An Open Letter From the Friends of Katrina Pierson for Congress

It's a story that should have come straight out of Hollywood.  A woman born of poverty and dire circumstances to a 14 year old mother, who dealt with the baggage of poverty, poor friend choices, finding herself pregnant, marrying at a young age, and then a divorced single mother.  Through learning from her own mistakes she rose from the ashes to become a reigning leader of Constitutional Conservatism.  It is certainly not a rags to riches story, but if you see the love and adoration that surrounds Katrina Pierson from her family and friends, you would guess she is the richest person on earth.

 Yet the leftist media doesn't want you to hear that story.  Rather, they would like to have you focus on how much money her wealthy running mate Pete Sessions has vs. how little she has been able to raise in comparison.  Is that what matters in politics?  The money?  Who can play as many commercials as possible, whether the content is true or not? As a conservative, I don't think so.

A strong backbone and values similar to my own are what I look for in a candidate; not a name, not a candidate's wealthy, high power donors, and most certainly not how long someone has been in office.  Those things are irrelevant when the person we elected to office is bastardizing every promise they made to us when we elected him.  It is clear, Pete Sessions can no longer be trusted with our vote.

Below is an open letter from the Friends of Katrina Pierson and yes, they are asking for donations.  If you are tired of sending people to Washington DC only to find they are doing the bidding for committees in DC that have provided his campaign with more money than anyone else, including any committee or individual in Texas, you have to wonder exactly who he is beholden to because from his covert support of Obamacare, it certainly isn't his constituents of Texas.

Dear Friends of District 32:

For the first time, Republican primary voters in US Congressional District 32 have a real choice between:
·      Katrina Pierson – a self-reliant medical professional, who was born into poverty, yet has forged a successful life; who relentlessly champions Fiscal Responsibility, Rule of Law and Limited Government; has been endorsed by Michelle Malkin, Freedom Works, Texas Eagle Forum President Cathie Adams and called “utterly fearless” and a “principled conservative” by US Senator Ted Cruz.
·      Or Pete Sessions – a 17-year career politician, who takes his lead from John Boehner rather than representing us in Congress, who refuses to put up a serious fight to defund or repeal Obamacare, who voted to give handouts to Wall Street twice, who voted against placing spending caps on the federal government, who voted to allow the National Security Agency to collect meta-data on all Americans violating our right to privacy and who often chooses to spend time at his real home in Florida rather than coming to District 32 in Texas to listen to the concerns of the taxpayers who elected him.
If you want a representative in Congress who will fight to repeal Obamacare, who will vigorously speak out against President Obama’s flagrant abuse of Rule of Law and the US Constitution; who will demand a proper investigation of the deaths of Americans in Benghazi, and who will vote to replace John Boehner, Speaker of the House, with leadership that will limit the size and power of government, then Katrina Pierson is the clear choice over Pete Sessions.
We sincerely hope you will agree and will pledge your vote today for Katrina.
We sent Pete Sessions to Washington to fight for us, but he has become part of the establishment in Washington.
After 17 years, isn’t it time for someone else?  I certainly think so and I hope you do, too. Please pledge your vote today for Katrina Pierson to stand for us in the US Congress.
We MUST fight now for America first and liberty. NO excuses.
Thank you,
Friends of Katrina
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