More City of Lavon Dirty Little Games

Happy Reading!

Below is an email I sent to the City of Lavon Attorney:

You may send the bill for  $1198.19 to the Attorney General for review.  The information I requested should have been for a copy of the recording that City Secretary Chris Wess makes. at all meetings.  I have been at the meetings with her and she places a recorder on the conference table in the council chambers. After the meeting, the recorder gets plugged into the computer and a CD is made of the recording to which the Assistant City Secretary then transcribes and records minutes, as part of normal City activities.

I wonder exactly what programming is required, especially since you only had a bill for $14.20 of all recordings made between July 1, 2013 and November 17th, 2013 of the same exact types of recordings.  I fully anticipate the December 4th meeting recording to be the exact same type of recordings that are already saved to disc and located in the office file cabinets and from which Assistant City Secretary  transcribes from.

Your programming IT Charge is a gross over-inflation designed to bully me into backing out of my information request. I would submit to the Attorney General at this time that you are intentionally harassing me with ridiculous fees and will state so in a letter to them. 

The IT charge is also totally unnecessary as I outlined in the paragraphs above since you also sent a bill for $14.20 to cover 12 CDs and 60 minutes of Client/Server minutes.

Finally, since it is obviously totally unnecessary for me to take a trip to Lavon City Hall to view the other 12 CDs worth of information, there is no reason for me to make a trip there to view 1 meeting worth of information.

I will, however, send a check for the $14.20. 

I wrote this letter in response to their ridiculous bill which I am attaching below for you to see just how dirty these people are:

Keep in mind that the information I requested is exactly the same so one must wonder why 1 meeting would miraculously require IT programming costs.  So too, I wonder how I could possibly arrive at their office without requiring an IT programmer to "search" for the information for me.  What a bunch of feckless lunatics.