Dallas County Republican Party Makes Itself Irrelevant

Imagine owning a popular political page with over 2000 followers and as the campaign season ramps up, you shut down the ability for anyone to post because you are secretly jonesing for one candidate over another. This is exactly what the Dallas County Republican Party did with its Facebook page. Gee, and you thought they were supposed to be unbiased.

Can Tea Party conservatives be blamed because we are highly effective at social media? I mean honestly, all those old dog establishment Republicans have barely gotten used to the keyboard over a typewriter since their pal Al Gore invented the Internet.

Unfortunately if you were looking for worthwhile updates on all the local campaigns in one location, you are out of luck.Shame too, because I thought they wanted to gain new members. I mean, isn't that the point? So if you were looking for a one stop shop for all things Republican, you will have to find yourself another location to hang your hat.  In pulling the ability of Republicans to post, and I mean all Republicans including The Party conservatives, the Dallas County Republican Party has made itself completely irrelevant.