Pete Sessions Slice and Dice

The ceremonial cutting up of a Pete Sessions T-Shirt from past campaigns. 

People are over the lip service from a man who hides from the constituents that are unhappy with him. I hear from his supporters that they have no trouble meeting with him, yet strangely he has refused to hold town hall meetings or even attend forums sponsored by groups who don't agree with his stance on the issues.  The litany of excuses and accusations from his campaign manager is dizzying but the truth is, the people are tired of his game of hide and seek.

Darrell Day, the man pictured in the photo was at a meet and greet for Katrina Pierson last night and this is what he suggested you do with your old Pete Sessions t-shirts and ball caps:

Each cut represents a vote against We The People. Voted for TARP ... cut! Voted for the huge omnibus bill ... cut! Doesn't live in the district (his new wife lives in FL) ... cut! "F" rating from top conservative organizations ... cut! Named one of “10 Most Corrupt” by Washington ethics watchdog group ... cut!