I would pay good money for.

This woman reveres those who backpack the Himalaya but kicks sand at those who brought forth life. You see here is the difference,  there are those that revere the sanctity of life and the desire to share the unity of a relationship with the world by bringing forth heirs, and there are those who cannot see past their tiny spot on the face of this earth. God let us hope this woman doesn't go forth and multiply.

The point this woman has completely missed is that bringing forth life and sustaining it is the most difficult task anyone can ever undertake, just ask one of those doctors.  Oh and raising another being from the zygote to adulthood is not for the faint of heart either. I know plenty of men who complain about child-rearing and housework. Why do you think there are so many divorces?

The will of a mother must be stronger than that of bedrock. Sure it's easy to run away and climb a mountain, but to hold back the animal instinct to kill someone when your child gets made fun of, now that shit is not for sissies. It takes super-human effort, patience, and skill to raise a selfish, id-ridden squalling baby into a caring, hard-working, intelligent, and ethical human being. If someone would have told me the rules of the game before it started, I would have gladly took my selfish younger self mountain climbing or off to seek that dream job. That would have been a veritable cake-walk compared to the past 18 and 20 years I have shared with my sons.

Sadly this woman applauds the wrong thing. She applauds the easy way out of commitment. For the rest of us who choose to commit to life and commit to raising a mini-me or two, girlfriend it's called responsibility.