Pete Sessions Mud-Slinging Campaign

I will let readers ponder the following accusation a bit:  The Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP) appears to be covertly stumping for Congressman Pete Sessions on Facebook.

Why do I say this? Because of an interesting turn of events.

I posted some material on their Facebook page regarding a previous blog post I made about Pete Sessions living in Florida and only pretending to live in Texas. All manner of GOP establishment claws came out on the attack. Even Pete Sessions' Campaign Manager Kim Locus attempted to belittle me. Yet in all their pooh-poohing, they never once provided proof that Pete Sessions is in fact living in Texas. Merely saying it as they click their ruby red heels does not make it so.

Suddenly posts to that DCRP Facebook page must now receive moderator approval. Oh I see, so if they don't like the message they won't allow it. So much for candidate vetting and debate.

This is the epitome of what is wrong with the Republican Party. They are so intent upon protecting their own sickening stereotype of wealthy spoiled brats, that they are the undoing of their own party. The posts by Sessions supporters do more damage to his campaign than anything Katrina Pierson could muster up at this point.

When the DCRP shuts down one side of the views, they are tacitly supporting the other side. They are supposed to be unbiased, but have been displaying a great bias which has not gone unnoticed by media outlets.

Here is proof that one of the largest backers of Sessions on the DCRP Facebook page is indeed a DCRP Chair of Community Engagement. I have loads of screenshots of her comments on the DCRP page backing Pete Sessions and belittling me. She is not so engaging after all that I have read from her so far.

One can only imagine that the Sessions camp or the DCRP inside cheerleading squad decided to shut down any discourse on the hotly debated campaigns, ie. Pierson v Sessions.   I find that unfair considering the fact that I found nothing inappropriate about any of the posts made to that page going back months. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, well then again evidently not if you are a chair in the DCRP and you can wield your magic wand and make opposing viewpoints disappear.

I believe the DCRP is attempting to save the Sessions campaign from itself because of the vitriolic attitude they seem to spread in the wake behind.  For example, in this little exchange on the Wylie Tea Party Facebook page, you can see some discourse and then Pete Sessions' campaign manager Kim Locus comes out with her name-calling. From what I can tell, Kim Locus believes I don't have an original idea in my head.

Now we all know I am certainly not immune to name-calling, though I find the monikers I bestow upon people to be more for entertainment purposes, I vehemently believe that if I were employed on the taxpayer dime as someone's campaign manager, refraining from such activity would be a rational expectation. So does this mean that Pete Sessions condones this type of behavior from his staff?  Or could it be that Sessions is calling us 'stupid' through his tool, Ms. Locus?

Oh I can hear it now, I'll be accused of mud-slinging for posting statements on Pete Sessions residency, yet what I believe I brought to the DCRP is something of sinewy threads mixed with gristle which the people need to chew on for a while and then digest.  Sadly, the establishment Republicans make themselves quite well known by their responses.  I will have to reserve a separate blog post of all the responses just for your viewing pleasure.

In the next exchange Ms. Locus insults me by inferring that I'm being used and simply could not possibly have an original thought in my head, and then she calls Katrina Pierson a name. 

Oh that charlatan! I would like to know what special skill that Katrina Pierson falsely claims to have a command of? It's pretty obvious she is the real deal. From the very first moment she mesmerized and washed those gathered with warm Constitutional fuzzies on that fateful tax day in 2009, she has proven a talent for spreading the good news of a Constitutional Republic. She has amassed far more followers than Pete Sessions has, though few could compete with his wealth, her opinions have been sought by the media far more than Sessions, and she has led the march to clean up the GOP with many followers. Yet the Sessions campaign dismisses her as someone who holds no special skills. Interesting.

Katrina Pierson speaks at the Tax Day Tea Party Event in April 2009 and is named the Tea Party Darling.

And my "No-Taxapalooza" sign is displayed in this video as I gathered among tens of thousands at Southfork Ranch on July 4th, 2009:

From this day forward I knew I was home, yet the GOP desperately wants the Tea Party to go away while hundreds of thousands are secretly giving us the atta-boy because they are sick to death of the bizarre caricature the GOP has turned into.

As you can imagine, all this rhetoric by the Sessions campaign does not particularly bode well for a Sessions victory.  It indicates to me that Sessions feels he cannot stand on some stellar record and he must now resort to smears. Bring it cupcake.

Kim Locus is attempting to discredit me with her key words. She knows that I posted the truth about Sessions' living arrangements on the Dallas County Republican Party's Facebook page and she wants me to think that I am merely a violin being played. Unfortunately for her the message she has tried to hard to discredit has now been made national as an important article was published today by the NY Times:

Read the article here:

I probably know more about Katrina Pierson than the Sessions camp claims to.  Hey, I know she is not perfect but then again nobody is. But is this race really about mud-slinging, or is it about establishing which candidate has a better grasp on constituent wishes and which one actually represents the residents of #TX32? Actually living in Texas might be useful so I imagine Pete Sessions will be moving to his tiny, dumpy, efficiency apartment in the village so fast it will make the bangs fly off our faces.

I believe in the same issues Katrina Pierson does, and I believe in them much more so than I believe in anything that Pete Sessions has tried to pimp, now that he has had nearly two decades in Washington DC to show us his mettle.

I certainly don't expect Ms. Pierson to be a carbon copy of me, but neither did I believe Pete Sessions would always vote the way I expected when I voted for him. Yet Sessions has proven to vote opposite of not only my views but the majority of his constituents views, ample times 100.  Despite, or perhaps to spite the numerous outpourings of these bottled up 'desires' of his constituents, he is not listening to us and so now we turn our eyes upon someone who will.