My Blog Referenced in Sessions Residency Issue

My blog is referenced in this Inside Texas Politics interview with Pete Sessions who still maintains he lives in his tiny efficiency, rented apartment (um not rented in his name) in Dallas.  I imagine the pork cutlet for one must be pretty tasty on that there hibachi he is sporting on his patio while his wife lives in her Winter Park, Florida townhome.

It is unreasonable for a rational person to believe the story that Sessions tries to portray here in this video. From Sessions statements, he would have us all believe that the woman he left his wife of 27 years and he don't live together, anywhere.  Tweets from the office can be made by anyone on staff and is not exactly proof of residency.  And suddenly filling his calendar with all manner of Dallas activities now that the 'blogger' has made the assertion that he doesn't live here is a little too obvious, especially considering the campaigns are ramping up.

My husband saw the clip this morning without knowing anything about it and interestingly enough, his first response was, "He's lying." The man doth protest too much and all the yabbada dabbada doing as he incessantly repeats that he lives in Dallas only looks like he is trying to convince himself of this.

Pete Sessions expects you to believe he lives in Dallas in a tiny, dumpy, efficiency apartment while  his wife lives with her kids in a Winter Park Florida condo.

If you believe that, I've got a bridge for sale.......