Dallas County Republican Party Nonsense

For those readers who feel like sifting through the rubble that was the Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP), here are some interesting posts which were removed from their Facebook page.

Some of the players include, yours truly, Dave Smith who ran against Pete Sessions before, several DCRP committee members, several Constitutional conservatives, several establishment Republicans, and pals of Pete Sessions whose utter nonsense is barely passable as cogent.

Notice how the talk suddenly turns to wealth? Tsk, tsk, tsk, those Republicans sure know how to perpetuate a stereotype. Also notice how the people that claim 'infighting' are the establishment pubes that support Sessions? Notice how some make fun of typos because they do not have anything intelligent to add to the argument. Then there is Elizabeth Bingham. Well lets just say she is a treat all her own, oh and a DCRP committee member who is clearly stumping for Sessions in a very loud and public way.

Oh there's more coming, don't you worry your pretty heads now.....Enjoy!