Pete Sessions Home-ies

Just how stupid does House Rules Chair, and CD32 Representative Pete Sessions think we are anyway?

By all intents and purposes, it looks like he is no longer living in CD32, so why the big pretense?  It appears he keeps a tiny efficiency apartment in Dallas, with dust, grime, and leaves piled up next to a corroded plunger on the tiny grey patio. This is a Congressman's residence?  Right.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous - Pete Sessions squatters apartment in Dallas
In 2012 he quietly divorced his wife of 27 years and later married a woman whose Florida campaign he was working on. The lovely Karen Diebel Sessions residence can be Google searched at 330 Knowles Rd, Winter Park, FL 32789 and we all know how long distance marriages don't exactly work out, so I would imagine he spends a great deal of his personal time with his wife, wouldn't you?  If you were on his Christmas Card list, you would have noted the absence of the requisite family group photo.

The man drives a Range Rover and his new wife drives a Porsche. A quick property search of Orange County shows she owns a beautiful condo in Winter Park, Florida and they own a home in Aspen, Colorado.  He holds no Homestead exemption in Dallas County nor does he own any property here from a Dallas CAD search.  His Texas vehicle is registered to his campaign office.  Does this sound like someone who can't wait to hang with his homies in Dallas? 

Pete Sessions Florida home owned by his wife in Winter Park
At best, this is deceitful because Representatives of the House are historically supposed to be "The People's Representative". Not so with Sessions.  He's off taking all expense paid trips from the Ripon Society to Ireland during the fall when HIS PEOPLE were begging him to hold Town Halls to answer questions on why he refuses to form a select committee to investigate Benghazi.  Not a Town Hall was to be had out of Sessions because he didn't want to answer any questions.

The man claims to be against Obamacare, yet he has taken some actions that show a very different picture.  He refused to sign a letter signed by 127 of his peers to Boehner asking him to refuse appropriations bill funding of Obamacare. He refused to sign a subsequent letter as well.  For someone claiming to be working against Obamacare, he sure has gone a long way to push funding through for it.

Interestingly enough, Sessions ran on term limits, yet I wonder how he explains away his nearly 2 decades in Congress? Passes the smell test of a career politician to me.

By now, I'm wondering just how he is going to spin his campaign ads on TV.  Will the new wife and new kiddos be standing behind him? Will we see a herd of big-ass Longhorn grazing in pasture as he stands in the forefront holding a handful of Bluebells?  Or will we see palm trees swaying in the background with flocks of Pelicans flapping overhead? Or worse yet, will he find he has nothing of value to offer his constituents and fall prey to publishing attack ads against his opponent, Tea Party Conservative Katrina Pierson?

It is clear the man is not listening to us. For this I believe he needs to be removed and I will do my part to let HIS PEOPLE know exactly why.