Pete Sessions Campaign: Uncensored and Unhinged

It is the establishment who are tearing the GOP apart with their ugly names like "wacko Birds",  "idiots", "charlatans", and in a Dallas Morning News Article published yesterday, Sessions calls Katrina Pierson a "grumpy activist".  Interesting.

I guess when you have to resort to name-calling, then you have already lost your argument. Check out this exchange below which took place this evening on the Dallas Tea Party Facebook page:

Who is that Kim Locus, you ask? Ah yes, well she happens to be Pete Sessions' Campaign Manager.  No seriously.

So how does it feel, as a voting taxpayer, to be called an idiot? This is simply more proof of unhinged behavior by a politician and his employees who not only believe you and I are idiots, but have no problem saying out loud, oh, and to our faces.  It would be one thing if Ms. Locus was a private citizen, but this woman's salary is being paid by our tax dollars and as such I would expect her to behave considerably more professional than this.

It is clear that Pete Sessions and his employees have become a little overly casual in their expectation that people are going to continue to support this sort of nonsense.

Proof positive of this casualness exists currently when complaints are flying around the Dallas area that the Sessions campaign is placing signs up using a list from two years ago and several people have complained that they did not give permission this go around. DOH!

 As a response to the following post made in the Wylie Tea Party Facebook page, Kim Locus wrote this little ditty:

The sad thing is that Kim Locus is pimping the idea that the GOP is being torn apart, yet those words have never come out of a Constitutional Conservative's mouth. As I see it, we are a massive enhancement to the GOP and they should get down on their knees and kiss the very ground we walk upon.  For a world without us would doom the US to a permanent Obamaland playground.

But the GOP doesn't get it and they cannot remove themselves from a perpetual bout of head scratching.  Several local GOP social networking sites have removed posts made by known Constitutional Conservatives from their pages.  I have already established that the Dallas County Republican Party Facebook page shut down the ability of anyone to post, claiming they are revamping.  Right.

The DCRP has also removed posts as well, including quite a few about the Pete Sessions foot in mouth routine of late. There is nothing quite like telling people Obamacare is here to stay and that it's too late to defund it, especially when it was rammed down our throats.

The DCRP has also removed posts about how Pete Sessions had an affair on his wife of 27 years. Sadly the Dallas GOP world lives on in bliss without knowing that the moment his son, you know, the one with Downs Syndrom, turned 18, he left his wife of 27 years to care for their son and moved to Florida to marry his Florida concubine. Now he would have us believe in this fairytale world he is living in, that the house in Florida belongs to his wife but he rents a teensy efficiency apartment here in Dallas? Veddy interesting. I don't know about you but I voted for Pete Sessions many moons ago because he was a family man.  Um, not so family oriented after all eh?

Can it be the GOP is attempting to protect itself from the likes of the examples above by hiding facts and shutting down the vetting process? Indeed, actions speak much louder than words.