Pete Sessions' Sinful Whisper Campaign

Well, I can't say I didn't try:

"Conversation started today

Pamela Daniels Engstrom

I have a good friend who is supporting Pete Sessions but he would not share what information he had on Katrina's campaign. I am ready to have a coffee with you and hear what information you have that will change my mind.
I'm available to meet Thursday at noon, Saxby's in Murphy on 544.
Please let me know if you wish to meet up.
Thank you, Pamela Engstrom

Kim Locus


Hey Pamela, I am booked all week, crazy busy. We can sit down after the election because it will be so important to bring everyone back to the table and work together to keep Texas Red. I hope you will be for that. Have a beautiful day. Kun

Kim. Sorry hit the wrong buttons."

I find this response highly disconcerting. Firstly because Texas is not red.  Texas is purple at best and squishy Republicans like Pete Sessions are helping turn it blue. Sessions comes swinging into Dallas running his campaigns and sucking out all the red dollars. Now the money left is all blue. But that's not the point of this.
Mostly I find her comments disconcerting because this woman has been spreading a whisper campaign about Katrina Pierson for months. The problem I find here is that Ms. Locus needs to own up to it and let me know what it is that Katrina did that was so bad.  I am certainly willing to listen, especially since she has offered coffee and gossip with me numerous times.  My understanding is that every time someone takes her up on that coffee, they receive a similar response to the one I received above.  Hey, I'm busy as hell too but I can find time to meet with her for a coffee and hear her out. That is the problem with these squishy Republicans.
Could it be that Ms. Locus is concerned that Katrina Pierson was arrested in your younger days? Meh, that is old news and already posted in the Dallas Morning News poll. 
So Katrina Pierson was arrested with a friend who  happened to be shoplifting.  Horrors. The real issue at hand is whether she has learned to pick her friends since those days. I believe she has.  Not everyone has grown up with a silver spoon in their mouth, in fact more people than not in this country have grown up struggling and have had friends like that shoplifting one.
Could it also be that Katrina has dated a white man in her past?  Do I need to mention that her mother is white and the whiteness or blackness of a man's skin would probably be fairly irrelevant to her?
Now let me tell you a little personal story about shoplifting. 
My son went to the mall with a group of friends to celebrate the beginning of summer break a couple years ago. After walking through Spencers Gifts, he and a girl went shopping in another store, yet others split off and went to a different store, and his friend stayed in Spencers Gifts.  They were all to meet back outside of Spencers about 40 minutes later.
When my son and his friends showed up, the store manager came out and told them they were all going to be arrested because they were in the store earlier with their friend who had just been caught shoplifting.  They were shocked.  There stood a group of about 4 students outside Spencers with the rent-a-cop while their friend was hauled out to a waiting police car in handcuffs. 
By this time they had all called their parents and my husband showed up to help my son out.  They were nearly arrested just because they were associated with this shoplifter even though none of them had been in the store with him for at least half an hour prior to the offense.  None of these other students were even in the store when the event happened and none knew the boy took anything or was going to take anything.  When all was said and done, they had to sign a form stating they would not return to the mall property for one year and if they did, they would be arrested. 
These were good kids who got caught up by one bad apple.  Unfortunately it happens more often than anyone would like to imagine.  My son had plenty of money on him, he would have gladly bought whatever it was that boy wanted.  Sadly, that arrest could have altered these students lives for a good long time.
I understand the store's need to make the students fearful, but they only ended up punishing themselves.  Not being able to shop at that mall for a year punished them because I spent a lot of money there previously and have avoided that mall since. 
Thankfully my son learned to select much better friends since then.
Getting arrested is not really the end all.  People like to pretend shock and feign horror.  Even I have played that game in the past. All manner of good Christian people become judge and jury when they hear someone in the spotlight has an arrest record.  As if we are virginally unblemished. The court records are filled with arrests. 
Just ask our former Wylie City Councilman David Goss who told me he was arrested in his younger years. Current Wylie Councilman Bennie Jones was arrested in his younger years and since then he has turned his life around as well. In fact, I've given a lot of grief to current Wylie Councilman Nathan Scott over his arrests because he is a grown man and should know better but the point is, we all make mistakes.  Some are just worse than others and  being caught with a friend who was shoplifting is not unheard of especially when someone grew up poor and in a dysfunctional family.
When I was a young girl, I was in the store with a friend who was shoplifting and I had no idea she was doing it.  Shoplifters rarely tell others what they are planning on doing ahead of time because they know they will receive resistance. To be honest, I think Katrina Pierson's arrest makes her human. She has shared the same struggles many of us have shared. It is certainly better to know what we are dealing with rather than pay homage to someone who pretends to have a spotless record. Pete Sessions is hardly above reproach.
I dare say, would I were Pete Sessions and his campaign, I would not turn my nose up at the arrest of Katrina Pierson, especially when Sessions is known for having affairs on his wife of 27 years and then he left her for one of those women a mere moments after his son with Down's Syndrome turned 18. I guess I can understand the affairs; nobody is perfect, and marriage is difficult as hell and women put that crap out there for men and somehow men are expected to ignore it.  However leaving his disabled son in that carefully selected manner was morally reprehensible.  And pretending Katrina Pierson's mistakes are worse than that is a sin.