Candidly Katrina Pierson

On this the eve of early voting, it is almost surreal to consider that the primary is almost upon us. When I agreed to volunteer for Katrina Pierson's campaign, I honestly had no idea just how much work it would be.  I had offered help at the odd local race in the past but that is nothing like lending a helping hand on a Congressional race.

There were times I thought I would never make it.  When I was torn between precinct walks and assisting on my son's set for his high school production of Hairspray, as well as holding down a full time job. There were Saturdays I would leave the house at 9am and not return until after midnight. But somehow God gave me the strength and energy to accomplish it all. 

So as I reflect upon the last 5 whirlwind months, I will give you a little insider information which will show exactly  how serious Ms. Pierson is about this campaign undertaking and why I did all of this for free.

I had known Katrina Pierson for several years and we had worked together on a few tea party projects.  So when I received the text last July asking me to meet her and 6 other top conservatives in the area, I had hoped that in this meeting she would be answering my prayers.

As always, Katrina was the utmost in class and professionalism.  Hons, I don't care if she is swimming in an XXL sweatshirt and Converse high tops, she is one classy and beautiful lady.

Here we were, seven of the most trusted and hard-working conservatives in the district and we listened intently as Katrina discussed the possibility of running.  To be honest, this meeting fell on the heels of an article that was published in the Dallas Morning News which named her as a possible running-mate against Pete Sessions.  I don't know if sometimes life imitates art or sometimes certain events are a self-fulfilling prophecy, but whatever it was, Katrina was astutely sober about the topic and the 8 of us collectively picked apart all the possibilities of her potential run.

We discussed her history.  We discussed her tenacity.  We discussed how thick her skin needed to be.  We discussed her son and extended family. We discussed how difficult it would be to have her personal life sliced and diced  in the public eye, because we had no collective faith in Pete Sessions' ability to stand on his own principles or stellar record because he had none. We knew that the Pete Sessions camp would take every opportunity to sucker punch Katrina in the gut, and they have proven us right.

In the end, I feel as though the 7 of us sort of agreed to be her surrogate family, because she would need us, and more important we needed her. 

Katrina took several months to pray about a run. She did not take the decision lightly. In fact, what precipitated her run was Pete Sessions' total arrogance in voting for cloture and essentially forcing the funding of Obamacare. This man has done everything in his power to push through Obamacare and then speak out of the other side of his face telling constituents he doesn't support it. It was time to put him in his place, if nothing else. Yet you never saw anyone step back into the conservative line faster than ole' Pete Sessions did the moment Katrina announced in September.  I swear Pete Sessions could be seen riding Senator Ted Cruz piggyback around Washington DC while waving the conservative flag.  But it was too late for him because conservatives were watching. Conservatives were taking note.

Once Katrina announced, it was like a tremendous weight had been lifted from the Republican's shoulders and we finally had another option. The volunteers settled into our little niches of what we do best and we have continued to grow tremendously in size.  I won't name names, but you can be confident that those who are volunteering on her campaign are some of the most fantastic people I have ever known. It seems the more people heard what Katrina had to say, the more they wanted to join in and lend a helping hand.  Many hands make light work and we the volunteers have been truly blessed.

Then the Sessions whisper campaign started right on schedule, just as we guessed it would.  Sessions and his minions began spreading news of Katrina's past with conveniently placed mock indignation. It is amazing how Republicans use indignation as a matter of convenience and whip it out when it best suits them. Then they wonder why liberals claim Republicans are elitist.  I mean, if you wear your shock and horror face every time someone makes a mistake rather than offer support what do you expect? No Democrat anywhere has ever feigned indignation over Clinton's Monica Lewinski dalliance, they merely chalked it up as an atta-boy and lookie at how human he is.

To my fellow Republicans I say, let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Culpability for a 20 year old is very different than culpability as a 40 or 50 year old. The idea is whether we outgrow the childish id within and what do we do with the baggage of our youth. Do we gather more and stuff it in the case or do we empty that suitcase and begin a new journey?

I believe this is where one's mettle is shown. Katrina remained steadfast while these accusations were whispered. In fact, the Sessions campaign even reached out to those volunteers they thought might be on Katrina's inner crowd including myself, to spread their whispers in an attempt to demoralize us.  However in the end, it backfired and the result merely forced the volunteers to lock elbows even tighter. We know that nobody is perfect but we expect our Representative to listen to us and when they stop listening, we take note. It is written in the book of conservative that Pete Sessions checked out two years ago right after he was re-elected.

As the hours tick down, I think about all that I have accomplished in Wylie as her proud volunteer. Meet and greets, precinct walks, hosting events, and putting her in front of people who make a difference, I know that I gave her my all.  I only hope that I do her justice in an interview that is coming with D Magazine. 

For all the hours I spent working on her campaign with no financial gain whatsoever, I did learn something about Katrina Pierson that I did not bargain for.  No matter how hard I worked and no matter how much I gave of myself, in return it has been nothing compared to what she has gone through.  I gave it my all, and I know without a doubt that if she is elected, she will give us her all in return.