Being Twinkified

I'm convinced there is something wrong with this woman who wrote Men Are Obsolete for Time Magazine.  Really. I feel for her husband, lover, brother, cousin, uncle, father, or any man in her life.  Just contemplate what a world with her fantastical imaginings would be like.

Obsessing over body hair, and having a demanding woman in the bedroom doesn't make men obsolete. The very fact this woman even thought to write this article is the crux of the problem: women are so hell bent on proving they can out-do any man that they have completely lost themselves. I'm convinced this feminazi bitch is psycho or at least a female neurotic version of Woody Allen.

Those old lyrics come to mind "Anything you can do, I can do better." But why would we want to? Is the goal of roaring womandom with hard-nippled metal breast plates screaming, "Die Commie, Die!" to completely emasculate men? To swap the rolls? To put them 'in their place' because they deserve it? Why? Because of past and present sexism? Suddenly feminists feel men deserve to have less, just because women did. Is that not reverse sexism?

Applying that logic, white people should just cower to blacks. In fact, we should also cower to Japanese since we oppressed them after Pearl Harbor as well. Oh, and we should lie prostrate in front of Native Americans because of the atrocities committed. Sure, let's oppress men as payback for women not being able to vote or not earning the same amount of money. Does this really mean women should be happy to see men stomped on? Are bare-breasted feminazis with little tit syndrome dancing in the streets as they take jobs away? We're not exactly breaking the will of a horse here, or are we?

The feminization of men by a lethargic American society is astounding. Just look to the Brawny man and even Mr. Clean. What the hell is wrong with a chisel-jawed man anyway? Now we have pajama boy in his fripping onesie to look forward to like the Obamacare, soft, whimpy, woosey boy commercial depicts. No thank you. To me androgyny is a total turnoff. Any man in footed pajamas is a turnoff, sorry Target because I know you were really trying to sell those ridiculous costumes hanging in the mens section at Christmas. Even if you like your onesie with footies, commit for crying out loud rather than aspire to be pajama boy.  Commit one way or the other. Sheesh. 

What's next? Are these hostile-assed women going to put men in a snood and petticoat because women once wore them? Isn't it enough that our teen-age sons are shaving their nether regions in solidarity with women? For God sake men, grow a pair. You don't have to be what these feminazis are pushing you into believing.

What is so wrong with the John Wayne days when men were men? Burly, hairy, stocky, men with deep voices. Just because women burned their bras and signed up to be firefighters doesn't mean that men should suddenly morph into a bunch of twinkies. I defy any woman to sign on to play pro football, so don't go pretending you are what you aren't.

I would never trade the uniqueness in how a man's cogent thought process balances mine. I would never trade my lack of physical strength for theirs. There is something comforting in knowing the men in my life don't think, act, or behave like me and I would be bored to tears if I found myself superior to every man out there. I mean, what's the point then?

I think this article is one woman's twisted dream, but attempting to live the reality of it, for me, would be a nightmare. I simply cannot live a life without the yin and yang of my relationships with the men in my life, both family and friends. To view them as obsolete just because I can, would suck the passion out of me.